Allen West “The continuous propaganda rallies are a shameless display of a shallow campaigner who is incapable of leading”


by Allen West via Facebook

I am watching President Obama speak in Newport News, VA and well, this is the most pathetic display I have ever seen. Our president is standing there basically whining, certainly missing the target of exhibiting any semblance of an American leader. Can any of you imagine him standing before the Brandenburg Gate and demanding Mr. Gorbachev tear down the wall? Or how about imagining him inspiring us to greatness by challenging us to put a man on the moon?

The continuous propaganda rallies are a shameless display of a shallow campaigner who is incapable of leading the most exceptional nation the world has ever known. Leaders take responsibility. I have yet to hear the president take responsibility for his own idea, sequestration. And c’mon, 2.4% of an overall budget in the neighborhood of $3.538 TRILLION?

Let’s all chip in and send the White House our recommendations for where to cut 3% off the budget, since these folks are too incompetent to figure this one out. Right now, call, email, flood the White House switchboard with your suggestions. After all, this is a Republic and our process is a representative Democracy (at least for now).

White House Switchboard:  Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414

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The man said it all I likehim

Let's start our own list for cuts.

1. Stop all grants for climate change.

Allen West is excellent and what we need in government. He is truthfull and a no nonsense individual. He knows what this Country is about and did not deserve to lose his post. We need many more like Mr. West to tell it like it is and get us back on track. He'll get my vote if he ever needs it.

2.  Stop the expensive vacations.

Allen West is EXCELLENT!  It was the GOP who didn't support him while he was fighting for his seat in the Senate.  These high profile RINO's let him sink and now we have a Liberal siting in his seat.

We need to drop the GOP and Go Tea Party pick.  I guess that I saying 3rd Party. Either that or replace the RINO's that are dragging this party down.

The Florida governor Rick Scott has just thrown in the towel and shown himself to be a spineless RINO.  I suggest Allen West as a GOP primary challenger in the next election to unseat the current governor.  If he can do that, then he faces the Democrat one on one in the general election.

If he were to run as a third party candidate, he would suck votes away from Scott, but guaranteed it would not be enough to beat the Democrat challenger.  Guaranteed win by the Democrat in the biggest swing state with the most corrupt election system in the nation.

Allen West is the only honest voice coming out of Washington with a solution to the nations problems---Obama, get the hell out of town. 

 There are only TWO things obama does; Golf and Campaign! HE IS USELESS and SHAMEFULL!!!!!!!!

There's a third thing Obamao does.  Lie.  Just watch and if his lips are moving, he's lying.

A 4th thing is that he bullies SCOTUS, fellow politicians that don't agree with him, plumbers just trying to make a living, tea party members....  yep, he is a ridiculing master!

GO ALLEN! Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead!





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