The House has left Washington for its July Fourth recess, but Democrats have no intention of relenting in their push for tougher gun laws.

Energized by their recent takeover of the House floor, the Democrats are eying a series of tactics and events for members to bring to their home districts through the break, including a "national day of action" designed to remind voters that Republicans have refused to bring the issue on the floor.

In a letter sent to all Democrats on Friday, the organizers behind the sit-in urged their colleagues to "build the momentum" created by the protest, in hopes of forcing the Republicans' hands by dint of public pressure. 

"Our sit-in showed that the Republican Leadership can no longer ignore the epidemic of gun violence," the Democrats wrote. "A movement was born and will only continue to grow."

The letter was signed by Reps. John Lewis (Ga.), John Larson (Conn.), Katherine Clark (Mass.), David Cicilline (R.I.), Robin Kelly (Ill.) and Mike Thompson (Calif.). 

Their suggested day of action: June 29.

Their suggested tactic: almost anything.

"Whether it [is] a press conference, roundtable, or telephone town hall, we encourage you [to] host an event showing that Democrats in Congress will keep up the fight against gun violence," the lawmakers wrote. "Local partners including survivors, law enforcement and faith leaders can be excellent partners and can help carry our message even further."

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We cannot ignore the free roaming ISIS terrorists you have allowed to roam our streets and neighborhoods.

They need to be arrested while sitting on the floor and tried for treason!!

Fellow Americans, we are a free society, our U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights guaranty every American this freedom; because this free will ; for freedom to work, we should respect the rights of others as dominating factors in determining one's choices, so before we act we must think and if these choices are morally or social wrong and in violation of other people’s rights then one should be held accountable for those choices, regardless of gender, race, color, nationality, social class, political power and other such factors and we should be accountable for our actions. Any one that promotes the demise of our constitutional rights is a traitors; guns do not kill people, is the one that pull the trigger the one that kill people. The question should be why the killing take place?. The solution is education and the respect for others people rights. The invasion to Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East and the U.S. military intervention in many countries of the world will make as target for people that will take revanche to pay back for our criminal actions against these countries.   

Lunatics they are! Most of them have guns. What is it they do not understand.

If they do not go by the Constitution, then they should resign or better throw out!

This administration could care less about the American people and that includes Republican in 2014 death by guns total far less then the 3rd cause of death in America in the same year! The medical field has killed by mistakes over 440,000 people in the same year

""Our sit-in showed that the Republican Leadership can no longer ignore the epidemic of gun violence," the Democrats wrote. "A movement was born and will only continue to grow.""

This "movement" is stillborn, and would only continue to damage individual rights, freedoms, and liberties.....and the political futures of those bought-and-paid-for shills for progressivism.

         (so mark the reps. names for immediate future reference)

There is no epidemic of gun violence beyond the personal tragedies like these 50 people in a nation of under 323,000,000 million people. That magnitude of differance is why the courts, and not Congress is the prescribed organ for individual redress of these 50 peoples loss to their loved ones.

 As I recall, more people are killed per annum in car accidents than firearms related deaths. Until the vehicular weapon of mass slaughter (automobiles) are banned, feel free to come back  and try this worn out gun-ban retread again, if only for laughs, and at your political peril, progressives!

This "movement" seems to be gastrointestinal in nature.  Just a bunch of idiots trying to exert control over Americans.  They're not able to control their own "movement".

Your so right! When standing in a horse barn one pile of crap smiles the same as the other, democrats are the same; they stink in all there
movements. The only difference is one seems alittle loser then the other, but in likeness of each other they stink!

Looking at this picture again this guy really looks demonically controlled!

What the hell is that a picture of???

That's the Honorable Elijah E. Cummings from Maryland. It's interesting that he's in the picture given that he didn't sign the aforementioned letter. I do, however, love his republican conspiracy position on both Benghazi and on the IRS for targeting of conservative groups. What the old saying.....If you want to anger conservative,  lie to them. If you want to anger a liberal, tell them the truth.




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Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


Florida Sheriff — “I Will Not Enforce Assault Weapons Ban, Neither Will Most Sheriffs”

Dennis Lemma, who is the Sheriff in Central Florida’s Seminole County, told a group of 2nd Amendment activists recently that he would not enforce an assault weapons ban that could soon become Florida law if the “Ban Assault Weapons Now” amendment passes in the Sunshine State.

According to News965, the ban has the following specifications.

The amendment proposed in the state legislature would ban possession of assault weapons, which are defined as “semiautomatic rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at once, either in fixed or detachable magazine, or any other ammunition feeding device.”

Lemma, an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a first term sheriff who is running for re-election, said this about whether or not he would enforce such a law.

“It’s not only that I wouldn’t, the majority of sheriffs across the state would not do it,” Lemma said in the video. It’s up to the sheriffs what they are willing to enforce.”

Trump Holds Rally in Milwaukee, WI 1-14-20

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