Are you ready for another Debt Limit Lalapalooza?

Treasury Secretary Jack Kew has informed Congress that the debt limit must be raised by March 16 or the government will run out of money, or something.

We play these games every couple of years. Congress appropriates the money to run the government then, when it's time to raise the debt limit to cover their profligacy, they all of a sudden become debt wariors and rail against all that money being spent that they voted for.

It's crazy.


In a Friday morning letter to House Speaker John Boehner and other House and Senate leaders, Lew said that his office will be forced to suspend the issuance of State and Local Government Series securities on Mar. 13 unless the debt limit is raised.

The U.S.'s top finance official said the U.S. will hit its debt limit on Mar. 16, but would begin taking "extraordinary measures" to finance the government on a temporary basis, according to the U.S. Treasury.

"Accordingly, I respectfully ask Congress to raise the debt limit as soon as possible," Lew wrote in his letter.

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For God's sake, let it run out of money. Then the congress may have to think rather than just reacting.

The time has come to shut down the evil in Washington. The states can take care of their own affairs. The biggest threat Americans have is our own elected jackasses.

Obama and the demonrats wants to spend this country into disaster. This spending is destroying our children's future. We are already over 18 trillion in debt. For those who don't know how much that is here is a little math for you. If you were to spend 1 million dollars a day it would take over 49,281 years to spend 18 trillion dollars. This madness must stop.

Yes John,

    Obama's agenda on bankrupting the United States of America is very real and is known as the "Cloward and Piven Plan".  If you are not familar with this aspect of their MARXIST/COMMUNIST/ISLAMIC AGENDA, Google it and what what you learn will shock you to the core............they are doing this in plain sight and right under the noses of the American People.......who seem to be clueless!


                   Obama can't spend a dime without the consent of the House.

                   Don't blame Obama.  Blame the other BIG GOVERNMENT PARTY.

                   Since 2010 they have raised the debt limit every time and have DEFUNDED NOTHING!!!!    Big government ruling class will spend and take your freedom away.

                            The "R" and the "D" are illusions for the public.  


     We should blame all of the corrupt politicians (D and R) who have had a hand and a vote in this mess that is steamrolling the American economy into total collapse!

Just remember who voted for these nice honest elected men and women in congress and white house. The ignorant worthless voters keep electing crooks then wonder why we are losing country. A fifth grade student can tell that voters have less intelligence than they do. Look in mirror voters to see some of the worst voters in world.

This is how nations destroy them selfs thru out history. And he knows it. And that is why he's doing what he's doing. 

Impeachment is the cure for this Obamanation 


                  They worked with Pelosi and Reid to fund amnesty for god's sake!  

                   If you think these cowards would dare to impeach Obama , you are delusional and  

                   in immediate need of a mental health professional.  


Robert, Boehner has already given Obama immunity from impeachment!  I believe that the only way to impeach, is to replace Boehner with Ted Cruz or Trey Gowdy!  The sooner, the better!  But in any case, Boehner has got to go!


Can I raise the debt limit on my family finances?  If it's good enough for the government, then it must be good enough for me.  If I have to live within my means then so should the government.




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