Recently a fellow patriot asked the following question... raising the question about possible conspiracies to establish a new world order on the ruins of an older order. 

"Haven't we given our heavy industries, and electronic industries away due to the machinations of dishonest banks, globalists, politicians, and unions?"

We have been lied to regarding Free Trade... the engines of wealth have always been 'Manufacturing'.  Taking raw materials and making finished goods... taking that of little value and manufacturing goods of greater value.  Service economy's don't produce new servicing the needs arising from the production of existing income and wealth.

America built its wealth on manufacturing and its agricultural industry. England did the same before us and the whole of Europe also.  China, built its wealth on manufacturing... with the direct help of US Corporations, Bankers and entrepreneurs...  at a GREAT COST TO AMERICA and her future. 

Today, these same bankers and global industrialist claim America can not MANUFACTURE GOODS and compete in the world market place ... I say BS. Could it be in their interest to disarm us and destabilize the US economy?  We are now dependent upon others for the vary essentials of our economy and military might. How did that happen?  Who betrayed us? Global elitist and their cronies around the world, working for a new world order?

Our founding fathers fought these same elitist... the East India Company's of their time are here today.  Our forefathers were PROTECTIONIST. They used tariffs and imposts too keep cheap tea and goods, from places like India, from destroying local commerce and businesses.  They made (Tariffs and Imposts) part of the Constitutional means for funding the Federal Government, such revenue became the life blood of the federal government... turning the greed of Globalist upon themselves... they took the profit out of exploiting cheap labor and the economic disparities found in world markets.  We would do well to learn from their early example for dealing with Globalist.

Today Globalist are waging economic war upon the US ... it may well prove our demise if we don't recognize the machinations of the World Bank, IMF and Global corporations, for what they are... war.  The individuals behind these institutions are making Billions... if not Trillions... off of the looting of our Manufacturing and NOW OUR RAW MATERIALS... coal, oil, natural gas etc. 

The Key Stone Pipeline is not necessary ... why should we aid in building a pipeline, that takes oil from the North and ships to the South for refining on the Gulf Cost, where it will be loaded on Tankers and shipped to China and elsewhere in the world. Build the refineries where the oil is produced and keep the refined products in the US until our manufacturing base rebounds... feeding on cheap energy.  Job's, job's and more job's are the key too a robust economy in the US.  With the reemergence of our light and heavy industry we will have jobs for everyone who needs or wants to work.

The oil, natural gas, and coal in the US should remain ... in the US... First, for our own consumption and if there is any excess production, then SOLD on the world markets.  Our Manufacturing base should be expanding, in direct proportion to the abundant harvesting of our natural resources and access to cheap energy... Energy will only become cheap if we keep our resources local.  However, the EPA and other Federal Agencies have denied REASONABLE and ecologically safe access and harvest of our own treasures. Why? Who or what is behind such ignorance?  The third world is engaged in the rapid and hazardous expansion of their economies at our expense... and we are to remain docile and accepting of such garbage. Enough is enough.  We must disband the EPA and various other agencies or tie their hands so tight that they can't destroy our economy by issuing regulations based on false or faulty science and APPLICATION..

We need to be building new refineries, near our oil fields and reserves, in the North... Any pipe lines built should be used for DOMESTIC distribution of refined oil and gas.  Our Coal is being shipped to China and India; too, be burnt by them in their power plants and by people in their homes.  Why? Is the Earth not a global biosphere?  Pollution in China makes its way around the world... doesn't it? Then what is good for China should be good for the US.

Does it make any sense to burn coal where there are no EPA measures to ensure it is burnt cleanly... as it is in the US?  We are being deliberately deceived, disarmed, de-industrialized, and now our raw materials raped. The communist may look at this as justice, as reverse colonialism, and the REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. We Americans need to see it as ECONOMIC WAR... War on us and our heritage by economic means.

It is time to take serious action to expand our energy markets in the US and then overseas... We have sufficient fossil fuel reserves to meet all our internal needs and to expand our economy.  We have sufficient oil, coal and natural gas, too support the rapid expansion of our industrial base and too pay off our national debt.

However, the major energy companies and their allies in government will tell us otherwise... They want to keep supplies low and their profits high; while, slowly bleeding us to death. Have you noticed how retail prices for fuel manage huge market swings; that is not the result of a free market. Those huge swings in retail pricing are a clear sign of managed markets. We are being had by Globalist, who are looking to usher in a New World Order. One, where they are the masters and we are the slaves.

Before, these merchants of tyranny can successfully usher in a New World Order, they must destroy the only Nation, people, and economy, able to resist such a movement.  They have worked for decades to undermine our government and economy and are now in the final stages of their plans to eliminate the US as a world power. Then, they will usher in one world government, a single currency and economy... a new world order.

America is the only power holding them back and we are now on the chopping  block... It won't be long before our currency and economy completely collapse. What then?  Our raw materials won't be able to save us, we will not have the ability to get them out of the ground, to refine them, or too convert them into manufactured goods. We will be at the mercy of those who can... Guess who that will be?

I could go on about this for hours... but the point is America is in deeper dodo than most know or care to discover.  The graft and corruption is systemic and maybe well beyond a peaceful resolution. Hence, the POLICE STATE is being readied, to humble a once proud and free people.  Let us pray, that God intervenes and does so soon, as in my humble opinion, that is our only hope... man certainly is not.

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