The Bureau of Land Management is a ‘gestapo’ according to officials who testified at a House hearing yesterday.

We have the beginnings of gestapos in every government agency and they are growing in power under the perceived authority of the President of the United States who rules this country via executive orders and “guidance” memos without any congressional oversight. He is militarizing his executive branch agencies and letting them run roughshod over citizens largely without restraint and supervision. They can’t be fired as we know.

One of the agencies that has become militarized and which has gone rogue is the Bureau of Land Management.

A hearing in the House on July 24th exposed a dangerous and persistent threat to our nation coming from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) which is allegedly intimidating citizens, threatening their rights, and creating a hostile environment.

POLL:Is it time for Congress to remove power from the un-elected bureaucrats in Washington?

At the hearing this week, the following was uncovered:

  • BLM has threatened witnesses to give up their property rights.
  • Overreaching and malicious employee behavior goes without retribution.
  • BLM does not care about any authority by law enforcement and will not coordinate with them. “BLM law enforcement in Garfield County is totally uncooperative and unresponsive,” Garfield County Commissioner Leland Pollock said in written testimony. “Dispatchers have been rebuffed so many times by BLM agents that the county only contacts them as a last resort and with little hope for assistance.” Law enforcement have been told BLM doesn’t care about any authority they think they have.
  • BLM’s Chief of Law Enforcement overrides State Directors and costs counties a fortune.
  • BLM is stealing land and buying up land under the endangered species act which is being abused and misinterpreted deliberately.

The House Natural Resources Committee chaired by Doc Hastings released the following:

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 24, 2014: Today, the Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulations held an oversight hearing on “Threats, Intimidation and Bullying by Federal Land Managing Agencies.” This hearing continued Committee oversight into bullying by federal land management agencies and federal law enforcement agencies on private, state, and federal lands.

State and local governments, ranchers, business owners, and private citizens have been subject to threats, lack of cooperation, and numerous unfair or heavy-handed tactics which threaten public safety, the environment, endangered species, and the livelihoods of communities. Congressional oversight is necessary to provide an effective check on federal officials who abuse their regulatory powers.

“Today we took a second look at threats, intimidation and bullying by Federal Land Managing Agencies. During a hearing the Committee held last year and again today, we heard first-hand accounts of mistreatment at the hands of federal officials seeking to extort the witnesses into relinquishing their property rights,” said Representative Doug LaMalfa (CA-01). “These firsthand accounts give the victims of abusive conduct by a federal land managing official a chance to tell their story to Congress. Status quo agency oversight, policies and procedures are inadequate for addressing or deterring employee abuses and may instead embolden overreaching or malicious employee behavior with little risk of retribution for their actions.”

Witnesses highlighted examples of flagrant intimidation met by citizens who refuse to surrender their constitutional rights, land and water rights, grazing permits and other multiple-use benefits.

Sheriff James Perkins, Garfield County, UT, highlighted his perspective from 27 years of law enforcement and experience working with various federal law enforcement agencies.

“BLM’s attitude towards coordinating with local law enforcement is summed up best by a conversation I had with a BLM law enforcement officer while we were attending a drug task force meeting in Cedar City, Utah. He told me point blank that he didn’t care about any authority that I thought I had as the Garfield County Sheriff, and that he did not feel like he had to coordinate anything through my office… This refusal to coordinate, coupled with a lack of any meaningful oversight, has created a perfect environment where the abuse of federal law enforcement powers can occur.”

Leland Pollock, Garfield County Commissioner, Garfield County Utah, testified on how BLM law enforcement has moved away from a public service philosophy due to polarization of personnel and bullying and cancellation of cooperative agreements.

“Our concerns/ complaints are not just a matter of hurt feelings, bullying, intimidation, lack of integrity, and a host of social issues. BLM’s Chief of Law Enforcement has cost Garfield County real dollars… We are befuddled how one individual can override a State Director and negatively impact an entire county with impunity.”

A. Grant Gerber, Elko County Commissioner, Elko Nevada, discussed specific examples of wrongdoings, threats, intimidation, and bullying by both BLM law enforcement and a district manager.

“When I was a boy and as I grew up the few Federal Agents were mainly local or from rural areas and fit in well with the local area. They knew the people and worked cooperatively. Now the Federal agents are predominantly from outside the area and do not develop connections with the locals as was done previously. Many start off with a belligerent attitude, even a commanding presence. They are especially offended if anyone opposes any Federal Government actions. The worst are the Federal Law Enforcement Agents that arrogantly announce that they are not governed by Nevada law, but can enforce it if they choose. Now we have been informed, that without notice of hearings, the BLM has determined that two more BLM Law Enforcement Agents are necessary to control the people in the Elko area. All of this is resulting in less use of Federal Lands by citizens as the citizens become afraid of being accosted and berated.”

Jose Valera Lopez, President of the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association, Rancher, Santa Fe New Mexico, testified on current justifications Federal Land Managers use to intimidate and bully including Endangered Species protection and resource protection.

“Endangered species ‘protection’ is the biggest culprit. At the moment the Fish and Wildlife Service is considering critical habitat for the lesser prairie chicken, the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse, and two varieties of garter snakes. Expansion of the Mexican wolf habitat is expected as early as tomorrow. We have had 764,000 acres in New Mexico and Arizona recently designated critical habitat for the jaguar although only a few male jaguar have been sighted in the U.S. over the last 60 years… In my own case, the BLM has been buying up private lands near my family ranch within the boundaries of an Area of Critical Environmental Concern that they designated part of their Resource Management Plan. They not refer to our ranch as an in-holding. What this designation has done is de-valued our land and effectively prohibits any type of future development on the ranch.”

The armed BLM even intimidates visitors to the county according to Pollack.

Rep. Chris Stewart, a Utah Republican whose district includes Garfield County, pushed for his legislation that would defund what he says are paramilitary units within federal agencies that don’t need such heavily-armed forces, including the BLM.

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These agencies are an extension of obama bullying to get his way !

This issues have been going on long before Obama came along. Our rancher and farmers have been uder attack for many many years. We have aloud this to happen. Issues like this is just touching the surface of the corruption in this country by our tyrannical government. It's just going to get worst.

Garfield County Commissioners are befuddled because they refuse to act... They need to get with their local prosecutor and sheriff and devise a legal plan to arrest and incarcerate BLM Agents that abuse their authority and powers... there are State laws which regulate such abuse by law enforcement. Use the law and arrest BLM agents... don't let them walk.

Federal Law enforcement officers... BLM agents, acting under the COLOR OF LAW are acting outside of the law and their authority.  When a law officer operates out of his jurisdiction and authority they are MERE CITIZENS and as such don't have the cover and protection given police... they can not stop, detain, question,  use force of arms or threats of violence against citizens when they are not in an official and or lawful status. Arrest them for assault, battery, assault with a deadly weapon(s) etc.

Lock them up and when the US Attorney spring them, tell him he has no jurisdiction and hang up. When the US Marshal shows up and tries to interfere tell him he is next... if he attempts to obstruct justice and a law enforcement officer doing his duty.  We must all get down right confrontational if we are going to protect our constitutional rights as individuals and as sovereign states...  In fact, the State Governor and AG may want to council with all the local sheriff's and prosecutors to devise a plan to handle out of control federal officers.

Unless the State and County's of America are willing to defend their liberty ... they will certainly loose it at the hands of tyrants.  It is going to take backbone and CONFRONTATION to resolve these serious and growing problems with Federal Power attempting to encroach on State and local authority.


"It is going to take backbone and CONFRONTATION..."

True.  It will be hard, though...  Because of the 14th amendment.  The feds come in fully believing the we low-lifes are merely subjects, and must do what we are told by anyone with a Federal title or a paper with the signature of one.  THey will even 'enforce' that opinion with force of arms.  (They'll hold a gun on you while you do what you are told!)

They don't want to hear about States Rights or individual rights.  They don't want to know about the Sheriff being the highest power in the County, and in fact the State.

"Shut up and PAY YOUR 'TAXES' is the attitude you get from them.

That attitude must change... and it will take hardened and dedicated State officials to do it... the Attorney General and County Prosecutors need to get with the local Sheriff and city police chief too devise a plan of action to deal with Federal Officers that exceed their authority and jurisdiction... and then stick to the plan.

The State is going to have too lock up and send Federal Officers to prison before this is corrected.  There will be major confrontations over State and Federal powers.  I would suggest that the State AG's read Article 3, Section 2, Clause 2 and prepare briefs and filings to give to Federal District Court Judges  telling them that they don't have JURISDICTION TO DO ANYTHING when a STATE IS PARTY to the action. 

The US Constitution clearly states that the SCOTUS is the only Court with Jurisdiction to hear any case where a State is directly involved.  The power struggle must start by stopping the Un-Constitutional application of federal judicial power over the States. See: Article 3, Section 2, Clause 2... for the court of original jurisdiction in all cases involving a State... it is the Supreme Court no inferior federal court has jurisdiction over a State.  The Constitution is clear and any statutory or judicial ruling to the contrary is unconstitutional and void. 

Thank God Almighty for our Contitution, particularly the 2nd Ammendment!

That my dear Thaaff, may be changed by Barack Obama with a pen and a phone, at  any given moment. !!!!

  1. Ronald A. Nelson Col. USA (Ret.): I loved reading your post...everything you said in it is so intelligent, well thought out and makes the most sense of anything else that I've seen! This lawless, treasonist federal government may have it's weaponry, their bullying tactics etc., but we the people have the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights on our side! As much as the fed obviously hates this fact, it is still a fact! While raising up my two daughters, one thing I told them often was "Noone can have power over you unless you give them that power!", and I still firmly believe that; thankfully, so do they! Along with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, we the people have organized, well-armed and trained militia groups in every state; there are a good number of patriotic Sheriffs and localized law enforcement agencies that are ready to stand in defense of American citizens, and in strong opposition to all enemies, foriegn and domestic! While the press-titutes in the government media have long since sold their souls, there is still the patriotic underground news and information media both online and on the radio; they are the only news outlets we can trust, and their popularity is growing rapidly! The fed would absolutely love it if the American people rose up and directly attacked them in a united Civil War, which would be playing right into their hands; they are even trying to push us in that direction! In their arrogance, they are convinced that the citizens of this Republic are nothing but a bunch of drooling idiots who will readily believe everything they are told; this is actually a good thing....let them keep thinking that! The reality is that  for the most part (not including the libtards), we the people are a pretty smart bunch, and are the most innovative people on the planet (of course, that is our little secret)! Ronald, you are an example of this and it is good to know that there are other strong, integrous, intelligent patriots like yourself who think for themselves, to whom we citizens can turn in times like this! Thankyou for your great post and for standing up for freedom!


I appreciate your confidence and I hope I never let you down... God Bless.

The BLM and all other federal agencies are the terrorists and the states should treat them as such. The sheriffs and state troopers have the authority to arrest these terrorists and charge them accordingly. Lock them up without a trial or counsel as written in the Patriot act. These goons are the real terrorists. Lets see how much brass our local law officers have. They took the same oath of office as I did when I entered the Army during Viet Nam. I intend to keep my oath. How about you , law officers?

This group is declaring every pond, stream, rain run off as "wet land"... all governed by gov't.   One farmer was told as he returned from a second job by some woman crawling on his fence that  surrounded his barn that she was counting his livestock.  He was only allowed so many...?????He raised a few sows and when they had litters he sold  them to locals.     The Govt worker told him that was not possible... they had to be destroyed  because  the   "babies" were over his limit.     We have a Gov't out of control.  They   employ brain dead goons.   They get their jollies throwing their weight around.      During the depression, my parents and their families got jobs on the WPA crews.     Kick backs from their pay to the bosses.   At elections the WPA goon squads would stand at the door and mark off names.   If anyone besides the Dem got votes these goons would find out who  "illegally "  voted.    The "perpetrator " would be fired from his WPA job as would all of the guy's family.     WW2 came along and the men went to war... jobs were needed to be filled and the Dems lost their hold on the people.

sr williams, the unions and the democrat party have always been the enemies of freedom and have no place in a Constitutional Republic! THEY are the true enemies of America, and it is they who must be purged from this land by any means necessary! Not in an all-out Civil War, because that is what the fed is counting on; they are all nothing but a pack of ravenous wolves, circling and waiting for their prey (the American people) to make the first move in that direction so that they can pounce and tear us to pieces; they stand armed and ready! There is always a way, tho....all we need is a sound, well thought out strategy and a united focus! Most importantly, patriotic Americans need to realize how we have allowed this situation to become as totally evil as it is! How can we fix all this without at least doing that?




Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


Breaking — West Virginia Lawmakers Invite Persecuted Pro-Second Amendment Counties In Virginia To Join Their State

West Virginia lawmakers introduced legislation to invite persecuted pro Second Amendment Counties to join their state.

The West Virginia Senate adopted a resolution to remind Virginia residents from Frederick County that they have a standing invite — from 1862 — to become part of West Virginia.

West Virginia freedom fighters broke away from Virginia Democrat slave owners during the Civil War.

This week West Virginia has once again invited persecuted Virginia pro 2-A counties to come join their state.

Sounds like a winning plan!

Resolution 8 reads as follows:


(By Delegates Howell, Summers, Shott, Householder, C. Martin, Hott, Graves, Cadle, Barnhart, J. Jeffries, Maynard, Phillips, Foster, Hamrick, Steele, D. Jeffries, Wilson, Waxman, Bartlett, Paynter, Linville, Sypolt, Bibby, Hill, Ellington, Higginbotham, J. Kelly, Mandt, Pack, Dean and P. Martin)

[Introduced January 14, 2020]

Providing for an election to be had, pending approval of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a majority of qualified citizens voting upon the proposition prior to August 1, 2020, for the admission of certain counties and independent cities of the Commonwealth of Virginia to be admitted to the State of West Virginia as constituent counties, under the provisions of Article VI, Section 11 of the Constitution of West Virginia

Whereas, The Legislature of West Virginia finds that in 1863, due to longstanding perceived attitudes of neglect for the interests of the citizens of Western Virginia, and a studied failure to address the differences which had grown between the counties of Western Virginia and the government at Richmond, the Commonwealth of Virginia was irretrievably divided, and the new State of West Virginia was formed; and

Whereas, Such division occurred as the Trans-Allegheny portions of Virginia perceived that they suffered under an inequitable measure of taxation by which they bore a disproportionate share of the tax burden; and

Whereas, That this perception was further compounded by the effects of a scheme of representation by which Trans-Allegheny Virginia was not allowed to have its proper and equitable share of representation in the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, That this arrangement arguably resulted in the tax dollars of Trans-Allegheny Virginia being used to enrich the Tidewater through internal improvements which did not benefit the people of Western Virginia, while the people of the Trans-Allegheny had little to no say in how their tax dollars were allocated; and

Whereas, Though this course led to an irreconcilable division, and the subsequent formation of West Virginia, yet, the longstanding peaceful cooperation between this State and the Commonwealth of Virginia is a sign that such separation, undertaken even under the most challenging and onerous of circumstances, can, with the passage of time, yield lasting results which are beneficial to both sides; and

Whereas, In the intervening years, the same neglect for the interests of many of the remaining counties of the Commonwealth of Virginia has allegedly been evidenced by the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, Particularly, many citizens of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont contend that an inequitable measure of taxation exists by which they bear a disproportionate share of the present tax burden of the Commonwealth; and

Whereas, The people of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont also believe that, currently, a scheme of representation exists by which the citizens of Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont do not have a proper share of representation in the government at Richmond; and, consequently

Whereas, The people of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont believe that their tax dollars are used to enrich the Tidewater and Northern Virginia through internal improvements which do not benefit the people of these other parts of Virginia, while the people of these other parts of Virginia have little to no say in how their tax dollars are allocated; and

Whereas, In recent days, these tensions have been compounded by a perception of contempt on the part of the government at Richmond for the differences in certain fundamental political and societal principles which prevail between the varied counties and cities of that Commonwealth; and

Whereas, In the latest, and most evident, in this string of grievances, the government at Richmond now seeks to place intolerable restraints upon the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution to the citizens of that Commonwealth; and

Whereas, The Legislative body of West Virginia believes that this latest action defies the wise counsel which has come down to us in the august words of our common Virginia Founders: as the government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of that tribune of liberty, Patrick Henry-who stated to the Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788 that “The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of a Signer of the Declaration and premier advocate of American independence, Richard Henry Lee-who stated in The Federal Farmer that “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of that zealous guardian of our inherent rights, George Mason-who stated that “To disarm the people…[i]s the most effectual way to enslave them”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of the declaimer of our independence and theoretician of our freedoms, Thomas Jefferson-who stated in his first draft of the Virginia Constitution, that “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms”; and

Whereas, The Boards of Supervisors of many Virginia counties and the Councils of many Virginia cities have recognized this dangerous departure from the doctrine of the Founders on the part of the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, These Boards of Supervisors and Councils have passed resolutions refusing to countenance what they affirm are unwarranted and unconstitutional measures by that government to infringe the firearm rights of Virginians; and

Whereas, The actions of the government at Richmond undertaken since the recent general election have, regrettably, resulted in unproductive contention and escalating a lamentable state of civic tension; and

Whereas, That, as has been proven in numerous instances, such as have been observed internationally in more recent times with the peaceful dissolutions of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, and the creation of South Sudan, or, earlier in Virginia’s own history, with the formation of Kentucky, the peaceful partition of neighboring peoples can occur, and, is often very beneficial to both sides in reducing tensions and improving the tenor of discourse over ongoing political and societal differences; and

Whereas, Article VI, Section 11 of The Constitution of the State of West Virginia explicitly permits additional territory to be admitted into, and become part of this state, with the consent of the Legislature and of a majority of the qualified voters of the state; and

Whereas, In a spirit of conciliation, the Legislature of West Virginia hereby extends an invitation to our fellow Virginians who wish to do so, to join us in our noble experiment of 156 years of separation from the government at Richmond; and, we extend an invitation to any constituent county or city of the Commonwealth of Virginia to be admitted to the body politic of the State of West Virginia, under the conditions set forth in our state Constitution, specifically, with the consent of a majority of the voters of such county or city voting upon such proposition; and we hereby covenant that their many grievances shall be addressed, and, we further covenant with them that their firearms rights shall be protected to the fullest extent possible under our Federal and State Constitutions; and

Whereas, Providing that the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall give its assent to any county or independent city presently part of the Commonwealth of Virginia having the opportunity and ability to do so, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia.

Trump Holds Rally in Milwaukee, WI 1-14-20

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