Crime To Be Catholic – Wear a Rosary, Get Wrestled To The Ground and Thrown In Jail

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This wouldn’t have happened if the boy had been a Muslim carrying a prayer rug of the wrong color. Police departments across the country have all been given sensitivity training to be considerate of Muslims, but this was different, this kid is Catholic and everyone knows that in today’s tolerant America, Christians are fair game.

Jacob Herrera is a 14 year-old student in Amarillo Texas who says he was simply going to his middle school’s Wednesday night football game, when something unexpected happened.

Upon his arrival at the stadium, Herrera was approached by Officer Corporal Wilson of the Amarillo Police Department who instructed him to remove his rosary. Herrera refused and things deteriorated from there.

A witness to the events, and possible associate of Herrera, Marivell Chavez, says that upon Herrera refusing the commands of Officer Wilson he was immediately taken to the ground. At that point the youth started yelling out, “Call my mom” and “I can’t breathe.”

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as long as i've on this site, i know she would never post anything without fact, shame on you, you need to leave, as far as the Rosary your not suppose to wear around your neck its not jewelry i was told when i was a kid from the catholic nun so he not suppose to wear it around his neck



This is so f***ing stupid. "You are a Christian, I will a rest you for that" no logic at all!




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