‘Clock boy’ defamation case explodes in court — ordered to pay attorney fees

Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro did nothing wrong in questioning the motives of Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed, a Muslim student who was detained by police after building a “clock” that resembled a bomb, a Texas court ruled.

A Dallas County District Court judge this week dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed against Shapiro by Mohamed’s father, Mohamed Mohamed, over Shapiro’s comments about the September 2015 incident at MacArthur High School in Irving.

Ahmed Mohamed was only a few weeks into school when the then ninth-grader came to class with what he described as an “invention,” which was basically a disassembled clock that was sloppily reassembled in a pencil box.

Mohamed showed his science teacher, who advised him to put it away. Later in the day, when the clock began beeping in his English class, his teacher took action because she believed it looked like a bomb. Mohamed was detained and questioned by police and briefly charged with possessing a hoax bomb, though the charge was later dismissed.

Mohamed’s politically active father, who has ties to terrorist-sponsoring foreign regimes, then took the boy on a world tour and was photographed with wanted war criminal and Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir before visiting the White House at President Obama’s invitation. Obama tweeted support for Ahmed as police investigated the situation.

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I don'r believe it looked like THAT!!!!  I think they found that one under Obumbum's CAR!

It actually looked like this (below). Though, I do like your idea of placing the real one under Obama's car ............or maybe even his bed.

NOW i see why the boy was proud of his work!  Yes, he took an alarm clock apart, but he re-assembled it using a VERY large display.  That's the red-brown item at the top of the picture.  There is NO WAY it could be mistaken for a bomb!

i am glad to see it...i want more of this...and maybe looking into those politicians getting money from soros...that is rather interesting dontcha think?????

This entire case is very suspicious.

Once I saw this kid invited to the white house, I knew it was a real stinker.

You are right, it is a real stinker but why would we be surprised because we know obummer is a  muslim.

So, which tax fund will be tapped to pay the enormous lawyer and court costs?

Just more evidence that Ex-President Obama was and is a Muslim with the intent on spreading Jihad and Sharia Law thru intimidation and the radical use of the Courts... among other institutions of government.  What is actually needed is stiff exercise of the law... not just against the perp, those who become accessories to the event need to be charged... The State needs to reconsider charging the boy with the original crime they dismissed (creating a hoax bomb)... too, terrorize his teacher and fellow students. This act of terrorism should not go unpunished.

I guess it was a clock! Because he certainly knows what time it is now!!!!!

Glad case got kicked out of court.  Obama used this family as he did with so many.

When did it come out that he had taken a clock APART and then re-assembled it in a box?  The last thing i heard about it, he had assembled it from scratch.




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