Dem Rep Waters: Trump ‘Investigation’ Underway; Evidence Not Required for Impeachment

Image result for maxine waters memeMonday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” when asked about her comments last week stating that her “greatest desire” would be to impeach President Donald Trump, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said investigations had “already started” and that some of the investigation leads to the “possibility of impeachment.”

Partial transcript as follows:

BALDWIN: You are making news today saying Donald Trump’s actions are leading himself to possible impeachment. Explain to me why you are going there two weeks into his presidency.

WATERS:  First of all, just let me say these are not normal times. We have a president who is creating chaos and division. So many questions about his conflict of interest. Lies about whether or not he separated himself from the businesses he claimed he would separate himself from. Not showing his tax returns. Putting his arms around Putin, defending Putin, working with the Kremlin. I want to know, and a lot of people want to know was there collusion between Putin and the Kremlin and this president as they hacked our DNC and our DCCC and some of us. We want to know how deep does that go.

BALDWIN: Congresswoman, what’s the evidence. forgive me for jumping in, but what is the evidence that would lead to impeachment here?

WATERS: That’s what I’m telling you. We have investigations that have already started. There is an investigation in the Senate Intelligence yes, in the House you have investigations going on in several places in several ways. This man is questionable. and what I’m saying is, because we are suspicious, many of us about who he is, where he came from, what his actions are and all of his conflicts and this business of loving Putin and the Kremlin so much, we have to find out more about him. And some of that I think leads to the possibility of impeachment. And I think that’s legitimate to say given everything we know at this point.

BALDWIN: I understand on the investigation. But you know, you do have to find evidence before using such a huge word, such a tremendous word as the I word, the I in impeachment.

WATERS: No, no, no. no, no, no. Let me tell you what you are saying is this. You are saying that you don’t ordinarily hear members of Congress who would do what I’m doing, who began to talk about impeachment because they would fear that perhaps they were not going to get the information other people would think they are acting too hastily.

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If these idiots don't have an audience they might STFU. The citizens of her district don't deserve anymore than what she can deliver, and that's talk only. What a miserable excuse for a representative.
Legislation should be passed that any federal legislator than is found quilty of a crime against the people while holding office should lose all retirement benefits.

And then they get deported to the country of OUR choice....

TPCC crazy Maxine Waters back in the news this morning, Fox news 7:40am 4-19-2017 Maxine stated this morning that she never called for impeachment of Donald Trump. What the hell is this uglier than a mountain gorilla smoking.
Posted in February a reminder that Maxine is a lier a fake representative of her district and fake news contributier.
Let's remind Maxine that we are not fake and we have the proof that she is a lier.

Alright Kalifornia it's time you replaced Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Fienstien to name a few and make California great again.

God Bless America and the State of Israel

Live Free or Die

Can you believe...some of the Kalifornia morons think Diane Feinstein isn't "LEFT" enough?   SERIOUSLY?????????????

Thanks Frank your cartoons are always on Trac.
Wasn't real excited about striking up a good but dead post but Maxine deserves every attack we can give her, after all, she is the one of the stupidest socialist I have ever heard. I suspect rep Hank Johnson holds the top slot for stupid when he said more troops on Guam would cause the island to tip over, now that was either total stupidity or a night out with the crack pipe.

Agreed 100%!

Ho ho, I found her email contact and a "suitable" zip + 4.  Just sent her an email; told her she "knew nothing about anything", was a piece of cow dung that needed to be plowed under in order to be useful to anyone, or anything.  If you want to give her a piece of your mind use 90003-3300, fudge your name and an address somewhere on W. Gardena in El Camino.  Message sent and I received acknowledgement.

You go June  ;o)

Image result for giggle animation

June, plowing her under would only kill the ground, nothing would ever grow in that spot. She needs to be sent to iran to help keep their sewers working correctly.

Not too sure, Freddie - - "manure" has always been the "best fertilizer" -LOL

Wouldn't you think these idiots would be too embarrassed to show their face when they've said something so pathetically STUPID?

Image result for guam tipping over animation cartoon




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