Captured and pregnant Yazidi teen begs Americans to bomb, kill her

"Let those jets come to bomb us and save us from this situation by killing all of us."

On the heels of a myriad of world-wide reports of al-Qaeda allied terrorists capturing, torturing and in many cases killing anyone who even slightly disagrees with them, reports are now leaking out of occupied-Iraq of a pregnant Yazidi woman begging that American warplanes kill her to end her horrific treatment at the hands of jihadist terrorists. As reported by the New York Post on Aug. 18, 2014, and also by The Daily Bhaskar news portal (of Ahmedabad, India) on Aug. 17, 2014, an ISIS sexual war trophy captive woman has begged that U.S. Navy fighter attack jets bomb and kill her rather than continue to live as a prisoner of the terrorists.

As cited by both referenced sources, a pregnant Yazidi teen-aged bride was able to covertly communicate with her husband, and her death wish only gives a hint to the hellish conditions she and other Yazidi teen-ager females face. With her name yet to be released to the general public, the pregnant captive begged of her husband "Let those jets come to bomb us and save us from this situation by killing all of us." The woman also added that a quick death at the hands of the Americans would be better than a future that consisted of nothing more than to "be forced off with a strange man."

Held in an ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) prison somewhere in recently conquered Iraqi territory, upwards of 96 captive Yazidi female teens are being held and groomed for sexual slavery. According to reports, ISIS chiefs have bragged of authorizing a Jihad al Niqah (Arabic: جهاد النكاح‎, loosely translated as holy war waged by sexual pleasure), which is supposedly the most extreme form of Islamic holy war. According to the tenets of Jihad al Niqah, jihadists are authorized to take women captives as war prizes for either their own personal use or to sell into slavery for a tidy profit.

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Remember when ms, powers who was speaking for the pisident said that we had "a duty to protect" the Libyans from gadhfi. We brought about his demise & the muslims came in & added another country to the caliphate. Prince Osama is getting mr. soarass's wish come true. A world of global conflict with the most powerful countries in the world crawling like snakes on their weak bellies. Where are you now Osama? Where is the duty to protect this poor girl? Where was the duty to protect when ambassador stevens begged you for help? Where was the duty to protect when the reporter was kidnapped? Where was the duty to protect when agent Terry was killed with guns supplied by the attorney private Dolder? Where was the duty to protect when americans died at fort hood? Why did you side with the killer? Remember it was you who said it was not terrorism but rather work place violence. What an idiot? What an asinine - insipid moron?  I have heard it said that Osama is the dumbest & most ineffective pisident in the history of this country. Others have said that he is worse than jimmy carter. That is a lie. Macdonneell & baynor maybe the dumbest politicians in the history of the country (below peloshee & holmes-moron). But Osama is getting everything that he & soarass want. A world in conflict - countries in decline & demon rats & RINO's who believe in him as a muslim diety. I truly feel so sorry for this young lady. She does not fall under osamas list of people who he has a duty to protect. Just like the girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria - you simply do not matter to him. World conflict & destruction is his main goal. The caliphate is the major goal that will come about after he reaches his main goal. This despicable snake will forever have the title of the most divisive - destructive & anti-American pisident in the history of this nation. Never forget - he could not have done it were it not for the help of baynor & macdonneell. Or without the protection of prince Reeeed. Can you believe it - all three will be returned to congress in November & nothing will change.




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