Beto: Americans Will Comply with My Gun Confiscation Plan

Beto O'Rourke insists Americans will comply with his gun confiscation plan

 Speaking to a reporter in New Hampshire over the weekend, Beto claimed law enforcement would not be needed to confiscate Americans’ guns because people would willingly comply with the law.

“I don’t see the law enforcement going door to door,” Beto told the Washington Examiner.

“I see Americans complying with the law.”

“I see us working with gun owners, non-gun owners, local, county, state, federal law enforcement to come up with the best possible solution,” he continued.

“I have yet to meet an owner of an AR-15 who thinks it’s OK that we have these kind of mass killings in this country.” reports: He was also quoted as saying, “How do you — how do we enforce any law? There’s a significant reliance on people complying with the law. You know that a law is not created in a vacuum.”

 The Texas politician has repeatedly signaled his support for mandatory gun confiscation by the government.

O’Rourke confirmed his plan for mandatory confiscation last week.

“I was asked how I’d address people’s fears that we will take away their assault rifles. I want to be clear: That’s exactly what we’re going to do,” he said in a tweet.

“Americans who own AR-15s and AK-47s will have to sell their assault weapons. All of them.”

O’Rourke qualified for this week’s Democratic debate, however, he remains low in the polls. According to RealClearPolitics, he only has 2.3 percent support in the primary race for the Democratic nomination.

 The former Texas congressman has attempted to make fighting against gun violence one of his signature issues following two mass shootings in Texas this summer.

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 Come and get the guns man, or move out of America.

Beto may get more than an empty assault rifle if he attempts to violate the 2d Amendment... an armed citizen's militia was to have an equivalent firepower with the government military forces...

The purpose of the 2d Amendment is not to provide firearms to Deer Hunt... no, it's to provide sufficient firepower to the citizens of the USA to reign in a rogue government... local, state, federal or all three at once.  That means private citizens as groups or individuals are authorized by the Constitution to have any weapon the US Military ..stocks in their inventory of weapons.

The purpose of the 2d Amendment is not to provide firearms to Deer Hunt... no, it's to provide sufficient firepower to the citizens of the USA to reign out a Rogue Khazar Government...:)

Mr. Nelson went from, that comment above, to comments from the past, watch out to the tanks...:)- LMAO

What are you talking about... smoking again?  Try not to engages in smoke signals or get a better translator.

Making fun of you Ronald, if we bring it up about a civil war, you run off at the yap with do ya have tanks, fighter jets and a lot of BS, and then you make the other comment, what ever Ronald.

If one is going to seriously engage in a Civil War... it would pay for them to count the cost and weigh just how prepared they are for such a monumental undertaking.

Yep...  got that right, a long 20 to 25 years of the underground militia running terrorist attacks against the Khazar system in America...:)

 Hope ya got cash on hand...:)

If you last 90 days I'd be real surprised.

The surprise is, will they exclude you if they think the militia is in your town...:)

You can tell when Ronald is all mouth...:)

911, in Salem, MO, ...Hi is this 911...

yes how may I help you...

There is this man Ronald A. Nelson and he has a army of underground militia looks like maybe 10,000 men will heavy armory.  He thinks he is General Patton and he said they are going after Congress...

Ok thank you we will send in the jets.

So Ronald, make sure you kiss your butt goodbye..


 Just a fool trying to make a impression to get elected.




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Pay-Back !!! Pedophile Who Assaulted Nearly 200 Kids Stabbed To Death In Prison

A convicted pedophile who abused almost 200 children was stabbed to death in North Yorkshire, England, on Sunday.

Richard Huckle, 33, from Ashford, Kent, was given 22 life sentences in 2016 after he admitted to sexually abusing 71 kids whose ages ranged from six months to 12 years between 2006 and 2014, according to the BBC.

The report said Huckle was attacked with a makeshift knife while inside his cell at the Full Sutton Prison.

At the pedophile’s trial in 2016, investigators said they found over 20,000 indecent photos and videos of his assaults, which were shared with other pedophiles via a site on the dark web called The Love Zone.

Reports said that prior to his arrest, Huckle posed as an English teacher and Christian volunteer worker in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he groomed impoverished children.

In one of his online posts, Huckle reportedly wrote “Impoverished kids are definitely much easier to seduce than middle-class Western kids.”

Reports said he attempted to make money from his crimes by crowdfunding the release of the photos.

“Huckle also created a 60-page ‘how-to’ guide for other pedophiles seeking to evade being caught, and kept a scorecard and points system regarding the children who were abused — leading investigators to speculate he may have as many as 200 victims,” a Fox News report stated.

At his sentencing in 2016, Judge Peter Rook condemned Huckle for his heinous crimes he said had become routine for the pedophile.

Rook commented:

Your offending behavior became entrenched in your everyday life. Your life revolved around your sexual activities with young children. Your distorted beliefs in respect of children are deep-seated. Your self-delusion knows no bounds. It is also clear that, had you not been arrested, you planned to continue the same lifestyle using the expertise that you were keen to show off to and share with other abusers so as to continue your sexual exploitation of the children of such communities.

Reports said prior to his death, Huckle refused to cooperate with authorities when they tried to unlock a cache of encrypted files he had access to that may contain the names of victims and other pedophiles, according to Fox News.


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