CNN Op-Ed Calls For Obama to Declare “National State of Emergency” to Gut 2nd Amendment

Martial law-style move would “scare” gun rights groups into submission


A CNN op-ed piece by a leading gun control advocate has called on President Obama to declare a “national state of emergency” so that he can gut the Second Amendment.

Elliot Fineman, of the National Gun Victims Action Council, wants the president to follow through on his recent gun control efforts by “monitoring ammunition sales and banning those on the terror watch list from buying guns.”

This could be achieved without congressional approval by Obama enacting a “National State of Emergency (that) scares the gun lobby and pro-gun lawmakers,” writes Fineman.

In other words, Fineman is calling on Obama to use martial-law style powers in order to water down the Second Amendment and neutralize efforts by gun rights groups to oppose such a move.

“Why have you not declared a state of emergency to halt the Gun Violence Epidemic?” Fineman implores Obama.

petition linked from the CNN article invites support for a “National Emergencies Act” that would hand Obama “the power and responsibility to declare a state of emergency when the government lacks the procedures and capacity to address an unchecked natural or man-made public health epidemic.”

The story is couched in emotional terms given that Fineman lost his son to a murderer who was able to legally purchase a gun despite previously being in a mental institution.

Fineman also demands that Obama, “force the gun manufacturers to make smart guns (guns that will only fire if the fingerprint of the owner matches the trigger) by requiring that the government only purchase smart guns.”

Whether this would make the hundreds of millions of firearms without smart technology illegal by default is not addressed in the article.

As we have previously highlighted, Second Amendment advocates are warning that Americans who hold “alternative views” could be declared mentally ill and have their firearms seized. Americans who follow “prepper” lifestyles have already had their guns taken as a result of falsely being labeled mentally ill.



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Are the kidding with this comment "Let's pray that Kim Jung Un cares about North Korea and the North Korean people as much as most Americans do about America."???  The guy who murdered his own uncle...?  Problem is................WHAT can we do to put a stop to it or counteract it????

Marilyn, we will send Dennis Rodman & his butt buddy BO over to N. Korean holding hands & they both can kiss Jungs ass! They both love the smell of camel dung, anyway!

Oh yeah....I'd forgotten Rodman was pals with the little tyrant.  Okay, works for me.

And while Obama keeps our eyes on one hand, behind the curtain, the hidden hand is doing this, per the NWO agenda.

Now, do we understand this socialist/ communist Muslims double talk ?

You did not see or hear this in OUR media did you ?

Where the hell is Fox News on this ?

Now here is MY kind of president.

Now, lets get on with restoring our Constitutional Republic.

hit 'm with the bat, YEP!!

Do NOT TRUST anything CNN CALIPHATE NEWS NETWORK says or does PERIOD, they're all muslim brotherhood members and sympathizers!!



GUNS DON'T KILL people!! People kill People!! It's NOT the GUNS FAULT, it is the person!!



Love Always and Shalom Everyone,


Here is a little news that many may have missed.

Al Jazeera is going out of business.

That will stop some of the "feel sorry" crap for the illegals flooding our southern border.

Good riddance.

Al Gore helped start it by selling a failed site to a middle eastern.


I heard it was actually Al Jazeera America. Yeah, there numbers were not great ayt all if you can believe the news about that. 

I doubt that will affect the flood of illegals though because of the secret or less known parts of NAFTA that was signed that allow that to happen. 

A little article that hits many subjects presented on Tea Party forums by Veterans Today:




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Lisa BensonPolitical Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


Pay-Back !!! Pedophile Who Assaulted Nearly 200 Kids Stabbed To Death In Prison

A convicted pedophile who abused almost 200 children was stabbed to death in North Yorkshire, England, on Sunday.

Richard Huckle, 33, from Ashford, Kent, was given 22 life sentences in 2016 after he admitted to sexually abusing 71 kids whose ages ranged from six months to 12 years between 2006 and 2014, according to the BBC.

The report said Huckle was attacked with a makeshift knife while inside his cell at the Full Sutton Prison.

At the pedophile’s trial in 2016, investigators said they found over 20,000 indecent photos and videos of his assaults, which were shared with other pedophiles via a site on the dark web called The Love Zone.

Reports said that prior to his arrest, Huckle posed as an English teacher and Christian volunteer worker in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he groomed impoverished children.

In one of his online posts, Huckle reportedly wrote “Impoverished kids are definitely much easier to seduce than middle-class Western kids.”

Reports said he attempted to make money from his crimes by crowdfunding the release of the photos.

“Huckle also created a 60-page ‘how-to’ guide for other pedophiles seeking to evade being caught, and kept a scorecard and points system regarding the children who were abused — leading investigators to speculate he may have as many as 200 victims,” a Fox News report stated.

At his sentencing in 2016, Judge Peter Rook condemned Huckle for his heinous crimes he said had become routine for the pedophile.

Rook commented:

Your offending behavior became entrenched in your everyday life. Your life revolved around your sexual activities with young children. Your distorted beliefs in respect of children are deep-seated. Your self-delusion knows no bounds. It is also clear that, had you not been arrested, you planned to continue the same lifestyle using the expertise that you were keen to show off to and share with other abusers so as to continue your sexual exploitation of the children of such communities.

Reports said prior to his death, Huckle refused to cooperate with authorities when they tried to unlock a cache of encrypted files he had access to that may contain the names of victims and other pedophiles, according to Fox News.


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