By Jiri and Leni Friedman Valenta, July 4, 2015

“Is it the 4th?”  Said founding father Thomas Jefferson on the day he died in 1826.  Donald, I am sure you agree that if he were alive today he would be very concerned that our republic, on this sacred day, is once again approaching the fundamental, multi-dimensional crisis, amidst unprecedented world disorder as she did on July 4 1941.

Moreover, there are only a few 2016 presidential candidates who really understand what is happening and even more importantly, have the courage to articulate it.   Far from being a buffoon as some have characterized you, Donald, we consider you to be a rare commodity amongst the minions of mediocrity. Thus, we are responding to your letter to us of July 2.  }

The Link Between Foreign and Domestic Policies

We are in deep trouble and it´s rooted in not understanding the linkages between domestic and foreign policy.  As a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, please read the book by our president,  Richard Haass,   Foreign Policy Begins at Home;  The Case for Putting America´s House in Order.  Any sound foreign policy must be bed-rocked by the solid domestic state of our union. But what is the state of our union?  It is in deep crisis. Contrary to President Barack Obama´s yearly proclamations, without dramatic change after the forthcoming election, we are on our way to becoming a huge Greece.

 Not only must we finally elect a president who has a deep knowledge of economic and financial issues, but one who has the determination to cease naming people to the highest positions  because of their gender, ethnicity, or political favors.   The only standard must be excellence.  

Immigration and Recovering From The Mexican Fumble

There is no way you are either anti-Latino or anti-Mexican, or a racist, and your foes know it.  We saw, the glint of tears in your eyes as you commended the president´s excellent eulogy in the Charleston church, and his memorable singing of “Amazing Grace.”  Undoubtedly you surely need to pay more attention to how you phrase the stream of thoughts that churn in your high energy mind.  

The feeding frenzy that  followed your fumble has all the earmarks of a well-organized campaign, latched onto by well-meaning people emotionally caught up in the present, anti-racist environment.   As with the denunciation of Confederate flags, as soon as you made comments that presumably offended Mexicans,  a chain of businesses denounced you, as they earlier denounced the Confederate flag.  This too will pass.

A few simple words were blown and spun way out of proportion.  Where is the commensurate fury that Hillary, of “What difference does it make?” fame, lied about Benghazi-gate? Or over the shenanigans  of the Clinton Foundation that  allowed Russia to wind up with a fifth of our uranium.    Where are the petitions about the misuse of Hillary´s e-mail, surely hacked by foreign powers?

Even the Confederate flag, a symbol of southern pride, is being damned and taken down as a racist symbol, while ecstasies of PC are behind efforts to remove the monument of Robert E. Lee. Will this be followed by those of slave owners like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?  

But Donald, to paraphrase Richard Nixon, you inadvertently handed your foes the sword, and it should be a warning that you have to be more carefully scripted.  You can still make people understand, and you can also point to a well-organized, PC campaign against you by your political foes.  Moreover, you can apologize for your remarks about Jeb and remind the GOP of Ronald Reagan’s dictum not to attack fellow Republicans.

Your fumble was linked to your concerns over massive immigration, a major and growing problem worldwide.  Waves of it are presently engulfing   Italy and Spain as well as other parts of Europe.  Hungary has decided to build a wall on its Serbian border, such as you have contemplated with Mexico.  These nations are suffering economically as well as  being besieged and crowded by Islamic immigrants from north Africa and the Middle East.

As you well know, many of these immigrants from dozens of developing countries – not just Mexicans -- are finding their way to our American-Mexican borders, and they surely do include drug dealers who, as we fear, find common cause with terrorists.  Any dirty bomb is likely to come through this route.  However, the devil is in the details.  Do not apologize, but promise you will be more precise in the future and document all of your statements.

You can also point out that  tightly scripted Hillary does little but nod sagely and let her fans fill in the blanks. And the truth is the blanks are really blank.  Let me also share some yuks at Hillary´s claim to be “champion of the middle class.” It´s surely not a claim that should be made by someone who was labeled a “Bolshevik” by some prior Clinton administration insiders.  

To Prevent America From Becoming Greece

Donald, you must make national security – our survival -- your predominant issue.  But you also  have the advantage of  being one of the only candidates capable of preventing another Great Depression like that of the 1930´s.   You do have to explain what kind of mess this is. The European Union is our largest trading partner.  With the Greek fiasco threatening to destroy the euro,  it is simply essential that we help Europe.  We have to do it as we did it twice in the last century in two World Wars and with the Marshal Plan. But we must also accomplish this even as we ourselves avoid the Greek “infection” in Puerto Rico with our ever growing debt. Who is as qualified to tackle this as you?

President Obama´s major failure, like that of “W”, has been in extending our insolvencies and indebtedness, and we cannot possibly recover under his well-intentioned, but naïve and populist proposals.  Take Obamacare. You must not just continuously say you will “repeal it.”  You, and other Republicans, have to propose a viable alternative as did Mitt Romney as governor of Massachusetts.  Most importantly, who´s going to pay for the enormous cost of Obamacare next year, as well as raising the minimum wage and paying for overtime as Obama proposes? 

Please read the recent government reports concluding Puerto Rico´s fiasco was in large part due to raising the minimum wage.  This must not be repeated on a national scale.  Above all, Donald, you know that given the present multiple threats to our national security, we cannot afford sequestration of our military!  Our military is overextended and its budget must be beefed up.   Quite simply, none of this can happen under what would amount to a third Obama term under Hillary. 

On The Threat of Islamic Fascism and New Attack on Egypt

With the recent tri-continent, ISIS attacks we discussed in our last JVLV blog, and the new one in Egypt, please  potently articulate that we are caught between two Greek words, the  Scylla  of insolvency and the Charybdis of international, Islamic-fascist terrorism.  

Immediately ask our president, who so movingly spoke in Charleston, why he did not publicly speak on behalf of our British cousins with their huge losses in Tunisia -- an attack organized by an Islamist group in Libya!  Let us hope he will declare support for Tunisia´s state of emergency.  Ask him again why did he not go to Paris to show solidarity with other world leaders after the Charlie Hebdo massacre?

  Why does he still refuse to identify the Islamist threat  as such? And  why has French President Francois Hollande, and not U.S. President  Obama, asked to preside over the initiative to organize a world summit against the Islamists.  Isn´t Obama  the president of the indispensable world power-- America?  

Not New York, but Egypt´s Sinai just endured a deadly attack on five military units that killed seventeen people.  These were Sunni terrorists helped by Hamas, Palestine´s terrorist organization.  Please ask our president and Hillary why they supported former Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi. Don´t they remember that Adolf Hitler also came to power through free elections?

Also ask them, Donald, why they still don’t fully support  Egyptian President El-Assisi, who saved Egypt from Islamic-fascism and Sharia law.  He  is one of the Arab leaders we most respect.  Egypt has been our traditional ally.  Like Jordan and emerging Kurdistan, he is also Israel´s partner in fighting Islamo- fascist terrorism. We should help him and also directly arm our faithful allies, the Kurds.

Very frankly, Donald you misspoke when you mentioned negotiating with ISIS.  Please stop being obsessed with good negotiations as the chief technique in dealing with our foes.  Remember General MacArthur;  “There is no substitute for victory, “ and remind Obama our objective must not be to “downgrade” ISIS but  to destroy it.   

You can´t negotiate with people determined to kill you; extremists who think that by doing so,  they can enjoy a paradise of perpetual fornication – including  ten times the 71 virgins if they get “martyred” during Ramadan.  Don´t forget that they can’t even touch their own women until they´re married, so raping infidels before they set them on fire, spray their eyes with acid or behead them, is a very big incentive.

Repudiate the Coming Iran Deal!

Shiite Iran is the other head of the Islamic Hydra.  President Obama is busy concluding a  catastrophic deal  with the mullahs, despite the threat of  subsequent Middle East nuclear proliferation.  Be bi-partisan and remind everyone that two previous secretaries of state, Condi and Madeleine, unfortunately contributed with well meant, naïve diplomacy, to  North Korea getting the bomb.  We must not  follow suite with Iran. What we must do is cage Iraq and curb her growing regional ambitions in South Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.  

Cuba, China and Russia

Donald, try also to curb the present enthusiasm the Obama administration has tried to generate about our opening towards Cuba.  A good idea and long overdue, it needed a better deal and more skillful negotiation.  As in the case of Bowe Bergdahl, the deal with Cuba is a bad one.  You are right.  We gave away valuable assets without achieving the massive release of human rights dissidents.  Please aid Jeb and Marco who know this situation intimately.  The opening here is not similar to the 1989 Eastern European revolution and should not be ballyhooed as such.

On China -- better than almost everyone, you know that China is going through a major decline because of its own, inflated bubble economy.  You might get used to the idea that Macy’s will not only not be selling your ties, but China may not be able to produce them.  The country is approaching at best hard-lining, at worst, major upheaval.  Above all, you must concentrate on the fact that China, encouraged by our originally week response to Russia´s aggression in Ukraine, is building  man made military bases in the waters of Southeast Asia.   

On Russia – Donald,  never fail to mention the incredible naiveté of Hillary, when she used a gimmicky button to “reset” relations with Russia.  This was a year after the invasion of Georgia.  You don´t forgive Russia for invading a sovereign country!  You stand up to Russia!  Hillary´s error, combined with Europe´s laxness and Obama´s Red Line pullback in Syria,  helped to encourage the 2014 Crimea invasion.   

We were among the first to propose arming Kyiv in the April 21, 2014 Kyiv Post.  Our mistake, after the Crimean invasion, was not to apply  major energy sanctions to Russia and immediately deliver defensive weapons to Kyiv. We tried again in thesame paper on April 22, 2015, showing how, Russian interventions have continually happened in the absence of our firmness.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin understands, of course, that some  U.S. weapons are now going to Kyiv from Lithuania and Poland.  While praising Obama for the present deployment of NATO troops in the Baltic countries,  you should be critical of his naïve inability to openly provide defensive arms to Ukraine.  Like the Chinese,  the Russians respect power and decisiveness. We assure you, the Russians fear and have always feared a wider war with the U.S. 

But to answer the questions posed by Andrei Kortunov, the Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), “Should we give up on Russia? Or, “Should we give up on Putin?”  the answer to both questions is emphatically no!  Kortunov was my counterpart in organizing a 1989 ground-breaking Moscow-Miami dialogue that also brought Boris Yeltsin to America´s then  most anti-communist city.  As we proposed in August 2014 in  The National Interest, in our long term struggle with Islamo-fascism, Russia may yet become a close partner. 

We do not believe that your immigration fumble on Mexico is terminal.  Leni´s father, Herbert Friedman, Esq., the founder of,  once said, “Bad publicity is better than no publicity.”  In your case, all the ruckus may just be a testament to how strong a candidate you really are!

Before we hopefully return Winston Churchill´s bust back to the Oval Office in 2016, let us recall the immortal words of his close friend and ally,  Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  On July 4, 1941, a few weeks after Hitler invaded Russia,  the man who attracted Democrat-later turned Republican Ronald Reagan, to national politics declared to the world,

“I tell the American people solemnly that the United States will never survive as a happy and fertile oasis of liberty surrounded by a cruel desert of dictatorship.  And so it is that when we repeat the great pledge to our country and to our flag, it must be our deep conviction that we pledge as well our work, our will and, if it be necessary, our very lives.”

With deep sincerity,
Dr. Jiri Valenta and Leni Friedman Valenta
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