Allen West “The continuous propaganda rallies are a shameless display of a shallow campaigner who is incapable of leading”


by Allen West via Facebook

I am watching President Obama speak in Newport News, VA and well, this is the most pathetic display I have ever seen. Our president is standing there basically whining, certainly missing the target of exhibiting any semblance of an American leader. Can any of you imagine him standing before the Brandenburg Gate and demanding Mr. Gorbachev tear down the wall? Or how about imagining him inspiring us to greatness by challenging us to put a man on the moon?

The continuous propaganda rallies are a shameless display of a shallow campaigner who is incapable of leading the most exceptional nation the world has ever known. Leaders take responsibility. I have yet to hear the president take responsibility for his own idea, sequestration. And c’mon, 2.4% of an overall budget in the neighborhood of $3.538 TRILLION?

Let’s all chip in and send the White House our recommendations for where to cut 3% off the budget, since these folks are too incompetent to figure this one out. Right now, call, email, flood the White House switchboard with your suggestions. After all, this is a Republic and our process is a representative Democracy (at least for now).

White House Switchboard:  Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414

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Kenny, if you can tell us the uniting candidates we will  be glad to consider them. Yes, time is running out. We all are individuals and have different capabilities. We must use those capabilities where they can be most advantageous.

You may not have time for compromise, but at some point many will have to compromise. There is not a candidate/person alive that we will all agree with 100%. To vote for anyone there must be compromise. You can be sure I had to compromise many of my principles to vote for Romney. I can tell you I didn't vote for him in the primary. I wouldn't vote for him future primaries.

You say we have no time for division in our ranks. Our ranks are just now recuperating from the last election. Our ranks are made up of many individuals with varying political beliefs. If we are to win we will at some point have to embrace each others differences.

Very well stated, T L C.  One of the things I've noticed is that the Tea Party--being an eclectic assortment of very independent-minded people--has a very diverse base of opinions, including a fair number of idealogues who are very inflexible in their views and unwilling to accept anything less than what they see as "perfection" in a candidate.  There can be no hope for the Tea Party to impact elections and policy in a significant way if we don't stick together in working toward our common goal, that of Constitutional government and the restoration of personal liberty.

Pete, you sound more and more like a liberal trying to deceive the people.  The reason for the diverse group is because the people have little or no knowledge of who our enemy is. Who our real enemy is. Not who they are lead to believe he is. You are not answering that question.  If I'm not mistaken I gave you that information, but you've said nothing, and that doesn't help Americans or our country one bit.  Whenever anyone gets close to exposing the enemy publicly on the internet he gets censored. Have you been censored. I have many times. Glenn Beck lost his job at Fox News because he was taking the people to close to the truth.  Did you believe anything he said.  Probably not. Well, I'm going to risk being censored again.  Use "search" to get the following links.  Don't click on the links. If you do, you will probably get a "404 ERROR" massage preventing your entry.  I gave out these links over a hundred times during the last election, until someone wrote me and told me they couldn't get through. I tried it and got the error message. I then asked peole to use their search engins.  try it yourself.

Here's the links and use the "search"-  and  thru  209.html.  You must also search the following- council on foreign relations.  Click on- the council on foreign relations (cfr) and the new world order.  The first four paragraphs will explain how and why Americans have not been allowed to learn about our real enemy, the Invisible or Shadow Government behind our visible government, the puppet masters who pull the stings of our goverment, politicians, news media, educators, busnesssmen, etc.  It may be that this stuff was censored and you didn't get it.  I hope you do this time.


Maynard, you are never at a loss for a ludicrous accusation to level at anyone who disagrees with you.  I am well versed on the subject of the global agenda, but that doesn't change the fact that we can only succeed by working together with a diversity of personalities and viewpoints.  If you narrow your acceptance criteria to exclude everyone who isn't in lockstep with you, you pidgeonhole yourself into insignificance.

In oreder for people to stand together they must first have a common grievence that brings them togather. That would not be diversive.  Then they must stand to gether in a comon belief like wanting to recover the Constitution, the Republic, the free enerpsise syetgem of small governmednt, and individual freedom.  It that there is no diverfsity.  Diversity have giveb us political correctness and ausing people to be at one another throuats.  Now how in hell does that bring us together.  The people must dfirst know theire enemy. The Enemy owns the Federal Reserve.  If the making and distribution of money was given back to the House of  Representative, most of our problems would disappear.  In the srtuff I gave you to read you would see that.  The people controling the money are our enemy, so explain the Bilderbergs, the New World Order, the Global Union, CFR and TC, and the Fabians. Expose the billionairs and trillionairs that control us. Then the American people will know who they must defeat.  And they will know. too, that we have not a two party system, but a one party system, the -DEM-REP Party, and that only the people that think alike can stand together in a common cause and defeat them.  Quit talking like a bunch of misfits could stick togedther and do it.!  f you do not stand for something, you will fall for anythibng.  The misfits of diverse hinking stood for nothing and voted for Obama.

~  MAynard Merrell.

Why not put your name on the BALLOT list in 2014?? I AM!! It costs $250.00 to do it!! I am sure your still young enough! Look how it turned out for Ronald Reagan!! Too bad he couldn't run for a thrd term!! KING OBAMA-CHAVEZJr. is still running, and proves to me he is nothing but a dictate!! I have pictures of my van at my post, please check them out!! I have been on the attack since I found out KING OBAMA-CHAVEZ Jr. was from CHICAGO in 2006!!!!! I knew he was a phoney, right out of the 'CRACKERJACK BOX'!!! or, 'JACK IN THE BOX',  if you will! As for RON PAUL,...he spoke a good game, but I didn't trust him. It is THE TEAPARTY CONSERVATIVE/ Constitutionalist/Libertarian, that must take the 'WHITE HOUSE', and the media community back!! AMEN? To me, it was RON PAULS, international policies, that didn't set with me well. And then the 'VENGENCE VOTING', here in Florida, which also found tons of fraud voting, here in Florida. That was the main reason for Lt.Col.WEST fall!! Then he got mired in the investigations of the frauds!! They only gave 3 days of fraud vote checking!! Not even the full number of days!! They gave him another 3 days to check!! THAT WAS FRAUD!! HE WON!! Perhaps he will be in as GOVENOR!! I PRAY HE IS!! GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE SIR!! SEMPER-FI!! Larry K.Parent,Naples,FL.

You people all need to stop barking from the sidelines about particular issues , what should , or shouldn't be done ,, who should , or shouldn't be ex-communicated , what laws need repeal , which  should be enacted ,,, how many gallons of water = a pound (8) , and rouse yourselves from your sleeping bags . Yes , it's cold as hell to unzip the bag , and start the morning fire , but , if not you ,, WHO ? All this blogging , sharing files,  pics , and war stories is great , after a hard day ; however ,, there is MUCH to be done in a short window of time , and our day is not done . Who will show meaningful action  ? Where ? , and When ? I was born to be pushed around by well-meaning leaders in a worthwhile cause , so , someone pick up the gauntlet , NOW

You can find a list of events here.

If you can't find something in your area, then this site has information on how to create an event. There are Tea Party and political groups of all flavors that need help.

Thank You T  L  C  , I just wonder if you have in mind the size of demonstration I;m calling for . I MEAN , 2010 sized rally's ,  Glenn Beck sized rally's . This is beyond my capacity just yet , as I have no wide-ranging support base .

Kenny in 09 and 10 we were united around some core principles. Until we can become united once more around a central core then I don't see  a need for a large rally. I'm honestly not sure people can afford that and support candidates at the same time. Inflation is hurting a lot of us. I go to the grocery store and by food for one, and I really don't eat much, and it cost nearly $100.

Maybe at some point we can, or should, organize something national.

Very true!  This forum is an excellent way to argue over different points of view, to vent frustrations, to hone our primary messages, and to share ideas for action.  But the action is the real purpose for our existence.  We must keep in mind that we are a very small fraction of the total number of Americans who share our views and objectives; of the few tens of thousands of members, only a few hundred (or fewer) are actually active in the discussions.  All the big ideas and flowery platitudes we come up with here are meaningless unless translated into tangible actions that influence a much larger audience.

There is so much work to be done outside this forum; here are a few things we all need to be doing:

-Calling and emailing representatives at federal and state level

-Following legislation and the voting records of sitting legislators

-Researching recent election trends in our districts and nearby districts to identify opportunities for conservative candidates

-Becoming active with our local political committees to try to influence their selection and support of candidates

-Vetting and supporting good candidates with our time and money

-Talking to friends, coworkers, and neighbors to help them see what's happening and build community networks

-Working to get out the vote in primary and general elections to try to overcome fraud and special interests

-Educating our children and (whenever possible) other children about the history of the country and the importance of freedom and limited government


This list could be expanded to hundreds of often seems overwhelming, even if it were our full-time job, but every one of us has to do what we can.  The outrage is out there, millions are out there not knowing what to do but willing to assemble and follow if given the opportunity.

As Kenny said, we need to stop waiting for "someone" to take action, because that someone is us.  To borrow an expression, "We're the ones we've been waiting for!"




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