Bitter Never-Trump George Will: A Most Dreadful Inaugural Address

Image result for george will memeTwenty minutes into his presidency, Donald Trump, who is always claiming to have made, or to be about to make, astonishing history, had done so. Living down to expectations, he had delivered the most dreadful inaugural address in history.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s White House counselor, had promised that the speech would be “elegant.” This is not the adjective that came to mind as he described “American carnage.” That was a phrase the likes of which has never hitherto been spoken at an inauguration.

Oblivious to the moment and the setting, the always remarkable Trump proved that something dystopian can be strangely exhilarating: In what should have been a civic liturgy serving national unity and confidence, he vindicated his severest critics by serving up reheated campaign rhetoric about “rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape” and an education system producing students “deprived of all knowledge.” Yes, all.

But cheer up, because the carnage will vanish if we “follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American.” “Simple” is the right word.

Because in 1981 the inauguration ceremony for a cheerful man from the American West was moved from the Capitol’s East Portico to its West Front, Trump stood facing west, down the Mall with its stately monuments celebrating some of those who made America great — Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln. Looking out toward where the fields of the republic roll on, Trump, a Gatsby for our time, said: “What truly matters is not which party controls our government but whether our government is controlled by the people.” Well.

I wouldn't read more of this bitterness but if you feel you must:

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People like this George Will live to cause trouble and if they/he can cause enough trouble then he/they will be listened to by We The People

What he/they do not realize is that We The People have listened to them/he for way too long and now We The People are telling them/he to SET DOWN and SHUT UP!!!!! WE do not want to listen to you or them any longer.

george will?..., no..., george won't!!!!...............unless he becomes HONEST!!!


George Will's pay check should be cut. Maybe he wishes to pay more of his fair share. Perhaps his taxes should be raised? He should be working for those others on the left side of the country? Oh yeah, he already has been.

George who says he a conservative but sometimes sounds like a closet liberal, seems to be bothered by the people being in charge of our gov't and Trump picking on the establishment for refusal to cede that power to the people.They ARE in it for themselves and he needs to see it. The speech was different but that's what WE like about Trump. WE WON GEORGE, GET OVER IT !!!!!!!!

What the fuck does George Will know about speeches.  It was a Hell of a lot better than the dribble that Obama always spoke.  It was nice to hear We instead of 75, I's as Obama did. But then you'd would have voted for Obama for a 3rd term and be praising him as his Radical Muslim friends lopped off your heads.

will is just another establishment new world order hack.  I don't care what that treasonous punk thinks, Trump is going to turn out to be another Ronald Reagan, and the establishment hated Reagan because he brought the nation out of the mr. peanut malaise!!!!!  Trump will bring the nation out of the fuhrer Obama malaise and will doesn't like it.  suck it up, buttercup!!!!!

Mr. Will - I am grossly disappointed to hear you voice opposition to President Trump's speech.  It is you, sir, who is clearly out of touch with the Voice of the American People.  How you could, at your age and knowing what your parents went through and what you went through growing up, stand there and offer this clap-trap you call your opinion, is clearly above my understanding.  I am reminded of Samuel Adams: "If you love wealth [your high-paying job] better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.  We ask not your counsels or arms.  Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you......" You are clearly bought and sold, Mr. Will.  No self-respecting - educated - American could possibly arrive at your position otherwise.  The Democratic party today is clearly the Socialists Party, i.e. Communists, which is anathema to the Founding Fathers Vision for this Land they conquered and carved out for themselves and their posterity of which I am one of the posterity.  The Democrat party is the party that has enslaved the Negro People and have simply moved these people from the Plantations of the South into the Inner-Cities AND dragged the rest of America with them.  If you have not already reviewed this short documentary, I encourage you and those who think like you to do so: and this would be another worthwhile short clip to watch:  Thank you for this opportunity to rebut your tripe and as President Adams said in his above mentioned quote to it's conclusion:".....May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

That was a strong speech containing truth as well as reinforcement of a commitment to do as promised. Only a wimp, a sissy, like George Will could find it "dreadful."

Will suffers from the disease known as acute arrogance, which leads to brain deterioration followed by rank stupidity. Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo Rivera, Chris Matthews, Megyn Kelly, and the entire staff of CNN are afflicted, and some such as Will and O'Reilly are in the advanced stages of the malady.

One notable symptom  is the tendency of one afflicted to support and defend another who suffers from same. To a person, those named above all believe that Obama (another advanced recipient) was truly a good, honest, decent, and quite capable president, even a legitimate one. If that isn't severe stupidity, what is.

Naturally, these sufferers will have little regard for a President Trump, nor for his speech promising what he intends to accomplish. They are now exposed for what they truly are.

And it ain't pretty. 

The transition from his disguise as a purported conservative to full fledged bleeding heart liberal is complete. George Will has OUTED himself.  Government supplied lolly pops, sugar canes and FREE STUFF for everyone is his new mantra!

Did y'all watch mochelle during the speech?  Didn't take much to read her/his body language...

Michelle Obama’s inauguration behavior ‘took over the internet’ – she couldn’t hide the nasty ‘side eye’

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

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Michelle’s inner voice. “Hawaii, Hawaii, let’s get the helicopter to Hawaii now.”

Michelle Obama’s mugging didn’t escape the notice of Buzz60, which reported:

The awkwardness began when the two couples met at the White House prior to the ceremony. Melania Trump presented her former counterpart with a gift wrapped in Tiffany-blue paper. No bright smiles or expressions of thanks — more a look of “what am I doing here?”

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

The presentation also sparked questions of “What’s in the box?

In his inaugural address, Trump took on establishment politicians of both parties as well as the dismal state of both the union and the world after eight years of the Obama administration. He was probably seething inside, but Obama told Trump afterward that he’d made a good speech.

The former first lady obviously lacks her husband’s skills.

Barry looks like a girl. (Pardon me ladies, no offense intended) His "wife" looks much more mannish.

I wonder who plays which part in this crack smoking relationship. Never mind. I have it. It is so obvious.




Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


Image result for puke happy faceWatch: Hillary Clinton Says She’s ‘Deluged’ With Requests To Run Again

Hillary Clinton says she is “deluged” with requests to try another run for president and has still not completely ruled out joining the crowded field of 2020 Democrat candidates.

The former U.S. Secretary of State has repeatedly avoided categorically stepping out of the race for the White House – or directly into it, for that matter.

During media appearances in the UK last month, Clinton twice hinted she may make a belated push on the basis she claims so many people want to see her on the national stage once more.

Speaking on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show in London last Friday, Clinton confirmed she would “have to make up my mind really quickly” if she was going to join the race.

When pushed to respond if she would make a run for the White House for a third time, she prevaricated and avoided a direct reply, instead responding with: “As I say, never, never, never say never.”

She did concede she would need to make up her mind “really quickly” about whether or not to jump into the presidential race.

Clinton has already missed the filing deadline for the first primary in New Hampshire but there is no deadline for the next caucuses in Iowa in early February.

Responding to Norton, Clinton said she had been “deluged” over the last few weeks thinking about running again, but added that, “right now, I’m not, at all, planning that.”

Norton asked: “The rumour mill is flying that you could step back into the ring.”

Clinton replied: “I hear that. I have been deluged the last few weeks with thinking about doing that, but right now I’m not at all planning that.”

Last month Clinton told BBC Radio 5 Live she was under “enormous pressure” to consider a 2020 White House run.

When asked about her future in politics, Clinton said, “I feel a sense of responsibility partly because you know my name was on the ballot, I got more votes, but ended up losing to the current incumbent in the White House who I think is really undermining our democracy in very fundamental ways. And I want to retire him.”

When asked if she is absolutely ruling it out, Clinton said, “ I will certainly tell you. I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it. But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.”

Clinton and her daughter Chelsea, are currently in London promoting their new co-authored book – The Book Of Gutsy Women: Favourite Stories Of Courage And Resilience.

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