Democrats are finally 'getting it': Trump’s ‘sanctuaries’ crackdown imperils transportation projects

Image result for trump sanctuary citiesA tunnel under New York's Hudson River may be imperiled. In Los Angeles, millions of dollars could be at stake for port improvements. And other communities’ hopes for major transportation projects could be caught in the crossfire as President Donald Trump threatens to strip federal funding from “sanctuary cities” that defy his immigration policies.

Considering that Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., have all declared themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants, Trump’s reprisals could end up canceling or delaying major infrastructure projects in some of the nation’s most congested areas — even as the administration touts a $1 trillion proposal to rebuild the United States’ roads, railroads, bridges and airports.

Trump issued an executive order last month that declares a “policy” of blocking federal funds for cities, states and other jurisdictions that refuse to provide information and assistance to federal immigration authorities. That puts potentially hundreds of millions of dollars on the chopping block, and transportation advocates say the damage could extend far beyond Trump's intended targets.

“Wouldn’t punishing a city with a loss of transit funding have deleterious effects on an entire region?” asked Steve Davis, communications director for the advocacy group Transportation for America. “D.C. for example — if the District lost transportation funding, wouldn’t Prince William or other outlying counties pay part of the price too in congestion, lost productivity and economic turmoil?”

Some sanctuary city leaders have been defiant. "We won't be intimidated by threats to our federal funding," Boston Mayor Marty Walsh wrote in an op-ed after Trump's order came out, adding: "[W]e won't place money ahead of our neighbors' safety and security." Then again, he acknowledged this month, federal money "runs the city."

Complicating the debate, the administration has yet to spell out exactly which projects or communities it plans to cut off. "There are so many questions," said Robert Puentes, CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation, a D.C. think tank.

For one thing, Puentes noted, “cities don’t get federal highway money directly” — the money flows through state governments or regional bodies known as metropolitan planning organizations. Under Trump’s order, “does it mean states or MPOs can’t spend their federal money in those cities?” he asked.

“Some cities get money for transit but what about the money that flows to transit authorities or airport authorities?” he asked. “Does it mean the Army [Corps of Engineers] wouldn’t dredge canals in southeast Louisiana because New Orleans is a sanctuary city?"

Even the U.S. Department of Transportation is trying to figure out how the executive order might affect the dollars it doles out. So are cities around the country.

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For those sanctuary cities that remain defiant... I would recommend that Trump examine criminal prosecution of their City and County government officials.. for aiding and abetting illegal alien trafficking, and as accessories to any crimes committed by illegal aliens under their jurisdiction. 

Trump may also want to have the AG designate these cities... criminal enterprises... under the RICO Act and begin federal racketeering investigations of the city and county governments.  The people must hold these leaders accountable for their policies... including, jail time, if necessary.

In addition, any statutory removal processes for city and county officials, who violate the laws of the United States, should be examined and where available used to remove those officials from office.

Jail would be a better fix.

That's the ultimate goal... these miscreants all need to be jailed.

Excellent.  Maybe we could add treason in there as well.  Hello Hillary, BO, and the crowd of them!?

The thing of it is that if these cities would follow the rules - that is to say, the law of the land - they would not stand to lose the Federal funding for their little projects and politician's bank account increases.

Democrats are so stupid and childish that they cut their throats to spite their nose. 

Defend sanctuary cities and reduce our taxes and debt!

The Law is the Law, I must obey are laws why not you? If you can't tough.

  Support president Trump, Tea Party Member.

Anyone who thinks that the Dems are starting to "get  it" is delusional. They want the money to keep their local power and their wallets stuffed, not to use it wisely and efficiently to benefit the people.

Time to wake up the snowflakes in these cities.  My answer is "  Tough shit snowflakes"  Time to drain the city swamps.

"Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said, "We won't place money ahead of our neighbor's safety and security" Well then I'd like to know which neighbors he means? The real legal citizens or the illegal criminals? Whose safety does he care more about? The man is an idiot. Who does he think Trump is trying to protect? The legal people who have a right to be here, while Walsh wants to undermine that by protecting the illegals. These stupid mayors of these sanctuary cities need to be kicked out of office, because they certainly don't care about the right people.

I believe those who take a stand to ignore or circumvent the laws of the United States are in violation of the law... obstructing justice, felony conspiracy to commit a crime, accessory to crime, etc. and should be arrested and tried... do that to a few Mayors and see how their rhetoric changes. 

In short... abetting criminal conduct is a crime... the Mayor needs to be charged and prosecuted. 




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Image result for puke happy faceWatch: Hillary Clinton Says She’s ‘Deluged’ With Requests To Run Again

Hillary Clinton says she is “deluged” with requests to try another run for president and has still not completely ruled out joining the crowded field of 2020 Democrat candidates.

The former U.S. Secretary of State has repeatedly avoided categorically stepping out of the race for the White House – or directly into it, for that matter.

During media appearances in the UK last month, Clinton twice hinted she may make a belated push on the basis she claims so many people want to see her on the national stage once more.

Speaking on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show in London last Friday, Clinton confirmed she would “have to make up my mind really quickly” if she was going to join the race.

When pushed to respond if she would make a run for the White House for a third time, she prevaricated and avoided a direct reply, instead responding with: “As I say, never, never, never say never.”

She did concede she would need to make up her mind “really quickly” about whether or not to jump into the presidential race.

Clinton has already missed the filing deadline for the first primary in New Hampshire but there is no deadline for the next caucuses in Iowa in early February.

Responding to Norton, Clinton said she had been “deluged” over the last few weeks thinking about running again, but added that, “right now, I’m not, at all, planning that.”

Norton asked: “The rumour mill is flying that you could step back into the ring.”

Clinton replied: “I hear that. I have been deluged the last few weeks with thinking about doing that, but right now I’m not at all planning that.”

Last month Clinton told BBC Radio 5 Live she was under “enormous pressure” to consider a 2020 White House run.

When asked about her future in politics, Clinton said, “I feel a sense of responsibility partly because you know my name was on the ballot, I got more votes, but ended up losing to the current incumbent in the White House who I think is really undermining our democracy in very fundamental ways. And I want to retire him.”

When asked if she is absolutely ruling it out, Clinton said, “ I will certainly tell you. I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it. But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.”

Clinton and her daughter Chelsea, are currently in London promoting their new co-authored book – The Book Of Gutsy Women: Favourite Stories Of Courage And Resilience.

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