Jimmy Carr reveals what mainstream media really thinks of ordinary people


CNN producer Jimmy Carr summed up the attitude of the mainstream media towards ordinary people when he was caught on tape saying American voters are “stupid as shit”.

Carr, the Associate Producer for CNN’s New Day, is the unwitting star of James O’Keefe’s latest sting video for Project Veritas.

Asked whether it would be “fair to question the intellect of the American voter,” Carr responded, “Oh no, they’re stupid as shit.”

Carr goes on to acknowledge the deep bias that prevails within CNN, labeling President Trump a “clown” and “fucking crazy” while asserting that Kellyanne Conway “looks like she got hit with a shovel.”

According to Carr, 90% of people within CNN share these beliefs.

Earlier this week, CNN’s Brian Stelter blamed Infowars for “hatred and resentment” being stirred up against CNN and the news media in general.


When your own producers think the American people are “stupid as shit” and admit that this is the consensus view within CNN, how much of that hatred and resentment is earned?

Carr’s comments about Kellyanne Conway also underscores the rampant hypocrisy of the media to bash Trump for making fun of Mika Brzezinski’s appearance when leftists reserve their most vile and vicious personalized hatred for conservative women.

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Dear Mr. James Carr,

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Lots of Love,  Marilyn

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MEMO to the Communist News Network [CNN]; "I got a breaking news broadcast for YOU!"

Hey Frank,  you're among friends here....don't hold back....tell us how you REALLY feel  ;o))

I 2nd that...

Exclusive– Seniors Group Files FCC Complaint Against Very Fake News...


AMAC President Dan Weber, in a press release accompanying the filing of the complaint, said:

[I]t became clear CNN personnel are violating FCC rules by ‘knowingly broadcasting false information.’ It is the FCC’s chartered duty to prevent broadcasters from knowingly airing false information, and that’s why I am filing a formal complaint with the agency.

I further call on all Americans concerned with the preservation of truth and civil, democratic discourse to join me and the Association of Mature American Citizens by filing their own complaints with the FCC.

brings Marilyn's favorite client to mind.  Maybe a well placed copy of this article left lying around might help. Would suggest suggesting she joins in on the class action suit, but that'd probably violate some caretaker rule.

Well.....I'd agree except for the fact the poor woman has dementia, so who can determine what, why, how they think?  Took care of mom her last years at home, and she had dementia, and am caregiver to two dementia patients right now----they're already so sadly confused about almost anything and everything.  But....if she was a normal thinking person....I'd go for that idea in a heartbeat   ;o)))

CNN is Communist News Network aka Clinton News Network and they are all Extreme Left-wing Liberal's Fascists!!

Please Pray for our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and Israel-Yisrael Everyday!! "Pray Without Ceasing ." ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV )!!

Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ) Everyone, YSIC \o/

Kristi Ann

Well let's look at this realistically, the people of this Country did sit still for eight years of s__t. No wonder he knows we are so dumb. I have a hard time accepting that fact myself. WTH is wrong with the people of this Country? It is sure wonderful to have a President. Donald Trump is a Great American. A Winner. God Bless America.

11 months ago

great blackslap to CNN and NYT.

"News" anchor gets schooled on what is news vs innuendo.


me too Jea. This pic is Trump talking about CNN trying to shut him up in his speech yesterday. Kinda looks like he knew they'd melt down when this one was tweeted doesn't it.

..and a little like;


Lighter Side


BREAKING: Forensic Psychologist Exposes Horrifying Clinton Revelation


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