I decided to learn more about the Tea Party.

I found the Non-negotiable 15 Core Beliefs at http://teaparty.org/about.php

I started reading down the list and thought I could support that until I got to number 15.

I am perplexed. I neither side with the Democrats due to the tax and spend mentality - socialism.

I can't side with the Republicans because they promote Pro-life thus eliminating a personal freedom.

So, I came to the Tea Party thinking they may have their crap together. Nope. I'm met with the same Republican
crap of family values. Items 1 - 14 are concrete reasonable goals for any society. However item 15 is
just a disguise for the Pro-life agenda. An agenda forcing neo-conservative beliefs on others.

So, the Tea Party is not a party I can support, which is too bad. It really looked good for awhile.

Julie McKean

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Keep on looking, when you find the party of no values, you might just be right at home, oh wait, that would make you a democrat...


Since you seem to have an issue with those who DO NOT WANT TO KILL other human beings because mommy dearest is too lazy to take the pill before engaging in sexual relations with those she doesn't want to be in a relationship with, you really might not fit in with anybody conservative. 


What you are saying is that murder of the innocent is your core belief, outweighing all others...


And if murder of the innocent is the most important core belief that you support, then I, for one, wouldn't want to be on the same platform with you...


Aren't you glad you mother wasn't pro abortion?



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