Armed Protesters Surround Florida Mosque To Oppose ‘Islamization of America’

On November 21 a group of armed protesters surrounded a Irving, Florida, mosque to oppose the pending influx of Syrian refugees and the “Islamization of America.”

Some of the protesters had AR-15 rifles slung across their shoulders while others carried bolt action rifles popular for their long range accuracy. They explained that they were not carrying the weapons for offensive purposes, but to defend themselves in the event that things went badly during the protest.

According to Fox 4, protest spokesman David Wright said, “We are here protesting Syrian refugees coming to America [and] protesting the Islamization of America.” He is convinced that the opposition he and fellow protesters show is “popular” but people “are scared; they are scared to stand up and say anything about it. They are scared to come out to a place like [Irving] and stand in front of a mosque and protest Islam.”

Wright pointed to recent terror attacks in which ISIS has claimed responsibility and to the alleged use of Syrian passports to move an attacker into position for the recent slaughter of 130 people in Paris. In light of these things, Wright opposes taking Syrian refugees. He says bringing them to the US would provide ISIS the chance to put attackers “into the refugee flow.” He said, “I don’t even want one of them to come here.”

The Daily Mail reported that the Irving protests “[came] just over a week after the Islamic State terrorist attacks on Paris, which sparked a surge in Islamophobia in the United States.”

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Your question is: Is this the right way to handle the situation? Has anything else worked ?

There have been people attending Meetings for 5 or 6 years, at a Group named ACT for America, and their Job has been to educate the American Public, as to the intention of these people.

Islam has the law that any Muslim who does not stand with Islam is to be killed as if any of them do take a stand against it, they sign their death warrant - that is IF any of them really even wanted to, as they all have the same beliefs under  all the facades they put on .

Why has not the Tea Party endorsed Trump yet ?

Cruz has several endorsements already.


What fascinates me is how little the the American public has in politics. It is all about what elected officials want - or - I should say - the political "mouthpieces" of the corporate world union who wants to destroy our American culture and economy. 

Our way of life is dying faster than Trump may be able to resuscitate it. This is why the Republican corporate sponsors want Trump out of the White House. He will not be their order taker!!!


The Daily Mail reported that the Irving protests “[came] just over a week after the Islamic State terrorist attacks on Paris, which sparked a surge in Islamophobia in the United States.”

Hey! Someone IS Actually gathering in protest of the Obama's Muslims! WHEN are the rest of us going to join this group?

Don't know where the Florida one came from because this is about Texas.  But yes this is the right way to let them people know they are being watched. They have so much protection from  DC that they NEED to know we the people  are still in control of our states and we are not wanting to support these non-American intruders !!  It lets them know that this is OUR land, not their's and that they do not belong here !

The passiveness and being a doormat has ended !


Hey.....this may be starting a trend.   I LIKE IT  ;o)

Watch What Happens when Armed Texas Patriots Surround this Mosque!


Armed Texas patriots took to the streets to protest a local mosque in Irving, Texas and the resettling of Syrian refugees in the area.

Though the group was peaceful, Irving police was there in the crowd in large numbers and SWAT teams were placed on standby.

Fox News 4 reports:

A group calling itself the Bureau on American Islamic relations, or BAIR, gathered outside the Islamic Center of Irving.

One man who didn’t want his name used said, “It’s a boiling pot. The kettle…the top on this kettle is on really, really tight and it is going to blow.”

He also added, “I may look like their version of a racist but I’m not. I’m not even a racist here. I just don’t want them to push their beliefs down my throat.”

Designated terror group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) took the opportunity to attempt to present themselves as “peaceful,” even though they have beentied to funding Islamic terrorists such as Hamas for years.

“Americans are entitled to express their opinions for and against all matters of society,” the group said in a statement to FOX 4. “However, we urge demonstrators to not allowhate and fear to guide their actions, but rather balance knowledge and open hearts.”

I wish they would begin declaring that message to the Islamic terrorists they support rather than law abiding Americans!

Over the past year, Irving has been the center of where Islamists have been trying to raise the ante of societal jihad.

First consider that Muslims were outraged over the city backing a bill that would ban Islamic Sharia..., one of which had already been set up by fake Islamic attorneys, one of which we know supports Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. The city’s mayor, Beth Van Duynewouldn’t be bullied by the Muslims, but instead doubled downand encouraged Muslims to “respect, obey and embrace” the laws of Texas and the United States. That was back in March of this year.

In September, future jihadi Ahmed Mohamed decided to bring a clock, which he didn’t actually build, to school knowing that he would probably get into trouble. The clock looked like a briefcase bomb, but it was nothing but a scam to stir up sympathy for Muslims. While it garnered the attention of the Muslim-in-chief, it really backfired on Mohamed and he is now in Qatar (as if that is a surprise) and now suing the City of Irving for $15 million and demanding a public wri...! I’m doubting he will see a penny or a piece of paper!

Of course, there were many Islamic sympathizers and stealth jihadists who cowardly made threats, which came to nothing following the incident.

As I pointed out previously, this all comes right in the heart of Texas, along with Barack Obama’s former Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiary leaving Washington and settling in Texas last year.

The good news is that this turnout shows that many Americans have not forgotten their freedoms and are exercising them. In like manner, as reported yesterday, the American militia has been put on alert concerning government tyranny in Oregon.

This should remind us of the rights we have as men to speak out, which are protected under the First Amendment and a public demonstration of the right to keep and bear armsto ensure those rights remain protected.

We must do everything we can to make Muslims feel UNwanted.

Let them know this is OUR country NOT their's, and we will NOT give it up or hand it over to anyone  ! !

And I'd even make sure they knew that we don't look at their Obama as any president here in this land !  He is a criminal  invader here just as they are !



Little Bright Feather: So thankful there are the handful of us who speak for the Tea Party. We understand each other and our words make sense to each other. What would we do without sharing our horror of liberalism.

Muslims will destroy our culture (as if the Mexicans haven't already done that!!), our religion and our Constitution. They will substitute their laws for our laws. They will clothe their women and treat them like slaves, but our feminists will still vote for that horror named Hillary who wants them to represent America. Everything liberals do and say is insanity and biased and anti-American. Only we understand that. We are the last Christian soldiers - and none of you ever, ever, ever forget that!!!!!

God bless America. That will never again be said in 10 years!!!

They already know they are not wanted!

This is seen by them as an invasion opportunity to bring a country under their control. It's an invading force. There may be some that are looking for peace, but even these are not interested in changing their habits and aggressions. Islam is an aggressive cult and is anti others of any form outside of Islam!




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New York's Green Light Law - Allows Illegal Aliens To Get Driver’s Licenses

New York passed a law to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses earlier this year but it was held up by challenges.

Now it is set to take effect this week.

In typical leftist fashion, supporters claim this is going to somehow make New York’s roads safer for everyone.

Could it really be about voting?

FOX News reports:

Illegal immigrants to be able to get driver’s licenses in NY after legal challenge fails.

Illegal immigrants in New York will able to obtain driver’s licenses starting next week after a last-minute legal challenge was dismissed — making it the 13th state to allow the practice, but one that critics say is unconstitutional.

The Green Light Law, signed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this year, allows anyone to apply for a driver’s license regardless of immigration status and does not require a Social Security number.

Illegal immigrants can use a combination of documents that include a valid passport from a foreign country and a valid foreign driver’s license, as long as it has been expired for less than two years.

“After waiting 18 years to have their right to drive restored, thanks to our legislature, New York can now officially join 12 other states in making driver’s licenses legally available to all residents,” New York Immigration Coalition Executive Director Steve Choi said in a statement this week, arguing that it will make roads safer and the economy stronger.

County clerks in New York have concerns and are sounding an alarm.

CBS News in Albany reports:

County clerks concerned by loopholes in Green Light law.

Undocumented immigrants now have the green light to get a driver’s license in New York…but several county clerks in the Capital Region are concerned.

Saratoga County Clerk Craig Hayner said, “We found that everything we were concerned about as far as fraud and all sorts of other things are in that bill, in that regulation and we’re very concerned.”

Hayner tells CBS6’s Lynsey Smith there are a few loopholes in the Green Light Law.

Loopholes, such as a person coming in to get their license and not having to provide their social security number.

“That could lead to criminals coming from other states, coming in and use that as a way to defraud by just simply saying they don’t have a social security number…and that’s a very dangerous loophole,” replied Hayner.

Does anyone believe this is going to make New York safer or that this is really about driving?

Delusional Democrats

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