Baltimore Residents: We Don’t Think the Police Are Actively Doing Their Jobs

Baltimore we have a problem!

And I’m not talking about police excessive force or the shooting of unarmed black men.

The numbers are startling.

In just 72 hours, this past Memorial Weekend 29 people were shot, 7 were killed.

This month is the city’s deadliest in more than a decade, since 1999.

There have been 108 homicides so far this year, up 40 percent from last year.

City officials are dumbfounded to say the least.

The mayor says it’s disheartening.

The Police Chief Anthony Batts blames, in part, the recent unrest.

“Officers tell me and their supervisors, any time they pull up to respond to a call, they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them. We have to send in multiple units just to do basic police work, which says we have to work on community engagement.”

Batts has added more officers and presence in the Western District where most of the violence is occurring but so far it hasn’t helped.

“It makes it very difficult to follow up on violence that takes place there,” he said. “Clearly, they’re not holding back. They’re getting to those locations and getting surrounded. You have many citizens with hand-held cameras that they’re sticking in the faces of officers, an inch off the officer’s face.”

The real story however may not be anything Batts or the Mayor want to admit.

Arrests numbers are plummeting while the murder rate is surging.

Listen to a part of this report from my CNN colleague Miguel Marquez.

The officer’s voice is disguised for fear of retribution.

Miguel – “And morale? Where is morale for police officers?”

Officer –  “It’s in the sewers. It’s down.  It’s the worse of the worse I’ve ever seen in my career.”

The officer told Miguel the spike in murders and gun crime was the direct result of a coordinated police work slowdown.

Miguel – “Why do you think there is a great increase in the crime rate and the number of shootings in this town?”

Officer – “Officers stopped being proactive.

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So why should the police do a job when the elected official's don't do theirs.Is that not a double standard?I remember 4 years ago a Craigslist post looking for anyone who can pass a simple test to become a Baltimore cop.Guess they got what they wanted.

I don't get it. The PRIMARY discussion isn't whether or not POLICE are doing their job,

the discussion is the BLACK COMMUNITY OF BALTIMORE!



This what you get when you have all Dumbacrats in power. I don't blame officers why put your life on line for thugs and criminals,YES I said thugs

This is exactly what I expected in a situation where you have a few bad cops actions eroding the citizens confidence in the system as a whole.

Remember the old saying... a few bad apples makes for a rotten barrel.

The crime is stemming from no home discipline and why is that? Because it has been made a law that you can't beat that kid with a switch anymore. Another old saying is... spare the rod spoil the child. it comes from the Bible...

Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him. Pro. 13:24 

How do you teach respect? Tell your child and explain it. If this doesn't work then deprive them of something that they like. If that doesn't work then beat the child explaining why and that the child brought it on themselves.

Remember Eli? The sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, meanwhile, were behaving wickedly, for example by taking for themselves all the prime cuts of meat from sacrifices, and by committing adultery with the women who served at the sanctuary entrance. He talked to them but restrained from using the rod. The family was cursed by God forever.

This is why our young are filling the prison house.

If there were ever a color could make up the major problem, it is Baltimore.  However, we can't just apply that to only Baltimore, now we have Cleveland, what city is next?

I live in a suburb outside of Baltimore, and I do not blame the police officers one bit for doing a whole lot of nothing. Every time they get to a crime scene or see something illegal and try to take care of the problem, the community swarms them and WILL not let them do their jobs. Now, they have to worry about being called racist, and having someone throw themselves to the ground claiming a cop hurt them whether in retribution or a scam to seek money from the city.

As for the liberal government that has run the city for the past fifty years, we KNOW they are the problem.

Talk about dropping the ball.

This is only part of the plan to cause people around the country to call for more gun control and the democrats will answer to there call. Fools only seem to follow another fool and the Democrate Party is simply full of fools. Starting from the top office to the bottom we are a country being ran by fools of all generations. Baltimore without a doubt being ran by total fools. A mayor that appointed a police chief that was under investigation himself before coming to Balitmore. Yes he to was a Democrat and fit the bill for gun control speech. Push the point guns have got to Go that's there only reason for letting the numbers get so bad. The problem is Liberals cause a problem then offer a fix, not a good or even right fix just a fix that fits there Agenda. Less the youth of this country wakes up and starts to make a stand for the rights of all people there going to lose the most because they have the longest to live under this kind of government. Youth never see the future just the present. Bad things will never happen to them. And by the time they wake up its to late. Maryland has been a democrat state as long as I can remember. And the state has been going down hill the same amount of time. The leadership has been some of the worst in the country All those years, there has been some good in between but with the power in the state senate a republican can't get much done to fix anything.

They can have just as many gun regulations as they can pass but only in their cities. But, will that change their circumstances, no, as long as you have no leadership in your law enforcement there will be no changes.  Where there is black leading black, you see what you get. 

' When you elect democrats this is what you get,'  i couldn't have said it any better in so few words. This is what the whole country has gotten for decades by electing low life democrats. But who are these democrats and more important, is who controls that party for years now?




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