BREAKING: NBC Sports Says The U.S. Flag Should Be BANNED At Games. Time For Boycott?

Image result for boycott nbc for banning u.s. flagIt’s official, Patriots. The American flag is now officially a “political symbol.”

During the singing of the National Anthem, the Atlanta Braves unrolled a large American flag. NBC baseball commentator Craig Cacaterra tweeted that the American flag is too political to be presented at a baseball game. Unbelievable! (via News Busters)" alt="CraigTweet" width="523" height="534"/>

Baseball is called, “America’s Pastime” for a reason, liberals. It is an American game. This is just another example of the left’s anti-American rhetoric. Mr. Cacaterra, there are plenty of other countries to live in, and we suggest you investigate the option of leaving this great country. I hear they have wonderful baseball games in Iran. Start there.

Thankfully, we, the silent majority, know that this anti-American rhetoric stems from a vocal minority. These leftist anti-Americans will not stop until they ruin every form of entertainment that we cherish as a country. They will not stop until they elect more Democrats and America-last politicians.

We need to stay vigilant, patriots. We cannot get too comfortable, or we may be faced with another Democrat, like Obama. We cannot allow these anti-American liberals to infest our capital. We already have to deal with the establishment, and they are constantly trying to manipulate our great president.

We should all appreciate Donald Trump and his great administration, because without him, we would be on the fast track to socialism. We need to maintain American values. We are the greatest country on the planet, and we should not apologize for that. However, the liberals love a challenge, so we can expect more nonsense soon.

This is not the first attack on a great American tradition. Last year, Colin Kaepernick knelt during the National Anthem. What a disgrace! We should not accept this sort of behavior.

There was once a time where our country united around sports and competition. Now, we are constantly bombarded with liberal advertisements and America-hating athletes. Worse than that, our culture is now infested with this “award a loser” mindset. We now give trophies to children for simply participating in an activity.

Our country has always fostered and appreciated competition. Competition is the reason why our country is the greatest country in history. The liberals hate hearing that.

Liberals are incapable of competition. In the liberal’s mind, competition means there has to be a loser, and liberals are tired of losing. We know that losing is part of the leftist mindset, so they try to reward “effort” rather than excellence.

Donald Trump is a winner, and he has reminded the American people that competition fosters excellence and rewards. We need to continue to support the winners. After all, if you don’t want to be a loser, than you should strive to be a winner. Competition brings out the best in everyone, and that is why we can make America great again.

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Yep! ............but for me, they NEVER came off my BAN list.

Ditto bud........same for me

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Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy: ‘The Real Second Amendment Isn’t Absolute

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) tweeted Saturday there is a “real” Second Amendment and an “imaginary” one and he believes the real one is “not absolute.”

Murphy, “I support the real 2nd Amendment, not the imaginary 2nd Amendment. And the real 2nd Amendment isn’t absolute.”

The statement was a precursor to his call for banning “assault rifles” in the wake of the Santa Fe High School shooting, even though “assault rifles” were not used in the attack.

Murphy said the “real 2nd Amendment…allows Congress to wake up to reality and ban these assault rifles that are designed for one purpose only – to kill as many people as fast as possible.”

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) said the Santa Fe High School attackers used a .38 revolver and a shotgun to carry out his heinous acts. Therefore, a ban on “assault rifles” would have done nothing to prevent the attack from occurring or the tragic loss of life from taking place.

It should be noted that Saturday was not the first time Sen. Murphy called the essence of the Second Amendment into question. On August 6, 2013, Breitbart News reported that Murphy told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that “The Second Amendment is not an absolute right, not a God-given right. It has always had conditions upon it like the First Amendment has.”

Murphy did not grapple with the words, “Shall not be infringed.”


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