CIA That Funded the 'Moderate Muslim Brotherhood' Narrative Opposed to the Group's Terror Designation

Quite conveniently, this internal CIA analysis found its way into the hands of Politico reporters.

But oddly, the article fails to mention that the CIA and the U.S. intelligence community were directly involved in funding the experts who pushed the bogus "moderate Muslim Brotherhood" narrative beginning in the latter end of the Bush administration.

This hand-wringing is in response to reports that the Trump administration is actively discussing such a designation.

Needless to say, the Washington, D.C. foreign policy "smart set" and the media who have been openly disdainful of the White House's considerations are wetting themselves at news of the CIA's analysis.

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Even arab countries consider the muslim brotherhood a terrorist could anybody in this country say different with all we know about them?  What's in it for the CIA?

Even arab countries consider the muslim brotherhood a terrorist yet we have many of their members imbedded in our Government in critical positions. I can't wait to see how this works out!

It's sickening how corrupt our own politicians are!

The CIA helped to cover up Benghazi for Hillary.  I've never trusted them since.  Trump doesn't seem to realize he really has to clean house.

"Could fuel extremism." So, by not doing anything to combat the threat, which is impossible if the threat isn't even properly defined, then wouldn't that, in itself, fuel extremism? I think so. Furthermore, I think things are pretty extreme as it is. What, do we have to wait for more people to die at the hands of terrorism before we do something to stop it?

As long as Islam remains in Middle Eastern politics, there will always be violence over there. I agree, we need to do all we can to bring democracy to the Middle East and keep the terrorist threats there, and not let them ooze into Western society.

  DUH !!!!!!!!!  Let me explain something, to those who "DON'T DO THEIR HOMEWORK" !!!!!!

1.  John BRENNAN =  Head of the "CIA" under OBAMA = A MUSLIM Convert.

2.  Barack OBAMA  =  POTUS for 8 years = A student of MUSLIM TEACHING in youth, Enemy of ISRAEL,  responsible for ISIS becoming a TERRORIST Organization, Refusing to call Muslim TERRORISTS what they are, PROTECTING our enemies from PROSECUTION, by having HOLDER and LYNCH as Attorney Generals of Justice Department. etc.

The 9th Circuit Court has an 80% FAILURE RECORD in presenting arguments before the SUPREME COURT and have been the most ANTI-AMERICAN COURT in AMERICAN HISTORY !!!!



Not only did barrack hussein obama receive the teachings of islam, he called the karan, "The hOLLY kARAN." 

You don't call it that unless you believe it!! Anyone that don't think he was and IS a muslim believing islamist, has their head in the middle east sand. 

We are in the fight of our life and 90% of the people of America don't understand, care or believe that. 


Frankmusic, Eugene and James:  Everything you say is true.  I almost choked when I saw the video of obummer calling the Koran the "Holy Koran".  And John Brennan as head of the CIA when he is a freaking muslim.  The muslims in obummers blackhouse reign shown by Frankmusic's reply, were laughing at us and having a gay old time.  I just hope it isn't too late for Trump to win this fight because it is a fight for our life.  Thank you for your comments and may God bless America.

How about the 3 brothers that were hacking into intel House/Senate records.??????? Brought in by Dems.   Valerie Jarretts  family came from Iran and currently active in that that country.   How many other billions$$$$$$$ of cash were flown into these countries.???? All the Dem Players are involved with MUSLIM Brotherhood.   When Hillary was first lady,  she was kissing Arophat's  behind.   Only stopped when when she needed the Jewish vote for ny  sENATOR.

Do we have traitors in the CIA?  Wouldn't be surprised.  THey're all over this government.




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