A Court Decision is No Law at All

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." - Marbury v Madison 1803.

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there is no rule of law in America when the attorney general runs guns no punishment. then how many times has Obama  violated court orders used somebody else documents false documents he could order the mass murderer of Christians  If you like the final solution congress and or the military would still do nothing. Why scared maybe co conspirators communist agents sent here to kill America

Madason Is right . People the Electried, Lawfull Citizens Make Law . Not Goverments Nore Courts  they are  care takers only.

The people have the power to enforce the law if they so choose... however, that takes personal commitment and direct involvement by the people.  So far, the people have refused to mobilize in defense of the laws of our land and until they do lawlessness will continue to emanate from high places in government.

Yes, you are correct.  We have been hearing this over and over, but it produces NO ACTION.  NO ACTION to me means the answer is NO.  The People are too scard to get involved in any legal matter.

For what its worth, Jim DeMint, Pres. of The Heritage Foundation is working with one of their affiliates to get back our Republic, and so is Hillsdale College in Michigan.  They both need Donations.  They have many strong members and experts helping.

To learn more:  Heritage at 800/546-2843.  Hillsdale: 517/437-7341

Can you blame people for not wanting to get involved in the corrupt judiciary crime syndicate we call a "justice system"? The courts in this country are more corrupt than third world tribunals. Judges are the BIGGEST criminals we have, there is NO integrity. Google Calif Senate Bill SBx2-11. Legalized judicial bribery for L.A. county, and RETROACTIVE (as in ex post facto) immunity for previous bribes for both the judges and the county. Fair trial my azz.

Col.Nelson.  I have put in a Lawsuit in DC which has merit but I keep getting Dismissed due to not complying with Rule 8a.  If I can get passed this, and get the Judges to rule on the Merits, I believe I could win, but I need help.  If you know of a Lawyer in DC, could you give me a phone number?

Thanks, Margot

What kind of case is it... personal injury, civil rights issue, etc.?

The following is a copy of rule 8. (a) for the District of Columbia superior courts:

Rule 8. General Rules of Pleading

(a) Claims for Relief. A pleading which sets forth a claim for relief, whether an original claim, counterclaim, cross-claim, or 3rd-party claim, shall contain (1) a short and plain statement of the grounds upon which the court's jurisdiction depends, unless the court already has jurisdiction and the claim needs no new grounds of jurisdiction to support it, (2) a short and plain statement of the claim showing that the pleader is entitled to relief, and (3) a demand for judgment for the relief the pleader seeks. Relief in the alternative or of several different types may be demanded.

It appears that your pleadings don't include one of the 3 items above... or the wording in your complaint isn't sufficient to describe one of the above items. 

The Title of the Case is"U.S. Constitution. Bill of Rights, Civil Rights, Fraud Upon the Courts, Seeds of Domestic Terrorism, National Security.

I have to wait to get the Order and Memo which will tell me more.  Will let you know.  I addressed the 4 Elements of the Complaint which must be present or the Lawsuit could not go forward.  They are:  The presense of a Duty, The Breach of the Duty, An Injury for the Claimant, and The Causation Between the Breach of Duty and the Injuries.  These were given to me by a Lawyer.  I addressed each of these in the Counts.  I gave a Statement to explain the acts of Terrorism that are present in the Courts I was in, and I gave a great deal of detailed info so the Justices could see through my eyes what happened.  There is NO TRANSCRIPT because I was denied my Application to have one prepared at State expense and my In Forma Pauperis in State Court was also denied and my right to an Attorney was denied, though I am indigent and the DC court did Grant me my In Forma Pauperis.  I gave the Court 9 Federal Questions.  The case is 28 pages plus 17 pages in the Appendix.

I addressed all 3 items.  Anyone with a High School education would understand very well what this case is about.  I did not include case law because I could find none.  This case is unique as only someone with a Security Background and Training could know what occurred in the Courts.  After I finish with the Courts, I intend to publish.  I also gave them the Jurisdiction statement and the Venue, and I supplied my Affidavit.

I hope Mr. Obama reads this case. 

This is one of the reasons we must reign in the courts... it appears that the court may be attempting to dismiss your complaint without a hearing, deliberately using an administrative rule to deny our case a hearing.

You will need a Lawyer willing to take this matter ... probably pro-bono.  I suggest that you do an internet search for law firms in the area and correspond with them giving them a summary of your petition. Ask for their help pro-bono, you may find one willing to take your case.

Thanks, Col. Nelson.  It didn't occur to me this could be a reason for the Dismissal.  I have already been searching for a Lawyer in DC.

 So true Ronald , But  the Trouble with Americans is we are a tollerant people so to rile we have a history of waiting to the last moment  or untill it's allmost to late before we take physical action. i only hope our past history Bares us out today when aroused we come at  enemy with a vengence  and never quit .  i only hope that this is still true today, and it usualy is only about 3% percent but that will be enough given our history now all we have to do is  and this is the hardiest part  and the most frustrating the Right Triger.

Well, regardless of whether we have law or not, or Rule of Law, our Judicial System is what it is until we have REFORM.  So, this will obviously take years to straighten out.  Meanwhile, we live with what we have.  In some cases, we will have civil unrest.  Will this change anything?  AND Who will pay the price?

The safest way is to "KEEP YOUR NOSE CLEAN"!  You can still fight through the Courts.




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