Democratic Congressman calls Tea Party members of Congress ‘domestic enemies’

During an appearance on MSNBC on Saturday, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) spoke plainly and called Tea Partymembers of Congress as “domestic enemies”.

In his appearance on MSNBC’s Saturday morning show, Cohen told MSBNC's host Steve Kornacki, “I obviously do not have an opportunity to go within the conference, the Republican, we call it a caucus, they call it a conference. But I know some of the members there, and a lot of those members, they're rabid, they're sophomoric, literally, they're second term in Congress, never worked in politics before, and they think they are somehow like--it's all talked in military terms.”

“Nancy Pelosi's Democratic caucus and give or take 80 reasonable Republicans and pass some bills to avoid another CR problem and shutdown and avoid the debt crisis, protect the country from these people, who really, you got to think, we take an oath to support the country against all enemies foreign and domestic, and these are the domestic enemies.”

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Rep. Steve Cohen will now have to answer to all the "TENNESEEAN TEA PARTY PATRIOTS" whom he has by inuendo marked as "DOMESTIC ENEMIES". I have many friends in Tennessee who will make sure Cohen wishes his "Alinsky" prompted remarks were never uttered. The Democrat/Marxists in Congress are trying to bestow "Enemy Status" upon AMERICAN PATRIOTS" whose ONLY challenge to America  is to demand that the Democratic Party and the Executive Branch of our Government conform to the contents of the United States Constitution instead of the Rebelious dictates of the Communist Manifesto and the treasonous ramblings of Sol Alinsky. Obama has at every opportunity ignored, circumvented, or outight distorted our "CONSTITUTION" and done so with the obvious assistance of the Left Wing Mainstream Media whose complicity exceeds that of JOSEPH GOEBBELS; Hitler's  Gruppen Fuhrer of Propaganda for the Third Reich. People observent of history know the eventual end to both Hitler and Goebbels. Obama and his tacticians just might make note of the final demise of DICTATORS.

I hope we can bring about the demise of the LAST dictator.  Before he gains full Dictatorship!  Send him to Kenya, and let him 'dictate' there!

Remember when many Leftists in demonstrations openly called for the assassination of Bush? None were prosecuted. But under Mr. (intentional) Obama a number of people have already been sent to prison for advocating the same for him. So be careful how you word things. Mr. Obama is a very intolerant and vindictive man.

Yes, and NOT MUCH OF A MAN, either.  Just an egomaniac.  (See his 950/odd 'Executive Orders)

Randal, what those EOs and his use of alphabet soup agencies to control, harass, and even punish people is his desire to rule by dictat. I've no doubt that he's a fabian socialist who wants to destroy a Constitution he has contempt for and become an authoritarian commander-in-chief of the entire country.

With his Saul Alinksy/Cloward-Piven background along with his mentor Frank Marshal Davis and communist friends and professors he's a true believe and a clear and present danger to the Republic.

Thanks for your appropriate comment.

we are not holding you hostage,,,you are holding US hostage ,,with your ruling from crisis to crisis and now that the shutdown got you all you need The I suppose you will be ruling from shutdown to shutdown ,,,Taking over like the Tyrants you are,,,,You Are Exactly Theame As ASsad in Syria,,,only you haven't gassed us yetmmmmbut its coming,,,it always does once The Communist(democrats) take over,,,,

Mr. Steve Cohen  You are the most evil and commie of all but I doubt that. There are many of you hell bent to change our Constitution and our way of life to yours. Forget it. I can say this, you are on the arrest sheet of the military for sure. You are an OBOMINATION  of America. True Enemy for sure. No Mr. Cohen, look in the Mirror. You are the domestic Enemy!!! Bring it on you traitor! I would also like to know who on the Republican side are going to stand up to this BEAST OF A MAN/SATAN! Who is going to tell this man to SHUT UP!

under a democracy we have always compromised one side never getting all they want,,,Even when elections were a landslide still they always compromised with the other side,,,,Until Obama,,,Under this president there is no compromise,,,He won by 7%  54% to 47% in the last election and he thinks that gives him the right to punish,, demean,,,Lie ,,,Cheat ,,,And Steal To Get His Way,,,,and that 47% of the people no longer have a voice because he won,,,and his rederick spilled over into the IRS Targeting People,,,His Involvement in the fast and furious is a gift that just keeps on giving,,,and yet executive priviledge,,,ben Gahzi,,,oh who cares ,,,,,NSA spying ,,,That's amazing they can build the technology to record all of out emails,,,phone and cell phone calls,,,every word of them,,,yet they can build a simple program to let people enroll in Obamacare,,,and now he had total control of the media,,,except for a few,,,and in a statement the other day he said People shouldn't listen to social media ,,,blogs,,,or the talking heads on the radio,,,,so what he is saying,,,People shouldn't listen to the truth,,,, and we will either oust him or he will become An ASSAD or A HITLER,,,he has already demonstrated over and over again his disdain for the American People,,,His Hatred For Our Culture,,,And His Willingness to inflict pain unpon American citizens,,,Now just Imagine what that would be like If we didn't have a Second Admendment,,,And we had no guns,,,,then he would probably already be rounding us up in concentration camps Run By Fema,,,and we would be retrained ,,,and the ones who couldn't be retrained would be exterminated,,,,

Even though we are only 35.5 K members, we are feared by the Dems and GOP, and if it wasn't for fear of the Men in Black from the FBI, ATF, NSA, and don't let us forget the little Accountants from the IRS, we would have a 100 times more members. But in 2014, when they go to the polls and pull the curtain, they will feel safe and speak up. So we cant't give up because we lost a couple of battles!


Most of my friends and daily new aquaintance's are not official members here, but they are on the same page. At wal mart yesterday I met A couple who moved here from Missouri to escape from Mcclaskell. they were looking for ammo and were of retirement age. I also spoke with 5 young men in their twenties who hate obama and showed me there outfitted AR-15's. Then I talked to an older gentlemen buying a hunting license with his son. He wanted a special hunting license( get it). Then two other people joined in. The two employees working the gun and ammo dept. joined in with us. guess what, we all hate and despise obama. that is a typical trip to wal mart hunting dept on a daily basis. So I would say our numbers are in the 100's of thousand if not millions. No worries mate. That's not a knife. This is a knife.

Look who's talking.

Well come and do something about it. You giant other name for a cat. I welcome you to a duel of the old fashion. How about a boxing match with no rules. I got your domestic enemy.




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