The Democrats, in the 2016 Presidential Election, lost Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin when it came to the Electoral College. While California became bluer, the realization that the Democrats are losing grip on their transformational agenda in the rest of the country has slammed the leftists square in the face. The disarray and civil war the liberal leftists accused the GOP of being capable of over that last eight years is now a reality for the Democrat Party. They have revealed too much of who they really are, and America has rejected their socialism, their divisive class warfare, and their unwillingness to protect the United States against enemies who want to destroy our way of life.

The liberal left utopia, however, is more than merely an ideology. For the American Left it is a religion. They hate any opposition, and are willing to do whatever it takes to either win over their opposition, or silence and eliminate their opposition. We saw this to be true during the 2016 Election. The tactics of street warfare, and something way beyond mudslinging, were disturbing.

While a liberal left Democrat failed utopia exists in places like California, Detroit, Chicago and the Northeast, Americans in the remainder of the United States have rejected the unsuccessful leftist policies that have left these places in severe economic trouble, and have encouraged a massive exodus from those regions by Americans who just can’t survive under leftist rule.

In the past, Republicans would simply try to blend in with the Democrats. They refused to rock the boat. The GOP has always feared direct confrontation with the leftist Democrats because they believe the rhetoric about the swing voters, and how easy it is for the Republicans to anger those voters, and lose them. The problem is, the conventional wisdom they have always believed is a bunch of poppycock. That’s one of the reason Trump’s win was such a surprise. He rejected that kind of strategy, which has always led to either putting a Democrat in office, or a very weak Republican in office. Trump’s brand of politics is something different. He has taken strong stances on hardcore issues, and won’t budge when under attack by the Left.

Historically, the liberal left Democrats have always accused their right-wing opposition of being paranoid, Bible-clinging, gun-toting conspiracy theorists. Now, it’s the liberals who are suddenly worried, and stockpiling food, guns, and emergency supplies. Trump’s 2016 win was a wake-up call. Their cheating, lying and violence was not enough to stop the man, and his very unorthodox approach to politics.

Rather than looking within, however, the liberal left have decided the problem is that they were too nice, and now they need to fight Trump, and the Republicans, every inch of the way.


The attacks against Trump knew no limits

The Democrats fear that either Trump is going to collapse the system as we know it, or their fight against him will do so. Either way, according to the liberal left, there will be a “Trumpocalypse”.

The liberal left feels more negatively about Trump than they did about George W. Bush, and the anti-Bush campaign took eight years to fully hatch. They have angrily protested Trump’s election in the streets, they violently targeted his supporters, cried in their college classrooms, and screamed on various media outlets. They are in full preparation for social and economic collapse, or a violent revolution.

Under Obama, the liberal left Democrats thought the end of the Republican Party, and any opposition to leftist policies, was at an end. America had finally made the big left turn. They only needed, now, to disarm the crazy right-wing bastards. Then, with a faint whimper, the last of the opposition to the liberal left agenda would be gone. Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in, and Trump made her coronation a sure thing. Her victory was more than assured by his rise to the top of the GOP. Surely, there was nobody in America willing to vote for the crazy billionaire who represented everything the Democrats had taught American voters, especially the younger ones, and the minority ones, to hate.

Just to make sure, however, they unleashed everything in their arsenal. The attacks against Trump knew no limits. He was accused of sexual impropriety, accused of being a racist, and white supremacist, and someone who could not be trusted with the nuclear codes. The very name of Donald J. Trump sent liberals into a tizzy, because of the evil he represented. . . or, at least that is what they were told.

The election of Donald Trump was a shock to the system. Nobody on the left side of the aisle expected that Trump had a snowball’s chance in Hell to win the 2016 Election. All of their skewed poll numbers said Hillary was going to win.

Unfortunately, for the Democrats, they believed their own bull.

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Take It To The Democrats For a Great New Year : Stand Up Never Give Up : Give Them An Old Fashioned Taste of God & Country....RED, WHITE, BLUE to The END !


The actions of the Demo(n)craps have never ceased to amaze me.

Yesterday, while waiting for my car at the VA, some idiotic female veteran popped off about just "how thankful" she was that "O(vomit) had just 'shut the Russian Embassy' (not) and kicked out 'ALL 35 OF RUSSIA'S DIPLOMATS' because they hacked into our election system!"

I was somewhat shocked.  First at her stupidity that she thought there were ONLY 35 Russian Diplomats in the US.

Second that she thought it was a good thing -- to punish Russia for hacking emails of the DNC -- because "they just have to be taught that you don't mess with the USA."

Being the shy, quiet, unassuming, non-opinionated type (laugh here), I said, "So, it's okay to restart the Cold War over some emails?"

She said, "You better believe it."

Then, I asked her, "And what would you have said if the Republican's emails were hacked?"



I muttered to myself, "And if she if SO STUPID to reveal the details of her classified job description, then you BOTH belong in prison."

WHAT in the world is wrong with these damn liberals?????

And, O(vomit) actually publicly suggested a "military strike" against Russia just because the Democraps lost.

The objective of all this spin regarding the hacking of the DNC and Podesta's emails is not to unseat Trump.  Rather, it is too delegitimize his mandate to govern. It's ultimate goal is to capture the national narrative, in order to take the bully pulpit away from Trump in the critical first days of his Administration... It is to destabilize, an already divided nation, and too establish a base upon which to mount further attacks, aimed at degrading Trump and his ability to govern.

In fact, the ultimate goal would be for war to brake out... while Obama is still in office... and Trump's sudden death, resulting in Obama declaring martial law, remaining in power until Hillary or another Demonrat could be illegally coronated as President.

I have watched the liberal left since I was a 6 year old child and they have not changed through the years, always lying and when they are caught they try to spin blaming someone else for their lies.  Have you noticed when one of the democrats are asked a question they cannot give a direct answer but try to spin it so it is always someone elses fault that they failed.  I sincerely believe the (degenerates) that elected Trump to be president are too smart to get caught in a trap set by the liberal left.


By the way, I am now 80 and I plan on staying here untill God says it is finished and I should come home.

We the people who elected Trump are too smart. We know that anything negative about Trump is a lie. I look forward to the day when Trump is in office and all these lies will stop. Lies about Trump aren't opinions, criticisms, etc. They are anti-American as they attack the legitimate President of the United States. I am sure Trump will deal with dissenters appropriately. He will make America great again and there will be no place for libtard idiocy or any opposition.

Ruth, Another GOOD reason not to subject women to hand to hand combat roles! With these idiots (Demon-craps) coming to D.C. to disrupt Trumps party it'll be a JOKE! Hell, Scary Kerry wore panties in Vietnam! He can't start-SHIT!

If in doubt, go to an  Antique Store and buy and old-fashioned Hat Pin.    They are 5-6 inches long, and made of quite strong metal.  Would certainly handle an unpleasantness, if needed.

I truly believe that no one on the republican side could stand up to the crap the democrats have thrown at Trump, yet there he is standing tall! We need a fighter and Trump fills the bill matter of face I think he likes a good fight.  GO TRUMP!!!

The real America has voted to end the Progressive Democrat Socialist in a resounding manner, we no longer want there Socialist views or there fingers in our everyday life we will not let there terchers poison the minds of our children, the most important thing we have learned is that no one can depend on the news media to be truthful they have acted in concert with the Left to destroy America sa we know it .

2018 will be interesting.  18 Democrap Senators up for reelection.

By 2018 Trump will have crushed all opposition and dissent from either party. He will have brought the media to heel who will only report actual news and facts on which we have relied ever since the Teaparty was founded. Trump will make America great again. There is no place for anybody who does not tote the Trump line 100%.

Wouldn't it nice if the GOP were to grab at least 8 of those seats? Rub the Left's nose in their own crappy compost.






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