Biden to miss Netanyahu's speech to Congress due to (hastily arranged?) travel

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to miss Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's controversial address to a joint meeting of Congress because of foreign travel, Biden's office said Friday.

The announcement comes amid deep White House irritation over Netanyahu's decision to accept an invitation from House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, without either party consulting the administration. The White House blasted the move as a breach of diplomatic protocol and said President Barack Obama would not meet with Netanyahu during next month's visit.

But Biden, as president of the Senate, would typically have attended a joint meeting of Congress, taking his familiar seat just behind the speaker's podium. Whether Biden would still carry out his ceremonial duties became the focus of increased speculation this week as some Democratic lawmakers said they planned to skip the March 3 speech.

On Friday, Biden's office confirmed that the vice president was expected to be abroad during Netanyahu's visit. Biden's office did not announce any details of where the vice president would be traveling, but insisted the unspecified trip had been in the works before the prime minister's speech was announced.

Biden has only missed one prior joint meeting of Congress: a 2011 address to lawmakers by former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, whose speech coincided with another overseas trip by the vice president.

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Well, except maybe Obama.  He might go off and play cards or golf or something.

Yeah. Comrade Jarrett can watch and interpret the speech for him.

Why do Jews ever vote for Democrats?

Thomas, I have asked myself that question for years now.

Here is an interesting article from New Zeal Blog-- it says that Boehner did tell the White House before Netanyahu accepted the invitation:

Thanks Louise... very good NFO.

Liberals should exclude themselves from all matters of state. They are the enemy...Semper Fi Nam 66-67

Hey Bite me Biden, do your duty!  You don't need to be jetting off and wasting our money.  Where are you going now?  Won't announce where he is going more like it.

OK,some good news. Biden will be out of the country, Obama had his feelings hurt? They could both leave the country and never return and USA would benefit, after all who is generating the serious problems. They have fixed nothing and Obama plans more of the same  P.M. Netanyahu will tell it like it is.,something unheard of from Biden or the W.H. The sooner they leave the better off all of us will be. What a sorry bunch of leadership we got for USA. Time marches on. Obama' s attack of Christians Will Be His Undoing, Just watch !!!  The people of USA are fed up with his actions and running off of the mouth. Pile up those vote's for us Obama . You are our best weapon for change in 2016. Yeah. Keep all this in your minds and hearths, Its not that far off. May be we should thank the Tea-Party .They have kept us informed when the Obama press took over. USA citizens are regaining control and will prevail !!!!!!!

For the best - he would probly wear his nazi arm band




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