Al Sharpton Has Cleaned Up His Appearance But The Dirt Can’t Be Washed Off

If you looked up “attention whore” in the dictionary, an appropriate photo would be one of the “Reverend” Al Sharpton, displayed prominently.

Sharpton’s “career” of rabble rousing and  fomenting division between whites, blacks, Jews and Asians is well documented as are his constant attempts to smear police officers, particularly those in New York City.

Sharpton was not always involved in “activism.” From 1973 to 1980, Sharpton was James Brown’s tour manager. He obviously was not seeing enough cash for that profession so over the next few years he morphed into a “community activist” and “civil rights” advocate.

It was in 1986 that Sharpton came to national prominence. When three black men were beaten up in Howard Beach, Queens with one ultimately getting killed after being hit by a car, Sharpton saw the opportunity he wanted. First, he was able to get his buddies, attorneys Alton Maddox and C. Vernon Mason to represent the families in the case. All three immediately accused the NYPD and Queens prosecutor of engaging in a cover-up and purposely trying to help the defendants. Sharpton organized a protest march through Howard Beach that was peaceful despite the threats Sharpton directed at area residents the previous week. Sharpton of course, was hoping for a physical altercation but it never happened.

The following year is the “incident” that would truly define Al Sharpton as a lying sleazebag. The Tawana Brawley hoax is where he really made his bones. The full account of the entire ordeal can be read here. The short version is this: Brawley was not telling the truth and Al Sharptons behavior was even worse, personally naming Steven Pagones, at the time, a Assistant District Attorney in Dutchess County, as one of the attackers. The grand jury ruled there was no evidence of a sexual assault and said Brawley may have made up the entire incident. Pagones filed civil suits against Brawley, Sharpton, Maddox and Brown.

Pagones won his case against Brawley by default as she never showed up for the trial. Sharpton, Maddox and Brown were all found by a jury to have made defamatory statements about Pagones and were ordered to pay Pagones a total of $345,000 in damages. Sharpton, while never apologizing to Pagones, didn’t even pay his portion of the fines. They were covered by Johnny Cochrane and other well-to-do friends of his.

Maddox ultimately had his law license suspended indefinitely in the state of New York in 1990 and Mason was disbarred in 1995, revealing some of the character of the people Sharpton was willing to align himself.

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Of course it can't! The filth on this POS

goes all the way through and then some!

No cleaner in the world is strong enough!

Sharpton is nothing more than a biggot who likes to see people suffer. He's just plain mean like Obama and Sorros. If you want to see this stuff come to an abrupt halt, "get Sorros". No trial.. Let the Ukrainian people judge him. Get Sorros, and loud mouths like Sharpton go away. While we're at it they would like to talk to our House and Senate reps who authorized the sale of weapons going to the Neo-Nazi backed government installed by Sorros (stuffing ballot boxes and on just like here). The people of the Ukraine are pissed at us because we allow our leaders to do these kind of things. They were happy just the way they we're, until the U.S. and Sorros got involved. Obama is off on mission to destroy the Ukraine and Putin, while Sharpton and Holder watch the hen house.

There not enough words in the English language to express the contempt and disgust for this less then human, he has made millions of $$$ off the pain and suffering and even death of Black  Americans for far to long, exploits the pain of lost loved one's to his own gain ; you can see him at every instant , this parasite sucks the life out every where he goes all he preaches is fear hate the more he can generate the better for him and the rest of the race pimp's ! They should roast in hell. 

They will

Amazing how some people in the world just don't kick the bucket on time!!

So much for the DIRT ---- the innocent BLOOD that is on these men's hands WILL NEVER WASH OFF.

Sharpton is only a "Reverend" by his say so, he claims to have been ordained at the age of 10 so I doubt he ever saw the inside of a Bible. There isn't enough soap on earth to clean him up!

He is nothing but another THUG waiting for the right Cop!!

no baby ever had a diaper this dirty

Justice would be best served if he is taken out by a black man

Just pay your 4 million dollar plus, plus, plus back taxes, Al! Obama certainly chooses his friends and advisers from low places!

It's hard to clean up the blood at a crime seen. And the left has a lot of blood from their crimes. 




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