BREAKING: Clinton Cancellation a Good Sign for Trump?

BREAKING: Clinton Cancellation a Good Sign for Trump?

Hillary Clinton has canceled the fireworks show she had scheduled for Tuesday night.

Though the Democratic nominee was planning to celebrate the outcome of the election with two minutes of pyrotechnics over the Hudson River, the Coast Guard said her had campaign scrapped their plans Monday.

According to TMZ, “Clinton’s camp reached out on Thursday to say it wouldn’t be shooting off the 10″ aerial shells after all.”

The campaign did not give the Coast Guard a reason for the cancellation.

 Source: Daily Caller

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Perhaps it was cancelled just as a precaution "in case," etc.  But I think it DOES reflect a wee bit of caution and even doubt on the part of the HRC campaign.  Let us just hope & pray that this caution is based on some REAL sense of doubt!  Because if Trump wins, the fireworks would have been a welcome part of his own NYC celebration!!  Indeed, he could probably see them from Trump Tower!!

I think hilldabeast knows what is about to happen....

Hahaha......great news.   At least this is a good thing to (not) happen as one would hope that there are a few brain neurons left in her head that can calculate that the hand-writing is on the wall for her and her sordid attempts at duping the American voter(s) that seem to have finally woken up.   No spirit cooking in our beloved White House.

Steve said ... '' a few brain neurons left in her head ''  I RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE ... ! ! !


Her devil worship.   Spirit cooking.   Innocent children.  Money laundering.  Staying just on the fringes of the rule of law.   Lies and disceat.   Her sense of entitlement, and gross narcissism.  I am incredibly embarrassed that our nation could produce such an individual, and especially so blatantly placed in the public eye and protected by the press.   

Steve ...

OUR NATION did not PRODUCE her ........... SATAN DID ... ! ! !


The devil worship should be all anyone needs to know.

Consider this line of thought...

Why Hillary is too evil for voters to comprehend

Bestselling author: Many decent Americans' naïveté blinds them to Clinton sociopathy

Published: 10 hours ago


Bill and Hillary Clinton


A plurality of American voters – tens of millions – may be about to elect Hillary Clinton, a candidate widely described as the most corrupt person ever to run for the U.S. presidency, preceded by over three decades of wall-to-wall scandals, sleaze, corruption and outright criminality, including an ongoing FBI investigation into the wildly corrupt Clinton Foundation. How is this possible?


That’s the question veteran journalist and WND Managing Editor David Kupelian asked – and answered – late last week while guest-hosting the “The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show.”


Could it be, Kupelian wondered aloud, that Bill and Hillary Clinton are so sociopathic that the average American can’t even comprehend their dark motivations, since they don’t harbor such impulses or feelings within themselves?


“I don’t think people get criminality,” said Kupelian, an award-winning journalist and best-selling author of several books on evil, including “The Marketing of Evil,” “How Evil Works” and, most recently, “The Snapping of the American Mind.”


Most voters, explained Kupelian, size up candidates according to their politics and worldview. “We are so used to thinking about liberal/conservative, big government/small government, you’re against gay rights/you’re for gay rights or gay marriage, and so forth. We get that – and then we vote accordingly.”


But truly sociopathic or criminal thinking is foreign and opaque to the average voter’s thinking, he said. “We understand people because of what we have in ourselves. We can extrapolate,” he said, citing for example: “We understand somebody who’s got envy, because we’ve had envy. We understand a person who got really angry and killed somebody and went to prison. We maybe have never gotten that angry, but we have been angry – and so we sort of understand that person.” However, he said, “We don’t really understand people who dream of controlling entire nations.”


It’s hard for “everyday Americans” to understand how Hillary Clinton could laugh after declaring, “We came, we saw, he died,” referring to the death of Moammar Gadhafi; or how she could lead a NATO bombing effort that killed thousands in Libya and destabilized the country; or how she could look Gold Star parents directly in the eyes at a casket ceremony three days after the Benghazi terror attack and lie to them about why their children died.


“We don’t understand,” said Kupelian, “the mentality of people who are so into their own ambition and what they want that they are willing to literally sacrifice thousands of people. We don’t have thoughts like this, we don’t have fantasies like this, and so therefore we don’t understand” when such foreign and dark forces motivate others, especially when they have such a cultivated and civilized exterior. “The danger of this,” said Kupelian, is that in Americans’ “innocence or naïvete, we give other people that are truly in the grip of evil, we give them a pass, because it’s not on our radar – we don’t see it in ourselves, we don’t understand criminality. I think people don’t understand Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.”


Noting that Hillary’s criminality goes far beyond the current email/national security and Clinton Foundation scandals, Kupelian quickly reviewed highlights of the Clintons’ decades-long history of scandals, from White House scandals like Filegate, Travelgate, Chinagate and Pardongate to their use of the IRS to target political opponents, to their stealing furniture on the way out of the White House at the end of their time there – when they were actually required to return $28,000 worth of furniture and art to the White House.

“Bill Clinton is a certified sexual predator,” Kupelian added. “He has a credible allegation of rape. Don’t talk to me about Donald Trump kissing somebody. We’re talking about forcible rape. Rape used to be a capital offense. People were put to death for forcible rape. And then we have Hillary Clinton that covers up and abuses the victims further.”


Saying the Clintons should be in prison “a dozen times over” for their crimes, Kupelian summarizes his theory: “The Clintons are so dark – they are in the grip of such dark forces and the kinds of thoughts and feelings that most people don’t even have at their darkest times, their most angry times – that we give them a pass because we can’t – we don’t see it inside ourselves, so we can’t project it out when we see it in them,” the author explained. “So… we believe the crap: ‘Oh, well, she’s always been for women and children.’ It’s unbelievable.”


Listen to the entire third hour of Thursday’s “Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show” guest-hosted by David Kupelian.


Steve  .....She fits right in with the Globalists and their goals  -  NWO  .....actually she is part of the head .of this 'animal'....   remember "it takes a city"  ect...they will control the children  in all ways..........their SICK claims on children is inhuman.............

It's too bad she can't be cancelled for ever.

What's to say she can't?  That would be a prayer come true huh?

Obviously she is guilty on the emails, that there is Classified emails that were discovered. Then their is the clintonian ripoff "foundation."  Talk to the Hatians, BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST!  Then their is the child sex slave island,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and so on and so on and so on up to Satanic worship!  hyena hitlery, into the lake of sulfurous fire!

Personally I don't know what this means.  The clinton's have stolen enough money from us to be able to afford to write off the fireworks easily.  I hope it is good news for Trump!




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