Berkeley Professor Robert Reich Says Violent Rioters May Have Been Breitbart Plants

According to Berkeley professor Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary, the rioters at Berkeley may have been Breitbart secret agents.

From Infowars:

“I was there for part of last night, and I know what I saw and those people were not Berkeley students,” Reich told CNN’s Don Lemon [Thursday]. “Those people were outside agitators. I have never seen them before,” he added.

“There’s rumors that they actually were right-wingers. They were a part of a kind of group that was organized and ready to create the kind of tumult and danger you saw that forced the police to cancel the event,” Reich ludicrously asserted. “So Donald Trump, when he says Berkeley doesn’t respect free speech rights, that’s a complete distortion of the truth.”

“You think it’s a strategy by [Milo Yiannopoulos] or right-wingers?” asked Lemon.

“I wouldn’t bet against it,” Reich responded. “I saw these people. They all looked very– almost paramilitary. They were not from the campus. I don’t want to say factually, but I’ve heard there was some relationship here between these people and the right-wing movement that is affiliated with Breitbart News.”

This idiot should not be allowed to teach anyone.

It seems Reich’s source for these claims may have been loony George Takei and Ana Kasparian:" width="484" height="262"/>" width="524" height="277"/>

These people are losing their minds.

You’d think he’d be celebrating this as a victory for “shutting down Nazis” as the actual leftists behind the riot are doing. I guess he realizes the whole scene looked terrible and backfired miserably because the controlled media can no longer cover up these terrorist’s viole....

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How about an apology, Robert Dumb-Ass Reich? You're just another despicable Democrat HACK, who is quick to accuse others on national TV without a single shred of evidence. You are an embarrassment to the human race. 

Go back into your Doll House, where you belong,.............little f**king creep!

little man is a complete imbecile

This guy is an idiot!

Reich has forever been an inside agitator/instigator. He knows full well where these 'outside' agitators originate. He thinks he can accuse & get away with it by popping the word 'rumor' Two words to this pos- PROVE IT.

Saul Alinsky action. No better than the Bolsheviks...but we need to be wary..they brought down a whole country...or 2

Reich is a damn liar.

Of course, when you don't have any other response for what your students did, BLAME IN ON THE "RIGHT WING!!" I'm sure he knows every student on the campus???

Just another "Left Wing" nut job, "professor." Par for the course!!!

When did reich get  promotion to professor ? His sot of twisted logic would grant him Immediate admission to the nearest mental health facility for a long time.

Colleges love when non Americans are promoted and protected at the risk of American citizens and as long as you can speak 'academia-speak'.

It is their version of reparations, and results from all religions are equal indoctrination.

Excuse me! Us so-called 'Right - wingers' do not operate in this manner. Purely concocted to take the spotlight off the loony left! Remember the liberals "accuse those who oppose them of that which they are guilty". These were 'paid by Soros and Clinton' protestors!

This little guy surely has the small man complex.

Well.....he is only 4'11"...




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 A local news report revealed that the state of New Jersey awarded $3.8 million in financial aid to illegal immigrants during the 2018-2019 school year.

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Murphy, who supports the spending, hit back at Republican critics by arguing that giving financial aid to illegal immigrants is compatible with American values.

“I’d even invite any of those folks who have that attitude, beginning with our president, to come on into this room and allow me or any of us to say, ‘This is the United States of America,’” Murphy said at the time.

David J. Socolow, executive director of the state’s Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, defended the state’s decision to offer financial aid to illegal immigrants.

“This financial assistance offers these New Jersey students a life-changing opportunity,” Socolow said in a brief comment.“The successes of these first 513 students, who are now attending county colleges, state colleges and universities, and independent institutions around the state, will have a positive impact on countless additional lives.”

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