As Eric Bolling updates public on son’s death, depraved liberals gleefully cheer tragedy

Former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling suffered every parent’s worst nightmare when his 19-year-old son, Eric Chase Bolling, mysteriously died this week.

Police are investigating the cause of death. Eric Jr., who was a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, died at his apartment on August 8. The shocking news came just hours after Bolling was fired by Fox News amid sexual harassment allegations.

Initial reports claimed the teen committed suicide from a possible drug overdose, but Bolling said the cause of death is still unknown." alt="eric bolling son dead suicide drug overdose cause of death" width="567" height="289"/>

Eric Bolling was a loving and devoted dad to his only child, Eric Chase Bolling. (Photos: Facebook)

“There is no sign of self harm at this point,” Bolling tweeted. “Autopsy will be next week. Please respect our grieving period.”

While Bolling’s legion of loyal fans and friends expressed condolences over the loss of his only child, soulless liberals gleefully celebrated the tragedy.

Before the body of young Eric Jr. has turned cold, evil leftists gloated that his grieving father “deserved” this. What kind of vile human being thinks such things — let alone says them out loud?

“Your son deserved death,” one person tweeted, with a sick smiley face.

Authorities have informed us there is no sign of self harm at this point. Autopsy will be next week. Please respect our grieving period.

Oh now YOU want some respect? Huh, you sure didn't give any to people you didn't like. Your son deserved death. :)

Another blithely quipped: “He got what he deserved. He lost his job and his son is dead!”

His constant support of a sex offender president! Either way I am not sorry he got was he deserved he lost his job and his son is dead!

Still others claimed Bolling had it coming, saying this was karmic payback for his conservative political views. Wtf??

@ericbolling Karma, .... It is all the hate you spewed... it is tragic,.. but it IS Karma!!

Another heartless thug said: “F*ck him and his worm-food son.”

Great to hear that there is no sign of self harm w/Eric Bolling's son. Still tragic his final days were spent seeing losers attack his dad.

Fuck him & his worm food son. Black suffering was excusable and entertaining to Mr Bolling. I feel nothing. #karma 

Eric bolling son dies: funny how many christians will say God punishes gays w/ disasters but they don't see god punishing Eric?#IdiotIrony

My heart goes out to @ericbolling whose son passed away yesterday. Absolutely tragic. Condolences from the bottom of my heart.

It sucks his son died but he's still a disgusting woman-harrassing shiatbag. That won't change, snowflakes ;) "Eric bolling son dies"

Amazingly, much of the over-the-top vitriol against Bolling stems from recent allegations that he had texted a lewd photo of male genitalia to several female co-workers at Fox News several years ago.

yashar ali huffington post eric bolling dick photos

Yashar Ali. (Image: screengrab)

Bolling denied the accusations, and filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Yashar Ali, a freelance writer for the Huffington Post and New York magazine who broke the story. It’s unknown if there are any recent allegations against Bolling, or why his accusers decided to come forward now instead of years ago, when the incident supposedly occurred.

As BizPac Review previously reported, former Fox News contributor Michelle Fields vouched for Bolling amid false reports that she was one of his accusers. “Eric Bolling was nothing but professional when I worked w/him,” she tweeted.

Eric Bolling was known to be a loving and devoted father. Over the years, he spoke proudly of his only child on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Birthday Eric Chase!! 

Photo published for Happy Birthday Eric Chase!!

Happy Birthday Eric Chase!!

Happy Birthday Eric Chase!!

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Eric Chase, Adrienne & I are blessed to to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the needy at Las Vegas Rescue Mission (1of2)

View image on Twitter

So proud of him. Eric Chase working hard and really getting involved.

Filled in for Eric Chase's Senior League coach. Happy to say we put in a 5-2 win in 90 minutes.

Rest in peace Eric Chase Bolling (1998-2017)." alt="eric bolling son dead drug overdose" width="546" height="395"/>

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