Attorney General Warns: Not Enough Federal Oversight of Election

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and top Justice Department political appointeesare warning that the upcoming federal election will not have enough federal oversight of state election officials. In recent remarks to the League of United Latin American Citizens, Lynch derided the threat to voting rights because the federal government no longer has the power to send hundreds of federal election observers into state polling sites to monitor state and local officials.

In 2013, the Supreme Court in Shelby County v. Holder struck down the 1965 coverage formula that put sixteen states under federal oversight. These oversight powers included the federal power to send swarms of federal observers into state polling locations to monitor state elections. Alaska, New York, and South Dakota were among the states with counties covered by the law.

The Supreme Court ruled in Shelby that the conditions in 1965 were no longer relevant to the extraordinary exercise of federal power over state elections in 2013.

But that hasn’t stopped Attorney General Loretta Lynch and other advocates from stoking paranoia by claiming the right to vote is endangered in the upcoming election without those observers. Reuters even adopted the sky-is-falling approach, presenting three-year-old news as news under the headline U.S. Curtails Federal Election Observers [!!].

Wade Henderson, president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights -- a reliable source for chicken-little quotes about voting -- says the federal observers “play a critical role in protecting voting rights, especially for voters of color and others who have historically been vulnerable to rampant voting discrimination.” Because of the Supreme Court's decision in Shelby in 2013, he says, the right to vote is at risk in November without federal observers.

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Nice one.

What she is saying in short, is that we might expect voter fraud, and there not going to do anything about it. She too is bought and paid for. This election is going to be run by the Demon-rats and the Left RINO's there will be fraud like never before. If you think a 141% voter turn out was a bit high just wait.

Where the hell were they in Philly when the black hoods were standing outside the polling stations bearing 

arms ?

It seems No One in this Administration is held accountable ~ Just replaced, and life goes on

as usual.  Look at Mr. Holder, went on with a brand new good paying job, after Fast and Furious.

This DOJ is not much better.

Revolution is what they expect... the Left no longer cares if the public knows that they have rigged elections and rule using the "color of law".  The MSM won't report the graft and corruption, the public is being divided... and pitted against one another... and the Patriot is left wondering how Constitutional Government can be restored without resorting to extra-constitutional means.

I would hope that Trump will be able to organize millions too mobilize the public with such effectiveness that the Left is overwhelmed by the numbers ... and America's Press finally wake up from their stupor to realize it is now or never... that we must come together as one Nation under God ... indivisible... or forever go into the night, captives of our failure to reject the overt evil fronting as our government.  Even the corrupt must realize that there is no safety or prosperity for them if America embrace Hillary and her penchant for tyranny...

Who was it that said something about it's not the numbers of voters that matter, it's the one who counts the votes.  I'm very concerned obama and hillary will fix this election like the last one.  Our country cannot afford another monster in the WH.

TRUE!  We really need to return to PAPER BALOTS and MANUAL COUNTING.  They get counted THREE TIMES, each time by a different person who has been screened for honesty.  If the same count is not found at least TWICE, he process is begun again uintil the count IS the same, at least twice.  The only problem is the neews organizations will have to wait until the next day to report the 'finals'.  The 11O'Clock news will not have them.

All voting machines are treated like the slot machines of 80 years ago.  Taken out to sea and DUMPED.  As long as there are computer based voting machines, there will be 'bad guys' equipped with computers ready and able to 'fix' them.

Remember the machines that, no matter who the voter selected, cast the vote for Obumbum?  These tales are fact.  We heard of a few, but I'm sure there were many more.  Then there was the little town in some Southern state, where 150% of the voters turned out to vote, and ALL of them voted for Obuimbum.  

Throw in an INK STAINED THUMB and you have the whole package that will ENSURE there's no FRAUD!

Christine... Joseph Stalin the former, Soviet Union Primer, said: "It is only necessary that the people know than an election has occurred.  The people's vote decides nothing, those counting the votes decide everything."

It was Hitler or Stalin.

Small differance. Both are sorority sisters in the Socialist finishing school of  deportment.




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