Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance Gets 19 Years at Ft. Levenworth because He defended his Troops against Islamic Jihadists

First Lieutenant Clint Lorance never imagined that following the rule of engagement to save not only his life, but the lives of his fellow soldiers against Islamic enemies would result in him spending nearly two decades in prison. But it did.

Lorance, 30, had been trained to make split-second decisions and his training culminated in a real-life scenario in July 2012 when he and his squad were on a foot patrol in southern Afghanistan. He had just been made Platoon Leader after his predecessor had been severely wounded.

At that time, Lorance led his troops into a Taliban-infested territory, where their air support had indicated that there were enemy personnel were in the vicinity.

Jennifer Bucholtz reports what happened next.

While crossing a barricaded road designated only for military and police use, his platoon encountered a dreaded–and possibly deadly–threat: Three men on a motorcycle speeding directly towards them. Not only were the men driving on a prohibited road, but they ignored the platoon’s verbal shouts and hand signals commanding them to stop. They also fit the description of the enemy personnel as described by the overhead surveillance team. Fearing an impending ambush and/or vehicle-borne improvised explosive device, either of which could have resulted in the loss of additional men (his unit had already lost four soldiers), Lorance commanded his gunners to open fire on the motorcycle. The first shots missed the riders. The three Afghan men on the motorcycle roared through the platoon formation, then came to a halt nearby. All three dismounted and began walking aggressively towards Lorance’s troops, still ignoring commands to stop.

Not knowing whether the men might be armed with traditional weapons and/or suicide vests, he again gave permission to his men to open fire, resulting in the death of two of the Afghans. The third ran away but was found and detained later that day. His hands tested positive for homemade bomb-making materials residue, lending to the suspicion that he and his cohorts were preparing for an attack against American soldiers. Another local Afghan quickly retrieved the motorcycle from the scene and rode away on it before it could be collected as evidence or assessed for explosives.

While this kind of scenario has happened many times during both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, this particular scenario resulted in Lorance being convicted of murder of the two Afghans. No charges were brought against his men, who not only opened fire against the Afghans, but who also testified against him.

PFC. James Skelton told the Army Times, “He told me to engage.”


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Shameful!!! Idiotic LEFT-WING LIBERALS!!

This HERO did his JOB and he Protected our Judeo-Christian Nation USA!!

DO this to the people who put this HERO in JAIL - FIRE THEM / ARREST THEM / JAIL THEM / HANG em' for TREASON!! 


The shameful, filthy, wretched us government has declared war on America and its vets.

This is one of those disgusting consequences of protecting the enemy. If this man is not freed - and we do have Congressmen working on it - it should be part of the Republican 2016 platform to free Clint Lorance. I hope he has a mother like the mom of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. She kept up the pressure and the talk shows until she got her son out of a Mexican prison - WITH ABSOLUTELY NO HELP FROM OBAMA!

We cannot rely on Obama to defend our military in any way. It is up to the American people to call and raise enough of a fuss for action to be taken.

Ms. Savage,

PLEASE let us know what WE can do to help your effort to free this HERO!!

As a combat Veteran, I would have done EXACTLY the same thing he did. However, it seems we had much better shooters in the Vietnam era that is had today............. They never would have made it through one of our columns!

Proudvietvet58  - watch "The American Sniper" and understand there is an insta-second to save your men vs. die in combat. If our brave men cannot fight to save themselves and their fellow soldiers - then we have not done enough to support them. And, when was the last time a liberal was on the front lines in Afghanistan? They are side-line referees and they have no clue of life vs. death and freedom vs. Isis.

Call your Congressman and DEMAND the release of Clint Lorance!

Where is congress on this? This lawless Illegal administration is tearing down country one brick at a time and the people can't see it. Wait until administration knock at their doors, you will hear screaming around world and it will be to late. I am proud American that has served my country long ago but I hate this administration and any person , legal or illegal that wants USA to be destroyed. God Bless to all who still believe and rest of people can rot in gutters they create.

no surprise . at one time the American society, people and government used to have the highest respect for the military now it's regarded with contempt. now you have EXPERTS [driven by ego] who have never been in the military making decisions that affect soldiers, many of whom are on the battlefront

Got to wonder how much of this ##$% are men and women are going to take. Before they capture DC

It would appear the Muslims have already done just that with the appointees Obama has put in charge of multiple key positions!!!

I do agree with you however, WE need to take DC back! I am sickened my Obama's lack of 'giving a damn' about our great Military!!

We need to go get him out.

Yes Sir, we most certainly do!

Could one of you military guys explain this one to me?  HOW could they find him guilty?  If it were up to Obama, Jarrett, Holder, Sharpton, wouldn't come as a surprise...  But other military personnel should have seen how this was, and that he was protecting his people.  I DON'T GET IT.




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