President Trump is starting to drain the swamp. On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order that creates a commission to crack down on voter fraud. Finally! Let’s get that mess resolved. (via The Hill)

After eight years of Obama’s lax policies, voter fraud has become even easier to commit. One fraudulent vote cancels out a legitimate vote. This problem needs a solution, and it needs one quickly.

We cannot allow the liberals to use illegal votes to carry out their diabolical plans. Democrats argue that voter fraud only minimally impacts a presidential election, if at all; however, in state and local elections, it makes a huge difference. A couple hundred votes is the difference between a representative who will go to the Capitol to vote against Obamacare and one that will vote for it.

Obviously, we cannot allow voter fraud to interfere with our elections. If it does, then we will face more toxic legislation. At least we have Trump to veto the leftist bills. Unfortunately, the radical Left is in full attack mode.

The extremist Democrats will rely on any method to achieve victory, even if that method involves massive corruption. The Left doesn’t care about cheating, lying, or breaking the law.

The radical Left would rather dismantle our entire legal system, so long as they get their way. We cannot allow this nonsense to continue. The mainstream media continues to paint conservatives as obstacles to minority voting.

We know this isn’t true. Democrats argue that minorities and the poor will be affected by stricter voter laws. It is offensive to assume that minorities don’t have licenses or documentation to be used to vote. Are they saying that minorities don’t know any better? Wow, that’s racist.

The radical Left needs to be held accountable for their fraudulent activities. How is it that more voters don’t see the obvious hypocrisy of the Left? They don’t even try to hide their illogical excuses.

Of course, the mainstream media panders to the liberal demographic, so we have to constantly hear about how anti-American conservatives are to the political system. The leftist lies are used over and over again.

Thankfully, people are starting to push back against the leftist lies. There is no greater proof of this than the Trump presidency. The radical Left just doesn’t understand how Trump won the election. I’m surprised they aren’t the ones crying about voter fraud.

Donald Trump is going to investigate voter fraud, and we all know he will find tons of evidence. Voter fraud has plagued the more liberal states, and with Trump in office, we will finally get to the bottom of it.