Border agent says Department of Homeland Security is manipulating stats to make the border look more secure

A federal border agent said Tuesday that the Department of Homeland Security is manipulating border statistics to make it appear as if the border is secure, but said in reality that the border is not secure, and that border agents fail to capture as many as two-thirds of all illegal aliens who try to cross into the United States.

“I want to be crystal clear – the border is not secure,” said border agent Chris Cabrera in prepared testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday. Cabrera was also speaking on behalf of the National Border Patrol Council.

“That is not just my opinion or the position of the NBPC,” he said. “Ask any line agent in the field and he or she will tell you that at best we apprehend 35 to 40 percent of the illegal immigrants attempting to cross. This number is even lower for drug smugglers who are much more adept at eluding capture.”

Cabrera said he understands that DHS tells Congress all the time that the border is secure, and that DHS stats show that the department is successful in apprehending illegal border crossers 75 percent of the time. But he said those numbers relect an ongoing effort to “manipulate the statistics,” and he gave a few examples.

First, he noted that years ago, if 20 sets of footprints were found, border agents would start looking for 20 illegal immigrants. But he said today, those numbers are being fudged.

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So what else is new, there are already 6.5 million people here in the US that are over 112, this is what came out this week.  ILLEGALS ARE USING THESE SS CARDS FOR THEIR BENEFITS.  WE NEED TO CLEAN UP THE GOVERNMENT AND THE FRAUD.   ALSO IF THE GOV. IS SO GOOD WHY ARE THERE SO MANY VACANT GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS IN THE US.                                                                                

On a street corner in downtown Washington, D.C., David Wise is opening a century-old iron gate in front of an old, boarded-up brick building.

Wise is an investigator for the Government Accountability Office, the government's watchdog group. His mission is to figure out why the government owns so many buildings, like this one, that it doesn't use.

The General Services Administration owns a firehouse in Baltimore with a moldy interior and collapsed ceilings. According to a government report, it hasn't been used in more than a decade.

Courtesy of GAO

The 132-year-old brick structure is sitting on prime real estate six blocks from the White House. It was once a school, but it's been vacant for almost three decades.

"All the walls are peeled, there's collapsed ceilings, there's moisture problems. It runs pretty much the gamut," Wise says.

Government estimates suggest there may be 77,000 empty or underutilized buildings across the country. Taxpayers own them, and even vacant, they're expensive. The Office of Management and Budget says these buildings could be costing taxpayers $1.7 billion a year.

That's because someone has to mow the lawns, keep the pipes from freezing, maintain security fences, pay for some basic power — even when the buildings are just sitting empty.

"To see a building that's 28,000 square feet, just boarded up three stories — it's really a shame not to have it ... put to a use that would be of benefit to taxpayers and citizens as a whole," Wise says.


It's a very sad time when the people of America cant believe "Any" information that comes from its government or reads in there news paper even the nightly news on TV. the last 6 years have been some kind of nightmare, are we starting to live like Georg Orwell wrote in his book 1984, this administration has now shut out the press photo's and other things we can no longer sit by and let this administration rule like an "Emperor" and all we do is sit here and talk about it, this is how we got here in the first place... we must get a Conservative in the Whit House !    

Revolution is apparently the only viable option... Congress and the GOP are no longer on the side of America's Constitution and its people.  They several States are ineffective, useless apparitions of our historic Republic... long dead and in bed with both major parities. The GOP, at all levels of government, would sooner look to illegal alien for their votes, than to their own base.

The problem is one of leadership and funding... without leaders or the resources to organize effectively 'revolution' is futile.  Peaceful revolt or otherwise we must have effective, UNIFIED COMMAND and leadership... and without resourcing the struggle will die on the vine.

and then where does or will it start at? You are correct Ronald on the Leadership...and funding ....and where are those so called Leaders of Patriots? Where are the Heroes ..the Real Heroes. I can say this, instead of our Military overseas fighting wars, the Real War is here in America directly at DC. That is where our Military needs to rise up and do their duty.

 uGregory!!! That is where our military needs to rise



   Bonnie,  so many people here have taken a oath To Protect Our Country!  Fron ALL ENEMIES ! FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC ! The Constitution says it is our DUTY to do this! We as American citizens!  Have the RIGHT to do so! Our country is being attacked ! Some Patriot American s are doing this as we sit reading this!  Your help in any way, would be useful!  If a person cannot go? You can send supplys or money! The Oath Keepers eeb site can help any who want to stop heing just Keyboard Warriors! Please, help! We Are Loosing Our Country !


    Well Mary. Help stop it!  Get off keybord and put your boots on the ground!  Sitting won't get our country back!

FYI those cattle weren't illegally grazing, and they weren't 'just' confiscated.  They were killed and dumped in a mass grave.

This is what we have to expect when we place the worst possible criminals, traitors, Marxists and Communists, (not to mention the Islamists) in charge of what used to be OUR  GOVERNMENT.  Next they shoot the people who oppose them and put them in the mass grave.  Will we stand up before it is too late.................?

DHS needed to be defunded but this was defeated in congress and the senate THE PEOPLE SPOKE BUT WERE NOT HEARD




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