The national news media is joining forces with left-wing activists to try and bring down Sheriff Joe Arpaio - the most prominent national symbol in the fight against illegal immigration - by launching a effort to distort his record and harm his re-election chances 30 days from now.

And a new Super PAC to channel millions from George Soros has also been launched to defeat him. All these attacks are taking a toll, as a new shocking poll shows Sheriff Joe's opponent within 6 points of defeating him.

All while the Sheriff continues to simply do his job to enforce the law, and protect Americans by stopping drug and human smugglers from entering the U.S. The battle is on like never before - and Joe needs your help now.


ABC News has abandoned any pretense of objective jouralism, hiring an pro-illegal alien activist to create "Arpaio Watch" - an outrageous new TV news series and website whose own stated goal is to "expose" Sheriff Joe supposed "abuse of power", "racial profiling" of Latinos and "civil rights violations".

The ABC series presents just one side in its reports: those who oppose Sheriff Joe. Illegal aliens themselves are showcased, making outrageous claims of "racial profiling", despite having such claims rejected by a Federal Judge. ABC also features activists from La Raza and the ACLU - groups who have also lost in court to Arpaio, yet their claims are given new creedence, with not an ounce of journalistic "balance".

ABC would not commit such resources to going after Sheriff Joe if they did not think he could be defeated. And a new Septemeber 13th poll revealed that the effects of the leftist barrage has made this a closer race than ever: Sheriff Joe now leads his opponent by only 6 points. The opposition is within striking distance, and the entire open-borders establishment has decided to try and defeat Arpaio, and are bringing in the big guns to do it.

Those big guns will be funded by a new "Super PAC" formed in September to barrage the airwaves with ads targeting Sheriff Joe. We warned about this months ago, when leftist billionaire George Soros pledged to spend up to $10 million to defeat Joe. The Super PAC to accomplish his goal and funnel his money is now a reality, and Joe needs your help in the last month before voters go to the polls.

Sheriff Joe is the most prominent national symbol in the fight against illegal immigration. His defeat would be an unprecedented victory by open-borders activists and against the rule of law. We cannot let Joe be defeated by national pro-amnesty forces! Please help defend Sheriff Joe in his hour of need!

America cannot afford to lose Sheriff Joe. Please help Joe fight back now.

Sheriff Joe is committed to enforcing our immigration laws to protect every citizen.

 That's why he was a target for this Administration from day one. Because Arizona is the gateway for illegal aliens into America. And the open-borders forces don’t want Sheriff Joe to be the gate, stopping the flow of illegal labor – and potential voters for their cause – into this country.

“America’s Toughest Sheriff” refuses to quit doing his job of stopping illegal invaders and criminal aliens from entering this country, threatening our citizens, stealing our jobs, and bankrupting our schools, hospitals and social services.

Arpaio and his deputies apprehend a staggering 25% of all criminal illegal aliens in the entire United States every single year. That means Joe doesn’t just keep illegal alien rapists, robbers, gangbangers and identity thieves out of Arizona – he also keeps criminals from threatening your city or town, and those across America

Joe will not quit. He cannot quit. But Joe does not have the resources to battle both Obama and George Soros alone. He needs our help. He needs our help!


  Because he has led the fight in Arizona against illegal immigration, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has become the target of attack by national special interest groups and politicians who want illegal immigration in order to buy votes. All he is doing is enforcing the laws of his state and our country. These well-funded groups have vowed an unprecedented fight to defeat him for re-election.

 What these extremists really want is a Sheriff who will look the other way, be silent and allow the charade to continue, while ignoring the laws of our land. Sheriff Joe will NEVER let that happen.

 But Joe desperately needs your help. He cannot fight a billionaire like Soros, or Obama and Holder - who have unlimited funds at their disposal - by himself. He has to go directly to the people for their support. He needs good people like you in this country to stand behind him and help him fight this fight.

 Will you join us? Sheriff Joe desperately needs your help now. His election has been targeted as the frontline in the battle to end illegal immigration. We must win this battle.

Please make an emergency donation to help Sheriff Joe right away - $15, $20, $35, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford.

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You can help Sheriff Joe out by clicking on the link if you so desire




Bill and Hillary Clinton Brutally
Mocked After Defending

View image on Twitter

Crooked Bill and Hillary Clinton were brutally mocked Monday after defending the Clinton Foundation on social media.

The Clinton Foundation’s official Twitter account tweeted Saturday, “ICYMI: President @BillClinton wrote on Facebook this week about our work improving lives in the United States and around the world, from fighting climate change to combating the opioid crisis.”

Former President Bill Clinton’s Facebook post served to correct the record about so called fake news smearing the Clinton Foundation. Naturally, he linked to far left sites such as Snopes and Politifact to debunk the smears.

After touting all the charity the Clinton Foundation brings to hurricane victims, farmers in East Africa and combating Climate Change, Bill Clinton unleashed on Breitbart News for spreading conspiracy theories and false information about the Foundation.

Nevertheless, spreading false information about the Foundation continues, apparently as part of an ongoing strategy to distract attention from real problems and, over the long run, to completely erase the line between fact and fiction.

For example, just a few weeks ago on MSNBC, during a discussion of the President’s disparaging remarks about Haiti, his designated defender repeated the ridiculous assertion that I had taken money raised for Haiti for personal use and was responsible for the apparent suicide of a Haitian who knew all about it. Thankfully, the host cut her off, refusing to provide a forum for known false conspiracy theories. I’m proud of the work the Foundation and I have done in Haiti and will give you a more detailed report on that soon.

These attacks on the Foundation began in earnest with the 2015 publication of the Breitbart-inspired book, Clinton Cash. I thought the Foundation staff did a good job debunking the book’s charges, but they were published as written even in “mainstream” outlets, and even now the charges continue to be repeated online and in forums favorable to those who make them.

I have never responded personally to these charges, but out of respect for our donors, partners, and those who work at the Foundation, I think I should—because as we see, attacks, no matter how outrageous, can have a long life.

Bill Clinton also argued Chelsea’s wedding wasn’t paid for by Clinton Foundation donations nor do any of them receive salaries.

No, Foundation funds were not used to pay for Chelsea’s wedding. It’s not only untrue, it’s a personal insult to me, to Hillary, and to Chelsea and Marc. It was a wonderful day that Hillary and I were grateful to be able to pay for.

Clinton also argued the foundation was given 4 out 4 stars from Charity Navigator, Platinum from GuideStar, A from Charity Watch, and a 20 out of 20 score for meeting all of the Better Business Bureau’s good practice standards.

Hillary Clinton tweeted: Want to hear the real story of the @ClintonFdn? Read this: 

 Trump supporters savaged the Clintons.

How about when Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman donated MILLIONS to your foundation when you were Secretary of State and then you conducted official US business with them? 

What about how Haitian villages that you raised money for are STILL without the homes, schools and infrastructure you promised for them? Where did it go Hillary? Where's that money? Why did you plunder the great people of Haiti? 


Unless it explains

Benghazi 33,000 missing emails  Haiti  Destroyed electronics  Missing money
Uranium One Etc

Then no. Nope.  
Not on Presidents day.  

Care to tell us how much the Foundation pays out in salaries each year? 


Slush fund? Pay-to-play? Salaries for Sid Blumenthal?
Fraud in Haiti?  The vast majority of funds don't reach people in need?
That's the real story, right?   



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