Corrupt NGOs Of Israel Are The Founders For UN Global Migration Pack

 Migration Pack, I am truly sad over this, I thought it was all EU, their corrupt Government. You see, when the Yellow Vest Protesters, started their protest they were very angry. They spelled the beans, told all against the NGOs of Israel.

 They hate all Christians, and it was not my people that did this. Faith In God, to handle this issue.

  How do I share my feelings, I am kind of lost over this turn of events. This is what the Israeli people exposed.

   My Christian Values do not count, me faith does not mean nothing to them, my children, is only a $ number for them.

 What about these Christian Children black or white, they had nothing to do with all this hate.


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Hello Steve, my objection to Hank on this issue is that he paints all NGO's with a wide brush... we need to focus on the deviant and corrupt NGO's and that means we have to identify the offenders and isolate them... We don't need to throw out the baby with the bath water.  

Your point on Israeli NGO's goes to the heart of the issue... most of them are run by Islamic interests... not Israeli.  I repeat that Hank needs to be specific regarding the offensive NGO's ... listing them by name and summarizing their most egregious political doctrines.

Hank's approach to addressing the NGO problem... is similar to taking the NY Phone Directory and declaring all those in it to be terrorist... That makes as much sense as listing all NGO's in a country as subversive Globalist or worse. In addition, he refers to secret blogs that contain all the proof necessary to turn on these NGO's but they never seem to appear.  Where are they... and secret blogs do no one any good... in fact, they only create divisions among patriots.

Ronald, you are correct. I just got back from Israel and had meetings with some who's who and they are just as concerned about NGO's and underground groups which do not represent Israeli interests and are actually antithetical in their intent.   

Steve, I tried to explain that to Ronald, because he feels as if Israelis are so united, but they are just like Americans, and do expose corruption, against their Government.

 I have never in my life seen words coming out of the mouth of Rabbis, boy do the use strong words, and when most talk about Obama, its like Da!!!!!!!!!

 The true issue is, according to a lot of Rabbis, they are not considered Jews, but none- Jews for their interference in Governments.

 Which race of people are they, every one ducks this when it is asked. According to the Bible, they were called something??? from the age of men. Something God destroyed, but they survived many in-counters with God.

 Maybe its a battle of spirit vs. flesh. And this evil wants to control all nations of men? To undo what was by the hand of God, to separate man in different worlds...?

 A One World Government, and if they win, they will make Israel take down that wall.

 Then if we ever get a wall, will they take down our Wall???

 Hi Ronald,

 Just a little "O" up date, to you from us Dig Bats, that can not do the math...hmmm? Really Ronald?

 The first 9000 NGO's names countries and organizations, 1.5 million NGOs here in America, WoW wee !!!!!!!!!!!

 We also found where they collect funds from American Tax Dollars...Oppps! don't tell no one we found the money trail.

 35000 more NGOs to go.....

 LOL Tif

 And that is what Hank listed, countries and their corrupt NGOs involved against Americas Sovereignty. Simple fact, and they all know each other, business, banks and so on ...

Which NGO's in the countries listed are you talking about... there are thousands of NGO's in each of those countries listed... are you claiming they all support the UN's Global Compact for Migration... You are aware that the UN Global Compact for Migration is not the same UN program as the UN Global Compact... they are separate and have different goals.

Hanks and my statements are down here, below the image Ronald.
I do not see a wide brush, or the baby being outed with bath water...
like da!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will share the news today, all these corrupt NGOs in bed together.

Corrupt NGO's Building The UN Global Migration Pack

Here are the ten principals supported by those signing on to the UN Global Migration Pack... they have NOTHING TO DO WITH MIGRATION...


One must pay attention to what is actually being supported... not to titles which can be misleading or very disingenuous.  There is no mention of Migration... in the 10 principals of this movement.

Here are the ten principals supported by those signing on to the UN Global Compact... they have NOTHING TO DO WITH MIGRATION... The UN Global Migration Compact is a different organization.  Pay attention to what you post.


One must pay attention to what is actually being supported... not to titles alone... as they can be misleading or very disingenuous.  There is no mention of Migration... in the 10 principals governing the UN Global Compact.

Me pay attention, thats so funny Ronald...:)

The UN Global Compact is not the same entity as the UN Global Compact for Migration... they have nothing to do with migration... see their principals at:  Listing NGO's in support of the UN Global Compact doesn't necessarily make them supporters of the UN Global Compact for Migration... those are two different organizations and UN programs.




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