Britain, France Demand ISIS Strategy from Obama


Well, our allies seem not quite satisfied with the Obama Doctrine of Leading from Behind, asking for a little guidance on how we might want to go about defeating what the administration itself is describing as a grave threat to national security.

According to Reuters:

British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Francois Hollande, the leaders of Europe’s main military powers, told Obama in private meetings that Washington had to do more than simply order air strikes on IS targets in Iraq and needed an overall strategy, European officials said.

“It can’t be just ‘let’s go and bomb a few targets and see what happens’,” said one Western defense official familiar with the talks between the allied leaders.

France and Britain are part of some kind of new “coalition” Obama formed during what the New York Times said was “a hastily organized meeting on the sidelines of the NATO summit.” Australia, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Denmark are also in.

But who knows what this even means? Doesn’t look like they’ll do any serious fighting.

“Obviously I think that’s a red line for everybody here: no boots on the ground,” said Secretary of State Kerry.

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Øßama has personally customized our military.

See? No problem.

Yeah the Obama strategy is to scare them with his pink tutu and ballet slippers instead of camo and an ar-15. What a JOKE !

The person that needs to be scared back to his homeland is setting in the dirty house, it will cost a fortune to sanitize her after this mob moves out.

Another good one !  Frank can you do a cartoon making a Mosque of the White House ? I'm sure all kinds of captions will come to mind.

The three stooges plus Kerry, how embarrassing is that ? ISIS , Al Qaeda, Hamas Al Shabab, all of them, must be laughing their asses off and drooling over what they can do , now that the idiots have drawn another REDLINE !  This should really scare Putin , don't ya think ? I guess Iran and China are really shaken in their boots too, cause big bad boogedy has threatened all with a REDLINE ! Is he for real ????

Obama, Kerry, Hagel and all their pathetic little liberal friends are COWARDS.  Unfortunately for all of us, they are in charge of our foreign policy and military.  I bet ISIS is laughing all the way to???  Who knows where this will end.  If the cowards have their way, it won't be good for all of us.

Britain and France are  idiots, letting muslims taking control of their countries or should I say giving them control of heir country... now they are scared for themselves wants the U.S. Strategy to stop ISIS... All 3 are idios.

Obama also dithered and delayed when the Arab Spring broke-out in Egypt and Libya a few years ago. He wasn't just being indecisive. He intentionally wanted to wait until the Muslim Brotherhood was ready to fight the countries' regimes. Then Obama assisted the Rebels with air strikes, to overthrow Mubarek and Qadaffi. And he wanted to do the same in Syria last year, with his "red-line" and "shot across the bow". With the complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq 1-2 years ago, his secret dream of an "Islamic Caliphate" would have happened sooner, and with more strength.

Right one Robert... good analysis.

People in Britten should be doing something for their own country.There are more muslims there than just crossed our border.And their Muslims are well established.

Damn!!  Broke my putter!




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