Civil War Is Upon Us... it is time for Trump too PURGE the swamp

America needs an AG who will enforce our laws...  AG Sessions has failed America and Pres. Trump. He continues to ignore the recent rise in 'Political Hate Speech', and the incitement to engage in 'Domestic Terrorism and Violence', he must engaged by the MSM and the LEFT wherever they are found... with criminal indictments.  

The Nation's Chief Law Enforcement Officer... needs to articulate a legal position which holds those engaged in 'unprotected speech' and 'domestic terrorism' criminally accountable.  He needs to establish a clear policy that focuses on discouraging and prosecuting such conduct by the MSM, Hollywood, Broadway, and other sectors of society (Universities, etc.).  Political violence and Domestic Terrorism must end now!

AG Sessions needs to clearly define... when and how, protected speech becomes illegal speech, and when public demonstrations become acts of domestic terrorism.  He must describe the penalties for engaging in such unlawful conduct. The 1st Amendment is not a license to incite riot, nor is it a tool to solicit acts of domestic terror.  The Democrats are attempting to wage a coupe, under the guise of legitimate political action... It is time too stop their open abuse of the law and to hold them accountable for inciting sedition and rebellion.   

AG Sessions  and the President should issue a stern warning... against the use of 'hate mongering' 'race baiting', and all forms of 'incitement to violence' as political tools/speech. The Left, MSM, Hollywood, and Broadway, must to be informed not to cross the line between protected political speech and unlawful speech... speech that is not protected by the 1st Amendment.

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