Chief justice Roberts to Congress: Give me more money!

Chief Justice John Roberts raised the specter of “Scrooge’s ghosts” in his year-end report on the state of the nation’s judiciary, requesting additional funding for the nation’s cash-strapped courts.

“I would like to choose a fresher topic, but duty calls,” said Roberts, who also discussed the judiciary’s fiscal state in last year’s report. “The budget remains the single most important issue facing the courts.”

Roberts focused his report on an appeal for Congress to approve the $7.04 billion appropriation request made by the Judicial Conference, a collection of judges responsible for directing the administration of the courts.

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I believe that no one should have a lifetime job, therefore the Supreme Court Justices should not have a job for life, who monitors what they do and who gives them their performance appraisals.

Benedict Arnold is his name. Traitor to the core. 

He has switch sides.


I know more about our constitution then this so called guy. It doesn't take a degree to know this.

I wonder what the NSA has on him for him to become a trader to the Constitution! 

Despicable excuse of a human being.   May he cursed thoughout History.


Well said, Ralph.

Earl Warren and now this grinning Judge. How can he live with himself for what he did ??????

Screw this guy!! I agree he wants pay back time now this communist pcs of shit sold Americans down the road with Obamacare even after the country said we didn't want it,  he should be arrested the same time Obama is !! How much of this money is a raise for him hes asking for ?

This man only deserves a jail cell!

No Mr Roberts! The single most important issue facing the Courts is Justice for All! I guess he forgot the pledge of allegiance.

why should we give any of them a raise,,,They have the power and the authority and it's their duty to tell the president when he is overstepping his bounds,,,and yet they remain silent,,,and the democrats go along with what ever Obama says constitutional or not,,,even sometimes treasonous,,,,and the only ones who seem to have our backs are a handful of republicans(NOt Rhinos)and they are the only ones who want whats right for the people,,,all of these politicians are up there to line their pockets,,,to hell with the constitution or the rule of law,,,or any rules for that matter,,,,They are building FEMA camps to hold us all,,,,they have plotted against and are plotting against our constitution and our way of life,,,,they just bought another 1.6 rounds of ammo,,,thats enough for 5 bullets for every man woman and child,,,,and I just don't see it changing short of a coup,,like they have in india and places like that ,,,,we have tried talking to them but our words fall on deaf ears,,,,maybe we need to catch our elected officials away from their post and explain it to them in a way they can understand,,,,Obamacare is treason plain and simple and what the democratic party is doing is committing treason,,,and should be held accountable,,,,,,

Why should anyone in government get a raise? This has been the lousiest set of leaders in our history. Had I done my job as poorly as they, I'd have been fired a long, long time ago. Pay cuts would be more correct.

At the very least, no raises until the budget is balanced and the debt paid off.




Reporter Kicked Out Of Michelle Obama
Conference For Violating ‘Black Girl Code’

The Black Entertainment Television channel recently hosted a conference in south Florida for black women known as “Leading Women Defined,” which featured a casual conversation between former first lady Michelle Obama and former senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett.

But according to the New York Post’s Page Six, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who was in attendance was booted from the remainder of the conference after she wrote an article about some of the comments Obama had made during the discussion.

Robin Givhan, a fashion critic and staff writer for The Washington Post, documented the highlights of the friendly chat between Obama and Jarrett.

Some of the highlights of the conversation included the former first lady’s thoughts on President Donald Trump’s inauguration as the Obamas prepared to leave the White House, the role she played during the 2008 election, her difficulty settling in as “the spouse” to the president, how she described her White House garden as a “subversive act” to garner trust with the public and her upcoming memoir. Of course Givhan also wrote about what Obama was wearing … after all, she is a fashion critic.

But following the publication of the article, according to Page Six, BET demanded Givhan leave the conference early amid claims that she had violated a “sacred space” by publishing the content of the conversation.

They also canceled a panel discussion that Givhan initially had been asked to moderate.

However, Page Six noted that BET’s claim that Obama’s discussion was “private” and not intended to be shared with anyone else outside the small gathering in attendance didn’t hold up to scrutiny given the fact that BET itself posted clips from the discussion on its site.

Furthermore, Jarrett also posted those clips on social media and told everyone to “tune in” to the network so they could hear what Obama had to say.

Shortly thereafter, the dispute descended into a sharp back-and-forth on social media between Givhan and others who were irked at what she had done, as can be seen on Givhan’s Twitter feed.

Several of her critics asserted that the conversation had been “off-the-record” — an assertion Givhan flatly denied — and one user claimed the reporter had “violated a sacred trust” between black women.

Another said what she had done was a “complete violation of journalistic ethics and Black girl code, all at once,” while still another asserted through a hashtag that Givhan was “#notoneofus,” as if she were being banished from the exclusive realm of accepted professional black women.

For their part, a BET representative told Page Six that Givhan had been “invited as a guest (not working press) to moderate a fashion panel,” and noted that her travel and lodging expenses had been paid for by the network.

“She was made aware that it was an intimate conversation in a sacred space of sisterhood and fellowship,” the rep added.

Neither Givhan nor representatives for Obama responded to requests for comment on the report from Page Six.

If the WaPo reporter really was instructed ahead of time that the conversation between Obama and Jarrett was “off the record” and a private affair, but published anyway, then BET was justified in booting her from the remainder of the conference — though the mean-spirited commentary she received on social media still crossed the line.

But if Givhan received no prior warning on the matter — and given the fact that BET itself published the conversation later — then this is just a major display of hypocrisy and unnecessary infighting.

What do you think?


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