Broward County Sheriff Fired For Lying About Vegas Shooting

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel fired for covering-up truth about Vegas shooting

 Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has been fired for covering-up the truth about what happened during the Las Vegas shooting. 

 According to reports, following a criminal investigation by Florida Governor Rick Scott, Sheriff Israel will be replaced as early as next week.

From Big League Politics: Sheriff Israel is being removed from office for criminal issues, not malfeasance, following an investigation conducted by the office of Florida Governor Rick Scott. The source exclusively revealed to Big League Politics that Sheriff Israel is also allegedly being investigated by the IRS.

 The high-level police source within the Sheriff’s Office disclosed that over the last several months, four candidates have been interviewed to refill the position of Broward County Sheriff. One of the candidates who were interviewed is Emery Giany, a Republican Florida law enforcement official who is closely associated with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

 During the IG’s testimony last week, FBI director Christopher Wray was asked about the Parkland school shooting. When asked, Wray declined to answer any questions about the shooting and Sheriff Israel, citing that it was an active FBI investigation. Following the Parkland shooting, Governor Scott called for Director Wray to resign over the FBI’s failure to properly investigate Nikolas Cruz, 19, the school shooter whose plans to carry out a school shooting were reported to the FBI twice prior to the shooting on Valentine’s Day.

“We constantly promote ‘see something, say something,’ and a courageous person did just that to the FBI. And the FBI failed to act. ‘See something, say something’ is an incredibly important tool and people must have confidence in the follow through from law enforcement. The FBI Director needs to resign,” Governor Scott said.

 According to the source in the Broward Sheriffs office, Sheriff Israel’s removal revolves around a criminal matter that the FBI is aware of. Although his failures surrounding the Parkland shooting initially sparked the investigation, it isn’t the sole reason why he is being removed.

 The high-level source who wished to remain anonymous told Big League Politics that Sheriff Israel is already aware of the fact that he is being removed from office next week.

 Sheriff Israel has been under heavy criticism for his handling of the of the Parkland school shooting, which left 17 people dead. Following the Valentine’s Day school massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, it was revealed that police officers under Sheriff Israel’s order were called to the home of the Parkland shooter 45 times prior to the school shooting.

 It is unclear why law enforcement officials law enforcement at the Broward County Sheriff’s office and FBI failed to properly investigate Cruz, but their massive failure has been directly attributed to the loss of 17 lives in Parkland, FL.

 Since the Parkland shooting, a lot of unflattering information has come out regarding Sheriff Israel. Along with being a mouthpiece for Democratic politicians and gun control advocates, like Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz who he has been photographed with, Sheriff Israel and his department have recently made headlines for more controversy.

 In May, it was revealed that Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school and the Broward County Sheriff’s office were keeping quiet the fact that Sheriff Israel’s son, Brett, had allegedly assaulted a 14 year old student on campus in an act of bullying.

 Shortly after the Parkland shooting, cell phone video filmed by Cruz himself revealed that he himself felt bullied, which lead him to carry out a massacre on February 14, 2018 in a targeted attack against his former classmates.

 Most recently, Sheriff Israel received a massive amount of backlash after the Broward County Sheriff’s office tweeted a picture of a new custom made Broward sheriff’s car that read, “Our new #dodge #charger. Do you like the paint job?”

 The tweet sparked outrage online from Republicans and Democrats alike who quipped that the Broward Sheriff’s office should use the funds to pay for better officer training, not new cars. Leaders on both sides of the aisle have called for Sheriff Israel to resign or be removed by the Governor for his extreme dereliction of duty and failure to prevent one of the worst schools shootings in US history.

 During the Florida GOP Primary debate in Florida last week, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and Rep. Ron DeSantis were asked about the Parkland school shooting. Both Putnam and DeSantis called for the removal of Scott Israel while asserting their support of the Second Amendment.

“I would have removed that sheriff from Broward County. He failed his citizens and he should have been removed,” DeSantis said.

“Sheriff Israel is under investigation and he needs to go,” Putnam said.

 Governor Scott is expected to release a statement in the coming week when Sheriff Israel is removed from office. Scott is currently running for US Senate in Florida, and news of Sheriff Israel’s removal is sure to boost his approval rating in what is gearing up to be one of the most important Senate races in the country.

 In the days following the Parkland shooting, Sheriff Scott Israel was confronted and asked about his support of and affiliation with the Democratic Party and why he chose to blame guns instead of holding his department and the FBI accountable. Unable to withstand tough questioning, Sheriff Israel became flustered and ended the interview after saying, “the only person accountable for this killing is the detestable, cowardly, murderer. He is solely responsible for this horrific act.” However, as the investigation into Parkland has shown, both Sheriff Israel and the FBI dropped the ball and are to blame for their failure to prevent the shooting despite receiving multiple warning signs.

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Nice news.

Sheriff Israel cannot be fired if he is an elected constitutional official... he must be IMPEACHED, RESIGN, or defeated in an ELECTION. We must not ignore the role of the Constitution and the legal methods required by the US and State Constitutions for the removal of Constitutional Officers of the Government.

The County sheriff (Florida) is a Florida constitutional officer  (an Elected Official of the Government) and a part of the state judicial branch. The Sheriff has a duty to enforce both the Florida Constitution and Florida state laws and statutes, and to provide for the security, safety and well being of its citizens.
County sheriff (Florida) - SEE:

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was fired by Pam Bondi-  Florida Attorney General, for

reason 1, he was a coward, and refused to enter the school to help the children, he stated he was not there, he was as well as his men, that stood outside and did nothing, it was another police department the entered the school.

Sheriff Scott Israel was a Coward and a Liar.

A Constitutional Sheriff cannot be fired... they must be IMPEACHED, RESIGN, or be DEFEATED IN AN ELECTION.  See:

The only way the Florida AG can remove Sheriff Israel is if he is not an Elected Constitutional Sheriff... If he is appointed by the County Commissioners or other officials he is not a Constitutional Sheriff and may be fired by the County Commissioners.  

However, the information I have for Broward County, Fl ... indicates the Sheriff's Office is an elected office... making the Sheriff a Constitutional Officer; thus, requiring Impeachment, resignation, or defeat, in an election, to be removed from office.

Failure of the people to understand the workings of Constitutional government has brought us to where we are today...  Any scholar of Constitutional government knows a Constitutional Sheriff cannot be fired... they must resign, be defeated in an election or be impeached to be removed from office.

According to the News, Sheriff Scott Israel was fired so hell man you and Hillary Clinton can get over it.


Since when is the NEWS Media competent or authoritative... firing a Constitutional Sheriff is not how Florida removes Constitutionally elected Sheriff's...

I don't like Sheriff Israel any better than anyone here... However,  it is very important that our  Sheriffs remain independent and responsible to the people thru elections... America doesn't need the Sheriff subject to the whim of politicians... The Sheriff is the last line of Constitutional Law Enforcement Officers, answerable directly to the people directly... they must be removed by IMPEACHMENT, RESIGNATION or ELECTIONS.

AG's should never be able to fire a Sheriff... recommend them for IMPEACHMENT is their job... let the State Legislature remove the Sheriff thru the impeachment process.  A Sheriff needs to have the authority and assurance that he can arrest an AG or any other politician, for cause, without being fired.

Damn... is everyone out of their mind?  A  Sheriff must be independent of politicians...  not subject to being fired by them.  In fact, there are several states that no longer have constitutional sheriffs... and their politicians are free to coerce and threaten the sheriff if the sheriff gets out of line with their political agenda or schemes of corruption. Guess where that leads...

Sheriff Scott Israel was a Coward and a Liar, don't worry man you will get over it...
Have a nice day Mr. Nelson

You obviously have no idea how important it is to keep the Sheriff's office independent of political coercion... having a sheriff that is subject to FIRING by politicians is a very, very, bad idea... I am sure that the reasons for this completely escape you, as you are totally ignorant of how democracy and Constitutional Government was meant to work in the US... like most people today you are the problem... not the solution. 

God said ... "My people perish for the lack of knowledge... and where there is no vision the people perish... So true... So true. Hosea 4:6 and Proverbs 29:18  Our people are definitely perishing for the lack of knowledge and a vision.  They don't know how our government was intended to function nor do they have the vision necessary to function as a free society. 

A Constitutional Sheriff is not open to being fired... he must be impeached, resign, or be defeated, in an election to be removed from office... That is a very important precept in our constitutional government..

Hey man, Bible Thump your concepts to the media out there, The man is a coward, and he is connected to Hillary Clinton and Obama.
Have a nice day...

You still don't get it .. this is not about Sheriff's about the proper way to deal with the removal of a Constitutional Sheriff... I can see this concept goes way over your head.

P/S  just a historical note... Bible thumping is what made our country great.  You may want to try it... read scripture and stand on them... repeat them and commit their precepts to memory and daily practice.  If everyone thumped the Bible every day... The world would be a much better place and America would not need to become 'great gain' it would be great.

God's people... perish for a lack of knowledge and suffer for a lack of vision.  God stated in Hosea, that he would 'reject' a people for their lack of Godly knowledge... saying: "... I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." Hosea 4:6




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