The Dancing Israelis did allow Americans to die, these facts can not be changed, it is documented in the history of 9/11. Lets add in Saudi Arabia, they knew and they are also guilty of allowing Americans to die.

 These 9/11 terrorist walked right through Airport Security, and they were ordered to stand down so these terrorist could learn to fly a jet, These men received funds from Saudi Arabia, to carry out the 9/11 attacks.


Dancing Israelis Allowed Americans To Die- YouTube

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 You do know your making waves???????????

But, all of this is true.

Dancing Israelis? Really they wer Saudiearabian,

Am I missing something?8

Aided by Bush globalists CIA FBI 

Is the tea party becoming anti sametic?

Good job tif...nice reporting.

Mr. Sandoval,

 The Tea Party has been called hostility, prejudice, or use discrimination against many different people, but the Dancing Israelis were Jewish.

They wanted to document the 9/11 event to make the News, and they were arrested and released.


Dancing Israelis- YouTube

 And Sandoval, hey man this is not Tif's report, it belongs to Mr. Massingale and The Network.





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