Allen West “The continuous propaganda rallies are a shameless display of a shallow campaigner who is incapable of leading”


by Allen West via Facebook

I am watching President Obama speak in Newport News, VA and well, this is the most pathetic display I have ever seen. Our president is standing there basically whining, certainly missing the target of exhibiting any semblance of an American leader. Can any of you imagine him standing before the Brandenburg Gate and demanding Mr. Gorbachev tear down the wall? Or how about imagining him inspiring us to greatness by challenging us to put a man on the moon?

The continuous propaganda rallies are a shameless display of a shallow campaigner who is incapable of leading the most exceptional nation the world has ever known. Leaders take responsibility. I have yet to hear the president take responsibility for his own idea, sequestration. And c’mon, 2.4% of an overall budget in the neighborhood of $3.538 TRILLION?

Let’s all chip in and send the White House our recommendations for where to cut 3% off the budget, since these folks are too incompetent to figure this one out. Right now, call, email, flood the White House switchboard with your suggestions. After all, this is a Republic and our process is a representative Democracy (at least for now).

White House Switchboard:  Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414

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What are you doing in your area?  You post over and over on many different discussions.  It seems like you expect others to unzip that sleeping bag.  What are you doing Kenny?  Have you become involved with a local group?  Are you attending city council meetings, walking for candidates, volunteering at poll booths?  We all need to step up and find others in our areas to connect with.  Pick up the gauntlet.

well..lets see....hmmmm...we spent 1.6 billion bucks supporting obamas golf outings, his vacations, and moochelles fancy dresses, over 12 million on free cell phones for the workless, multiple billions for those failed green energy companies, obama gave the muslim brotherhood a bunch of jet fighters and abrahams tanks, and before that he gave them 4 million when they came into office (thats egypt to all you low info voters)...allen west is so far above obama as a true american, and a patriot...that its embarrassing for obama......maybe in 2016, there is some chance for us afterall.

And the sad part is the fact that the dresses are ugly. I so want to take that woman shopping and buy her something worth wearing. Michelle, if you are watching, wanna go shopping at Walmart?

T.L.C mod , We The People lost in 2008 and 2012 because of voter fraud and for no other reason . My question for you is how do you get a 140% out of 100% ? It is not possible but that is what happened in the last that is happen in the last two presidential elections in many counties across the US . Or how about the many people being bussed across state lines to vote several time ? Or voting machines that changed the vote from one candidate you voted for to the one you did not vote for ? Can you say FRAUD .

If you believe that we lost solely on voter fraud then we might as well as close down shop and accept our fate. If you don't believe we can't get more people to vote our way next time, then do nothing. Unless you can show us how to stop all voter fraud then you have given up.

Let me tell you the story of my little one horse town. We did a check and found 200 dead people had voted in a previous election, this was almost a decade ago. We had SLED come in to investigate. They left finding no criminal action. My point in this is that we have always had voter fraud.

It can only make a difference in close elections. 12 should not have been a close election.Now lets find a way to win and stop looking back with a defeatist attitude.

T L C mod------Thank You for that exhortation to anyone
who is experiencing a " give up" attitude. WE are Americans
and our motto should always be, "WE CAN DO"

Now, let's get back to work, friends---

At the same time we can not simply give up on the fraud issue.  Yes, there is always fraud, but the fraud in this last election was so egregious and undisguised as to be absolutely intolerable.  The visiting UN "observers" whom we ripped to pieces and said were not welcome here actually were SHOCKED that we make almost no effort at all to prevent fraud--we're the only civilized nation on the planet that doesn't go to reasonable lengths to prevent fraud.

Ideally you are right, these elections shouldn't even be close--but they are close, in part because America is so close to the tipping point where too many people are dependent on government handouts to ever defeat the socialist agenda.  We can't blame the 2012 loss entirely on fraud, but we can't pretend it didn't have an impact either.  We need to fight this war on every front, including flighting against fraud.

Peter you can be sure those UN inspectors would have been looking for fraud only with our side.

No one is saying there was no fraud and we shouldn't do anything. Task yourself to do something about fraud. Everyone here already knows about it. We have GOT to start being solution oriented because we know the problems.

Election fraud happens on the local level. If it was something nationwide then Obama would have won every state. If you live in a state that you believe is blue because of fraud, then join your state group on this site and garner some help in solving the problem.

Thankfully I am in a state (Arizona) where fraud hasn't figured much into things, the exception being abuse and manipulation of the primaries by that rat McCain.  The problem in this state is that we had so many inflexible idealogues voting for Libertarians instead of good conservative Republicans that we ended up losing 2 House districts to a Democrat.

Although I did post the link with the article about Mr. West's not no great record on some things - it was meant to inform everyone that may have otherwise been overlooked.  And we need to be able to combat the left's ability to target, isolate and destroy this man as they do with everything they hate.  So be prepared to hear their argument as if this negates every act by the imposter in Chief. 

GRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEATT NEWS!! The great state of INDIANA , the SENATE,(!!), has called for a CONSTITUTION CONVENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Don't thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhink ,  they'll have strippers there)!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! LOL!! SEMPER-FI!! Larry K.Parent,Naples,FL.

Couldn't agree more Colonel.




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