If this weren’t so infuriating, it might be funny . . . Appearing on CNN this morning to discuss President Trump’s plan to cut funds to sanctuary cities, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio implied that the city will not cooperate in the deportation of thieves who don’t use violence because they might be the “breadwinners” of their families.

Message to the mayor: thieves aren’t bread “winners.” They are bread stealers. They’re taking bread from the mouths of children whose family earned it legally. In this theater of the absurd, de Blasio held up a list of crimes for which NYC would cooperate with immigration authorities. And non-violent theft is apparently not on the list.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked whether theft would trigger city cooperation with immigration authorities. De Blasio answered that it would in cases of violent theft, mentioning the use of a weapon. Camerota pressed: what about simple theft? De Blasio dodged, moving on to crimes like minor pot possession and running a red light, for which he doesn’t want to break up families. He went on to say it would not be “moral” to deport people for “very low-level” crimes, which apparently includes theft, since such people might be their families “breadwinner.”

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