A Democrat official using political power to cheat the American People, you say? Ho-hum, just your average day on Capitol Hill.

But hold on — this isn’t just another corruption trial. The stakes are incredibly high with this one. In fact, they’re so high that, if there’s a conviction, it could very well mean a complete political makeover for the people of New Jersey.

Here’s the secret: If Menendez is convicted and leaves his seat, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be responsible for appointing his replacement.

That’s almost guaranteed to flip the state from blue to red.

You know something is important if the media isn’t talking about it. Despite the overwhelming impact this corruption trial is going to have for the future of New Jersey, CNN liberal hacks have whistled and glanced away from the issue.

According to a Media Research Analysis, CNN provided six times more coverage over the trial of former Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) in 2008 than Menendez currently, even though the evidence against Menendez is a heck of a lot more convincing.

The establishment media can’t afford the American People to see their humiliating loss. If word gets out about this, Democrats know for sure they’re finished.

The people of New Jersey have been anxiously waiting for this miracle. A majority of the state’s voters strongly believe that Menendez should resign from his office if he is convicted, according to official polls.

You think that’s shocking? You’re going to rocket through the roof when you hear this:

Once Menendez is out of the picture and replaced by a GOP successor, without the interference of an obstructionist Democrat, Republicans will finally repeal Obamacare.

The Republicans have always been just one vote shy of ever finding a solution to the failed healthcare system. The only other thing we could hope for is for Sen. John McCain to drop dead. This one trial, this one vote, is going to change American history!

Who would’ve guessed that the entire political swamp of the Democrats is hinging on this one case?