BREAKING: Clinton Cancellation a Good Sign for Trump?

BREAKING: Clinton Cancellation a Good Sign for Trump?

Hillary Clinton has canceled the fireworks show she had scheduled for Tuesday night.

Though the Democratic nominee was planning to celebrate the outcome of the election with two minutes of pyrotechnics over the Hudson River, the Coast Guard said her had campaign scrapped their plans Monday.

According to TMZ, “Clinton’s camp reached out on Thursday to say it wouldn’t be shooting off the 10″ aerial shells after all.”

The campaign did not give the Coast Guard a reason for the cancellation.

 Source: Daily Caller

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Does it kill the germs?


HEY NIGHTMARE WOMAN     I am woman too and my knot has been far BIGGER and MORE PAINFUL (8 years of PAIN)  than your itty bitty yankie chainie cry baby knot could ever be. Thank GOD that my knot is now unknotted and ready to roll to take this country back however I can.

@ H. Gregory Badger - - -thank you for the video & others . . . glad to see that not all countries dislike US

May GOD grant the contuneing peace between all our allies & may Trump/Peance enjoy the fruits of their labor..... 

I love and pray for Israel every day.

"Come-To-TRUMP! moment"   .....I love it  ;o))

He is running scared. Imagine the moment when TRUMP! demands REAL backbone, ahahahah!!

OUCH.............I love it  ;o)




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