Boehner Got $5 million, Ryan $2 Million, McConnell $9 Million – Any Doubt Why TPA Passed?

The politicians like to keep the money trail brushed as clean of their footprints as possible, to make it less blatantly obvious that they are exchanging votes for “campaign” cash. Money talks in DC. In our current government it is the only language other than Orwellian double speak which is understood.

John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mike McCarthy and other House members did quite well for themselves financially in the pursuit of their corporate masters’ dreams of overthrowing the United States government.

Anyone who wonders how millionaires or billionaires are made on a Congressional salary can get some good insight from this information, published by

In the instance of H.R. 1314, the legislative vehicle for moving Obamatrade, from the period of October 1st of 2012 to September 30th of 2014, the amount of “potentially” influential financial contributions heaped upon the largely unscrupulous members of Congress in both chambers was nothing short of obscene.

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Well, are you ready to throw in the towel? Do you see the hand writing on the wall? Can you tell when you've lost it all? Are you convinced yet that We The People are NO LONGER FREE? 

Nauseating.Cannot read anymore..completely given up.

They should go to prison if true.

WRONG! They should hang by the neck until dead as the law requires!

Bribes to members of Congress are tax deductible, encouraging big businesses to pay them.  Honorable men who defended the country during the Cold War have died homeless in the streets.  The draft dodgers have prospered, gone to law school, and are now serving in Congress.  Are the voters stupid, or are our elections decided by fraudulent counting of the votes? 

Good headsup here.

I was WONDERING who, obviously, got to Paul Ryan on this trade stuff...He and his fellow sellouts have made their bed; now they have to lie in it.  For all to see.  As the Truth outs.  Such as this article provides.

May the Truth keep surfacing, in so many areas of political life today.  Keep on keeping us informed, TPC.C.  Otherwise, 'The people are destroyed for lack of knowledge'.

They have no honor. Sold out their country for money. There will be consequences.

If this is true everyone should visit the bums with eggs in hand or visit their homes or office and spit at them where ever they are. Make them pay by being embarrassed.........I know but it is.............................. JUST A WISH.

"Thirty pieces of Silver, thirty Sheckles of shame, was the price paid for Lord Jesus on the Cross he was slain!" Obviously Mammon is their Master as it was with Judas and they sold their soul to the Deceiver as well! Yeshua says this, "one cannot have two masters."

So when our Senators and Representatives  vote not the way  we expect them to.  The reason we voted FOR them.   Their explanation is we lil people just don't  see the BIG PICTURE.   Like they do.   Guess not.   We can't see the forest for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ .    Do they just put a string price tag on themselves they  walk around with or do they Send Their Guy to meet the $$$$$ Guy 's Guy.  ??????   Guess the Dems that voted against  this didn't get their $$$$$$$$ this time.

Remove them from congress.  They are worse than dog dung.


‘We Are on the Cusp of a Second Civil War’





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