(Angry Patriot Movement) – The Obama administration will go down in history as one of the worst presidencies in the United States, and it just keeps getting worse as more information comes forward with Obama trying to sabotage Trump.

Tony Shaffer, a retired lieutenant colonel and an expert in intelligence, has stated that Obama has laid “tripwires” down to disrupt Trump’s presidency. Obama left liberals loyal to him in office, who laid the traps against our President.

On Fox News, Shaffer stated that Obama’s senior adviser, Ben Rhodes among them, planned for the resignation of Gen. Michael Flynn.

According to Shaffer, when Trump was sworn in, loyalists to Obama were in and out of the White House and were planning a disinformation campaign to set against Flynn, who was a huge criticizer of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. They wanted the agreement to be salvaged.

When Flynn did not inform Pence about the alleged content of the phone calls between himself and Russian ambassadors, that was all that was necessary to remove him from the White House. And it doesn’t stop there.

According to Shaffer, Obama is a very big part of the conspiracy. Though we kicked him out of the White House, Obama vowed to still be a part of the politics in our government. Shaffer thinks that he is not only applauding the actions of the protesters who are against Trump, but he is leading his old appointments to undermine President Trump.

The intelligence community is currently refusing to give information to the White House because they are “concerned” that the information could somehow get out. Which makes zero sense, why would they refuse to tell the White House, especially when its the people within the intelligence community who are leaking information? The answers don’t point to anything good.

Shaffer stated that the CIA Director Mike Pompeo and other individuals who were appointed by Trump are the only ones who are providing information to the White House, but the people who are supposed to answer to Pompeo are making their own decisions on what to report.

“That’s why you need to look at a house-cleaning,” Shaffer stated, he continued by saying, “Some of those professionals were selected [during the Obama years] because of their political reliability, not because of their professional ethics.”

President Trump was right all along, he already removed the lobbyists in the government but now it’s once again time to clean house and get rid of those who are still loyal to Obama and keeping his regime alive.

For too long, our government has been controlled by people who consider not for what is best for the American people, but act based on what brings in the most money and power. And that needs to end, we need to find the rats and sweep them out before they ruin this entire country.