Bugs in Google Chrome let websites listen to your conversations

Google’s popular Chrome search engine might be doing more than helping you  find websites — it might be helping websites find and listen to you through the  microphone in your computer.

TalAter.com reports the search engine’s voice recognition  functionality can be compromised by websites that allow Chrome users to navigate  their site via voice.

The problem is once you give Chrome permission, the websites you’ve visited  retain that permission — even if you’re not on the site, allowing them to tap  into your computer’s onboard microphone and listen in at any time.

Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2014/01/22/bugs-in-google-chrome-let-website...

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Great, Russia here we come. Do we expect anything else? 

wow i knew about camera but i never thought about the mike  oh well i guess i'll block it off till i need it. 

Hey, Google is run by lefties who think they know more than anybody else.

Google Chrome is invasive and pervasive.  If you get an Adobe update, you get Google Chrome if you do not specifically deny the download.  Chrome slows down all other operations and kills Internet Explorer quick tabs.  It is dangerous and corrosive and should be banned!

yes, had one of those Adobe update attempts just this morning. Some Adobe Flash updates allow you to choose not to install google chrome and google toolbar, some don't - this one didn't provide that option and was loading Chrome 1st.. it was a race to hit cancel before it got loaded. - IMO Chrome is becoming like Java - absolutely don't want it on my machine but it keeps trying all kinds of sneaky ways of getting there.

 It's time to bring out those old tee shirts from the 60's, "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" yap as high tech gets more popular we find out that, the feds are the first to use it to keep track of you.  I'm waiting for the information that the NSA used it's powers to find the e-mails used to confront Gov. Cristy and the Governor of Virgina. If you have any doughs that Obama would use the NSA to track republicans and the rest who disagree with his communist take over, then get off of it, they will and do.  As far as Obama's speech on curbing back the NSA activities, TRUST BUT VERIFY!

Any suggestions about a better browser?  I have Google Chrome now.  Only reason I like it, it has spell check everywhere, even in the subject line.  

I had FireFox, last year but it slowed my computer down.  

Whats the difference? NSA will do it anyway if they get the notion.

You have a point.

I have been using DuckDuckGo for a few years and it does not allow any tracking. 

I won't use Chrome on my PC but I have it on my "smart" phone. That whole thing is run by Goodle because it's Verizon. I think I'll get used to turning it OFF .. :( Sure sucks.

I sure am glad I left Microsoft for Linux years ago.  And if you use google or yahoo to search, they are watching your every click.   Go to ixquick and use that as your search engine.  It is private and if you use their https:  it is extreme privacy.    Drop Chrome and go back to Firefox.  




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