Bill Clinton irked he doesn’t get same respect as Ronald Reagan

Former President Bill Clinton is down in the dumps and a little bit jealous these days. You see, his fellow Democrats don’t show him the same degree of respect that Republicans give to the late Ronald Reagan.

Bubba’s case of the green-eyed monster directed at the Gipper is all laid out in a New York Times Sunday Magazine piece, which was available Friday online, according to the Washington Examiner.

“People close to Bill Clinton have told me repeatedly that it irks them that Democrats don’t talk about the dignified, slimmed-down, silver-haired former president with the same reverence Republicans give Ronald Reagan,” Amy Chozick wrote for the Times.

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clinton and his wife are lyiers and he couldn't keep his pecker in his pants, how can you possibly repect the man.  he should have been run out of town like nixon was.

Why should he get any respect, you have to earn it. Look at both of their records in the White House.

Good article!

Diddling office interns doesn't garner the same respect as facing down the Iranian hostage takers or the Russians. Whining doesn't hit it big on the leadership chart either Willie Wonka. - Dr. Jim Garrow -

As much as I like Reagan , he too was a draft dodger , unlike many other well known actors such as Jimmy Stewart & Clark Gable plus there were many others too. I agree with the rest of your comments about Bubba.

Reagan served in WWII, leaving the United States Army with the rank of Major.  As a matter of fact, though I'm not sure, I think that he signed Clark Gable's separation papers.

Let us not forget the number of deaths attached to the Clintons.

Who could compare Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan?

President Reagan was an honorable man. He had the highest respect for the office of President.

Clinton is a five and dime low-life.    He should love Reagan.  Were it not for the biggest mistake Reagan ever made in his life------selecting RINO George Bush as his running mate-------Clinton and his "better half" would be back in Arkansas, the biggest part of their lives their pay-to-play politically corrupt law practice and their insatiable appetite for sexcapades with just about the whole population of Arkansas.

Ditto! I never understood why he chose GHW Bush for vice pres. I never understood why Bush 41 did not clean house when he took over either. The Bushes and Clintons are all alike!

Maybe Bubba can ask Monica why that is.

Err   RR Never had a blue dress moment

Morals do count

Bill Clinton  never had any [morals]

The Witch  does not have any either




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