Crime To Be Catholic – Wear a Rosary, Get Wrestled To The Ground and Thrown In Jail

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This wouldn’t have happened if the boy had been a Muslim carrying a prayer rug of the wrong color. Police departments across the country have all been given sensitivity training to be considerate of Muslims, but this was different, this kid is Catholic and everyone knows that in today’s tolerant America, Christians are fair game.

Jacob Herrera is a 14 year-old student in Amarillo Texas who says he was simply going to his middle school’s Wednesday night football game, when something unexpected happened.

Upon his arrival at the stadium, Herrera was approached by Officer Corporal Wilson of the Amarillo Police Department who instructed him to remove his rosary. Herrera refused and things deteriorated from there.

A witness to the events, and possible associate of Herrera, Marivell Chavez, says that upon Herrera refusing the commands of Officer Wilson he was immediately taken to the ground. At that point the youth started yelling out, “Call my mom” and “I can’t breathe.”

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surely there is more to this story...lets hear it???

WARNING!!!  ANYONE who believes this absurd report - given "as is" -  deserves to sweat and

be in anxiety.  No policeman in the United States of America has ever acted against any religion....  or religious symbol in this way...  NO POLICEMAN in the United States of America would ever

be guilty of pinning a youth to the ground solely on their refusal to turn over a Roman Catholic the officer..

IT is this kind of false stabbing in the back of our Policemen and law enforcement personnel that is instead pinning ALL Americans to the false attitude of hate toward the very personnel who risk their lives daily for our protection. SHAME on  TEA PARTY for publishing publically  such a travesty of truth..

WHEN A CRIMINAL CHARGE is made to anyone..  IT IS A CRIME for any news agency to report same .. THEY MUST contact the parties involved to confirm the true details first.  THE Police Dept would have gladly revealed the true details of the above incident.

SHAME ON TEA PARTY officials.. YOU OWE the Police and me and the millions like me who were exposed to this absurd piece, a public apology.

I too, would, would like to see a VERIFICATION on this story before I accept it!

I have to agree with Rev. Bufkin here.

Dee, I believe you to be a patriot, but I also think you need to do a LOT more vetting of your sources BEFORE you post a story like this.

I'm disappointed!

I'll add a little more. THIS is one that if it IS true the MSM SHOULD cover and short-stroke it to the max! I apologize for the colorful language, but I DO think this one is a bit off the deep end!


Why, because you have been to Dearborn, MI?

I am not sure what hole you have been living in.  I will be really surprised if this story is not true.

Go to Dearborn, MI. I think you are kind of an idiot for reacting this way.

Rev. Bufkin, I certainly don't know if this story is true. However, it wouldn't surprise me if it is. Have you not noticed the militarization of our police? Have you not heard of the SWAT raids on barber shops to see if the barber has a barbers license? Have you missed the "No Knock" raids on peoples homes and the shooting/killing of their pets in front of young children when they bark and try to protect their "family" from someone who just kicked in the front door? Have you heard about the stun grenade pitched into a baby's bed? Did you hear about the murder of a 98 y/o man in a nursing home, shot in the chest with a bean bag by police while he sat in his wheel chair? Police today are thugs and deserve the hatred heaped on them. They are used to collect revenue ANY WAY THEY CAN. Even if they have to lie to do it. It's an "Us vs them" mentality among police depts today. It's not illegal to film police, but how many times have police harassed or even  arrested people for not surrendering their cell phone footage? "How dare these sheep disobey us when we command them?" Seven of them beat a mentally ill man to death in Los Angeles and got off scott free. There was even a vid prior to the beating of an officer named Ramos telling the man "These fists are getting ready to f--k you up." So you can quit your iron side defense of these thugs and liars and murderers. And no one owes you, those like you or the thugs in blue an apology.

Bufkin why don't you stop putting that "Rev." at the beginning of your name until you learn to act like one?  It was on the news, why didn't you look it up for yourself instead of making your own accusations?  You're the one who owes someone an apology!

This student should have complied with the officers commands... he resisted arrest.  That is unacceptable.

The students recourse... for being told to remove the Rosary was to file a legal complaint against the officer, city and school... The officer was enforcing school policy.  I am aware that some schools have dress codes that require Gang related items to be removed or put out of sight on school grounds... it appears that this was the basis of this officers command to remove the item.

As for removing it... the boy should have simply put it inside his shirt... He was aware that school policy didn't permit the display of the Rosary on school grounds or activities; being classified as a Gang related item it could cause dissention... if seen by a rival group... violence may have erupted. I am not defending the policy... but as long as it was in effect the 14yr old should have complied... the Church and his parents should bring legal action too correct the policy.

The boy showed very poor judgment... he was aware of school policy, refused the commands of the officer attempting to enforce those policies (right or wrong), then he RESISTED ARREST... the tape said he STRUGGLED with the officer for several minutes... and ended up on the ground.

Resisting arrest is a no, no... this KID evidently is much stronger than he appears if it took several officers to come to the aid of the arresting officer to subdue and transport him to jail. We can not imagine what may have been said and what actions the kid took to complicate the matter.

The problem with wearing the Rosary is very perplexing... it should be allowed.  The school policy is at fault here, as much as, the confrontational skills of the arresting officer.  If it is as the police indicated, and there is in fact a policy against wearing a Rosary ... The kid was in violation and should have left the grounds or complied... He could have put it inside his shirt or left ... but to resist arrest and the subsequent orders of the officer...  only added to the problem.

I hold the cop more responsible for how this was handled than the kid.  The brain isn't even fully matured until between ages 18 and 25.  How many teenagers think rationally and without emotion?  The kid didn't need to be thrown to the ground and treated so abusively.  Too many cops these days seem to have a thug mentality.




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