DEAR SEN. McCONNELL AND SPEAKER BOEHNER: Here are the Terms of Your Surrender

My Dear Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell,

The American people are tired. They are tired of your hatred for the conservative base, your insults of the American people, and your utter disregard for the Constitution.

In your petty quests for power, you both spend more time, energy and resources plotting against your party's base rather than fighting the most lawless and destructive president in American history. The national debt will have doubled under this President, the IRS and other arms of the government have been weaponized, the Justice Department is busy race-baiting and attacking Obama's political opponents, China and Russia are rapidly arming up, Iran is rolling non-stop to acquire nuclear ICBMS, and the Middle East is on fire.

POLL: Would you vote for Chris Christie or Jeb Bush in 2016?

And still you focus on pathetic political infighting, as if this is some sort of game.

We've had quite enough, thank you.

The following are the terms of your surrender and they are non-negotiable:

1. Speaker Boehner: you will, on or before the departure of Eric Cantor from the position of House Majority Leader, name a suitable and real conservative to that role (e.g., Jeb Hensarling or Jim Jordan).

2. Senator McConnell: you will, on or before the departure of Eric Cantor from the position of House Majority Leader, name Senator Ted Cruz to the post of Ranking Member on the Senate Judiciary Committee and, should the Republican Party take the Senate, will name him Chairman of that committee.

3. You will both cease pushing for any Amnesty, immigration or other deal until the border is secure from the unfolding humanitarian and refugee crisis.

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Any one who sides with the current administration on pressing issues such as immigration and securing our borders, attacking Christians and their charity organizations, race baiting for political purposes, and the list goes on and on is a traitor in my eyes and should be put in a federal prison through their trial. 

The Tea Party will restore this nation....Jesus is on our side!!

Look, there is a very good chance that McConnell will be defeated by the Democrat in Kentucky, this fall.

There is an additional good chance that Boehner will not be re-elected Speaker.  Sadly, the good people of Ohio have failed to recognize Boehner's Speakership has been a total DISASTER.

I like it - I like it. Insert a clause #4. You will retire and / or quit at the end of your current term and move to mother Russia. Leave the country to true - honest - decent God loving people of America.

Dear Don and others, Please call your congressmen - explain to them that if they elect Baynor as speaker again that we will take that as a declaration against America and will reciprocate by voting their butts out of office. Ohio and Kentucky will come around and say enough is enough - we can do and live better than this. My congressman is trying to win his first term against a demonrat challenger. I have voted for him in past elections. He is not  a quitter and is determined to win. I like this. But he knows if he supports baynor in November as speaker that I will never vote for him again. I intend to tell my senators the same thing for Macdonnell. I will tell them that if all your offering is to support a communist progressive RINO - I will pass over your box and leave it empty.

Warning----Rinos, by "working" with the socialist-treasonous  dems, will destroy the Party & then the US.

As for me, I gave up a long time ago supporting the GOP and have thrown all that I can to individual conservative tea-party supported candidates. I want Boehner, McConnell, Hatch and all the other go along republicans sent to pasture and replaced with new true conservative candidates.


I would not make one of the demands a vote for a demoncrat........a write in campaign like murkowski pulled off in Alaska would do...take unity and guts.........

Yeah, like any of this is going to happen. These clowns are going to have to be grabbed by the scruff of their necks and the seat of their pants and THROWN off the People's property with the boxes of their personal effects thrown out after them. You know, like the garbage they are.

yeah yeah yeah these guys are going to pay attention to this

The Lawlessness has reached dangerous levels , I am very upset with our Republican do nothing House of Representatives . I would vote for Jeb Bush or Chris Christie only if there were no other choices ..If the RNC is allowed to chose the candidates we will most likely have the two aforementioned  candidates who could very likely l lose the election for us.

If we allow this rogue Government to control our weapons we may as well be dead  because it will probably mean our Republican controlled House of Representatives  sat by and allowed it to happen without a whimper . We cannot turn our backs on this Government for a moment . to do so is courting absolute disaster .




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